19 January 2012

Nailcare Routine, Nail Polish Storage & Collection | ViviannaDoesMakeup

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recent videos I mentioned that I had a rusev culling of my nail polish collection and got it down from around the 50 to 60 ish mark down to around 20 nail polishes which I was quite impressed in myself with a few of you did ask to see which ones have kind of made the cuffs i thought i would show you those and but a lot of you have also asked what i kind of do with my nails going to do a lot of knell of the day kind of posts on my blog and obviously show off my nails quite a bit so a few of you asked to see kind of what i do with my nails have a sort of prep them for nail polish so i'm going to quickly show you my noah care routine before and to get off any nail varnish i just use any old nail polish remover i have hanging around this is an OPI expert touch bottle but inside I've just see canted some superdrug nail polish remover just any old nail polish remover I really am not fussy when it comes to that so just D can't it into this smaller bottle so it fits with all the rest of my nail stuff and then after I've done that I use a cuticle remover just around the kind of beds of the nail just around the bottom of an hour just

to get rid of any kind of horrible dead skin that's kind of built up around there and it doesn't really get rid of itself so cuticle remover is really handy because it kind of almost dissolves the skin I know that sounds absolutely disgusting but it works a treat and this is the sally hansen gel cuticle maybe you can get this from boots for around seven or eight pounds i think and I've had this for around a year so a little goes a long way it last you a long time I don't do it every time and we paint my nails but generally we paint my nails every five ish days but I'd say stop twice a month IDs the gel cuticle remover and just sort of pushed my cuticles back so after that's been sitting on the nail bed for around five minutes if that I just use one of these which is like a cuticle pusher back a tool thing and this is from boots again for around two so the combination of that kind of gets rid of any sort of horrible stuff you have around the bottom of your nails then when it comes to color the tips of the nails I have a nail file again any old nail file and this is just what i use because i like to have my nails being quite a kind of

square sort of shape so i use just any old nail file to kind of do that and then nail scissors of course bit disgusting but i've got a pair of tweezers that kind of hanging these are my special get going out of behind the net wheezes which is disgusting but necessary so use that and then I've got a few kind of nail preppy clear nail polish II things and generally is a nail base i'll use the OPI natural nail base coat and i just pop that kind of as my base coat and then i layer on sort two layers of nail color that I want to use and then i use the especially the top coat over the top which is amazing and I really need a new one on right down to the bottom of this this goes horribly gloopy when you get to the bottom but a bottom of this allows me around kind of eight months and when I repurchase it will be my third bottle I've repurchase I'm quite addicted to this stuff but recently I bought the OPI nail ending you can get this in boots I think boots and it was around 18 pals so it was quite expensive and this is basically your nail strengthener so you put it on you put two layers on the first day and then you

put it on like another layer everyday kind of weak then you take it off and start again I've been doing it but almost two weeks now and I'm really really impressed with the results in fact i will show you so these are my nails at the moment I've sort of been using the OPI nail envy for around two weeks now and they're definitely lot less kind of flaky and scaly at the top and they're actually grown quite a bit as well they were quite short before so I've been really impressed at how that's been working I have been rocking the bear nails for the past few weeks i'm not actually wearing any nail polish at all which is kind of ironic considering doing nail polish collection video but hey but i'm really impressed this in kind of once you've done sort of however many weeks it's taking you to kind of really get your nails kind of really strong and as long as you want them to be then you can go back to using this just as a base coat and then using this as a base coat putting your nail polish over the top and then i'll use especially be over the top of that so for the minute i'm kind of growing them but i reckon another two or three weeks

and i'll be ready to be about to color again but yeah i really really highly recommend this for anyone who is suffering with kind of read crappy nails and i know you can get it a lot cheaper off of ebay so it might be worth checking out so now on to the actual good bit and that is the nail polishes and I keep them all in this old GlossyBox or hanging around this is very kind of rhyme or reason to the storage that also kind of thrown in there I think is going to take you through them kind of brown by brand I haven't laid them all out i can definitely tell you that SC is my favorite brand which is a bit of a bomb because SD in the UK is quite difficult to get hold of it you can get it from beauty babe got quite a lot of them from Beauty Bay feel unique John Lewis stores Liberty stores that's all the places that I've seen them but definitely if you want them online i'd say buta bay or feel unique I'll put the links both of those below are your best bets for the first one but I ever picked up and the thing I love about SC is they come out with a lot of collections I think they come out for collections a year and in

each collection they do a set of minis as well so for around 15 pounds you can pick up the set of four little mini ones or kind of the best of that collection and that was kind of my introduction to su back in the day which I think this is the autumn 2010 or the winter 2010 line but I've got the kind of minis and I love all of these but the first one is se so site which is a kind of Milky karki green it's not one what I go to too often but I know that Chanel came out with a color like this and everyone went kind of crazy for it so I do sort of rock this out every now and again it's definitely more of kind of autumn winter shade for me and then there's se little brown dress which looks really Brown and weird in the bottle on the nails it looks kind of black just with a kind of tinge of ranchers it's actually really sophisticated and nice then my one and only red in my collection but my favorite red is SE limited addiction and I talked about this quite a lot it's just a very nice kind of wine deep red color it does stay in the nails lightly but it's my one and only read and so this is the one that I kind of have to go do if I've out see a red nail and

