10 February 2011

Nail Care - Proper Nail Implements

The best way to ensure polish stays, is all in the prep work of your nails, in order to do that you need to have the proper tools. These are all tools that ...

some you today to talk about nail polish

and how to get that nail polish to actually stay on your nails it was actually a request from a follower of my blog and I thought that since I can't really like right out and type out how to do it I would just do a video now black people think that her nail polish to stay on your nails you have to have the right kind of base coat polish and top coat but it actually starts way before that with your actual health of your actual nail and that actually starts with um taking care of your actual nails and making sure that they're in the most help if they can be in so I guess I'll just show you want to keep my nail things in its this little container here but has two spaces here whoops two here one back there and two middle ones and then it also has a drawer like that that way it's super easy for you to grab it it's all in one place you just take it you go wherever you want and you're done so in my little drawer here is where I keep all my different implements and like yes they are professional influence this is what I did for years but you can buy these things at any drugstore too it's not just for professionals by any means so

the first thing is a obviously nail clippers you want to get the ones that are rounded or straight you want to avoid ones like this that are curved in the reason you don't want to avoid these is because sometimes when you cut them and you're trying to cut around your nail around your nail it means little ragged edge and it goes in farther and it kind of spoils it especially on your toes this can cause some major and growing issue so I have one but I never use it the next thing are files and this one's broken it's an Essie glass or crystal file so mine gots it fell on the floor not by me so it's not a happy camper it's great I've had this for six years and it broke last year and I have been able to find it again it is the great greatest file um I like it way better than this kind of double-sided emery board fine these are a lot rougher on your nails then you can feel the grit this one is just a lot lot smoother then the you know one of the main keys and trying to get your nails polish to stay on in your nails to look nice and healthy is to have the ends really smooth and thick down like you don't

want any ridges or roughness here so when you're filing your nails you want to go in one direction not this back and forth motion causes your nail bed to go back and flick your nail to go over your nail bed back and forth back and forth and that bigger SMO ssin like you know some people just go to town on their nails that vigorish motion can actually I'm loosing your nail bed and it can lead to um your um oh my gosh the terms your nail bed and then your free edge here it can cause your free edge to creep down your nail so one motion with a crystal or glass file love it totally worth the money also another invaluable tool is the Birchwood stick so um I was gonna brush wood stain you can get them in like the dollar store has them this is great because generally a lot of times I think what happens with people in their nails is that they file files like while one direction and then that's it they're done with the filing there's no more filing to happen um the problem with that is whenever you file you have little fine carvings that are gonna go underneath your nail under your free edge so what this does you go underneath

it and lifts up all those little excess files that haven't really got enough cuz they bent down and then you can just file those off really quickly like that the next thing is cuticle care cuticles are very important they can definitely make or break your manicure I'm not like when I went to school and when I did it it was all I was all like hardcore cut the cuticle cut the cuticle push the cuticle cut it cut it cut it cut it but the more I started looking into it like your cuticle is what protects like your finger and your nail base from the outside world so you don't want to constantly be cutting away that little on the ridge that keeps different um my cat is just staring at me here um that keeps different bacteria and pathogens away but I don't recommend it every time but definitely do it if you have cuticles and you push them back and you have this big like white kind of dead skin left on the edge like that doesn't look good in your man like you're not gonna get the polish to rehear well to the end the base of your nail because sitting in on the cuticle and blah blah blah

basically it's a lot better if you do cut them every I usually do mine every month so you know not every time for sure I have a cuticle pen softener and moisture and it's another Essie product and it just comes out and it's just like a little paintbrush and you just click it like that and then you apply it on your cuticles I then rub them in I then take my cuticle pusher it's just a metal stainless steel you can take this and you can push it back and then the white skin is the dead skin that you push back if you have cuticles you will know there'll be no one questioning as to what you should cut and then cuticle nippers there's make sure that the point is really fine and that the two blades meet perfectly it's like you push them together as hard as you can you see space between them you're gonna have to actually like tear it and the point of cuticle on the thing is to get a nice smooth line so you want to be able to cut not cut and like tear it off yeah that's all about Neal care next we're gonna move on to kind of be more aesthetics of the nails and another thing with people that have problems with nail polish adhering

or staying to your nail are ridges or peeling and peeling is the sign of soft nails and my nails peel because they are soft it happens if you're in water a lot or you're constantly washing your hands or using antibacterial agents things like that will really will really soften your nail if you try and avoid that you bought them and I have three different types of buffers and I do believe three different types of buffers are key they do not have to be this kind they can be any kind this is a white buffer that's what it's called honestly we called it a white buffer it's a rough coarser buffers are just kind of like sandpaper like the grits like sandpaper there's rougher and they're softer um I generally use this one on my toes if you have really rigid nails like me also have deep ridges either horizontally or vertically you want to start with this then you move on to there's two different versions there's the gray buffer that goes both all over is um a finer grit and dark well there's a three-way buffer that kind of has that action on it but I really don't like these at all um I go for this one it's

softer after the white you do this in circular motions all over your nail now the next step is like uber important to get your nails smooth and get rid of all of those tanned like all of those sandpaper like ridges okay Riley there you go that's no puppy um you want to really buff it down shine Li now you can have ones like this that are double site or you can get the oily double shine or any version I know Brad lawn has a super shine one coat now but just that's your final one can you do with the rough for now and then you do it with them the white and your nails will get really shiny almost like you have a base coat or top coat on and that's what you want you want that good shine I have no idea how much detail you guys want on this but I'm just gonna go through like everything that I do cuz I figured that's what you kind of want to know and um all these steps you don't have to do every time you do