then probably my favorite one out of that mini collection is Marino cool which is kind of dirty lavender gray color now I'm actually right at the end of this so I need to be purchasing big form but that was definitely my favorite one hour before another mini said that I've got was last I think I see the spring or summer so spring or summer 2011 and I've actually got rid of two of them because one of them was a horrible blue color that I never wore and topless and barefoot that was also in this mini collection got really gunky and I just used it all up so had to get a new one but this one is called French affair and it's kind of a cute little baby dog pink and then this one is nice as my such as sort of a lavender lilac metal obviously more sort of summary colors now on to my bigger essays and I've got kind of tube rights and then the rest are kind of neutrally grade type 1 so I've got se van der go which is a gorgeous gorgeous kind of Coralie peachy sorbet absolutely adore this shape and the other show got from SC and this is a very kind of coal SE colors i'm sure you will all heard this before and it is mint candy apple and it's just

a very minty sort of turquoise cutting down to my SD kind of topi nude colors and i probably will get confused between all of these because they all look the bloody same but the darkest one is linked moth when i went completely crazy for last year was Sh in chile and it's kind of just this stone gray i went absolutely mental for this you do need about kind of three coats of it I went through a phase of literally just wearing this non-stop on my nails and this one is topless and better which I spoke about earlier and this was the shape I've walked on my nails when I graduate is that kind of hole is a special place in my heart it's just extremely neutral non-offensive looks really gorgeous gorgeous on the nails I love it especially if I've got a bit more of a tan in the summer this looks fantastic a newer addition to the collection is SE ladylike which i think was in their winter 2011 collection it's very much a kind of lavender e grow new edition which I don't think I shows you guys yet is se ballet slippers now this is the ultimate kind of neutral like there is barely any color to this at all we need sort of three codes possibly for

to get any kind of opaqueness to it but i really like it just for a wash a kind of pinky passed all over the nails if you want that kind of clean manicure now on to my second favorite sort of brand of nail polish and it has to be OPI and in the first one I've got here is glitz the land and this my sister got me this for Christmas not last year but the year before but this is kind of a golden has a slight shimmer to it but I do like this and I especially like this in the summer which is strange because it looks like more of a kind of winter festive color but I really like this in a summer with the tan and it's gorgeous then I have skull and crossbones which is a cream kind of gray with a slight hint of kind of greediness to it I do not wear this one is often as I should it does actually look gorgeous then I have Linkin Park after dark and this will come up just completely black on the screen it is actually a very very very very very dark plum it looks like black on the nails but in some lights it just has a kind of very tinge to it which is really pretty then I have my two glitters and these make me so happy just to look at them I still have

decided that it's kind of going to become a tradition that every Christmas because over here I always comes out with a wicked christmas collection that always has the glitter in it and I think it's going to become my kind of christmas tradition I always get a glitter from OPI so this one here which I've got two years ago now is bring on the bling which is an amazing amazing gold with green with red with pink a bit of everything in absolutely adore that one and then this is from sort of last Christmases and collection and it's Rainbow Connection from the Muppets collection I sure you have seen this this is just the causation oh my god is is beautiful a run which is a bit more easy to access and available in Boots is modeled alone and they do some awesome shades and I've got to kind of summary shades here and I've got blue boo which is a pastel blue and I went crazy for this last summer I wore this all the time i call it my kind of blue tack nails color but it has a slight blue iridescent to it this is kind of everything that barium is it blue moon the kind of pastor Lee blue shade this is a million times where this goes

completely opaque into cosars booming boo moon blue moon takes about four while I went crazy for last year as well as utopia and it's a very kind of creamy off lie look very very pretty very kind of minimal understated promise you it's not tacky it just has an undertone of Lila to it's actually makes it look really classy on the nail so I have three miscellaneous ones to show you and the first one is from ollie and it's Ali's rage and this is kind of their well knows or Col color and it's a sort of rose and heaped gold it isn't metallic you know how to feel about metallics by will give an exception for this one I promise and then I have a zawya polish in the shade gem which is stunning and you might better see that this is metallic it has a kind of orange e gold purple think duochrome to it which does make it slightly more Christmassy and festive but I still enjoy wearing it is kind of one of those ones that looks very dark on the nail and then only in sort of certain lights shows that metallic sort of shade to it so I do enjoy wearing this one and then the final nail polish is nails inc one and it's one that came

free with a diet coke around two years ago so it's pretty much been possible to get hold of it it's in the shade London and it's very similar to SD ladylike if you can see so if you do like the look at this shade st ladylike is practically exactly the same but i adore this shade in fact i think this might be my favorite ever nail polish it applies so beautifully it's a gorgeous kind of neutral color but with a hint of kind of purple in it it's very sophisticated but very kind of non offense at the same time so I do adore that shade so those are all of my nail polishes all my kind of nail care routine and everything so if you have any questions do pop them below and I'll try and get back to you thank you for watching I'll see you soon bye and then I have a soya polish in the shade Jem and this is stunning Oh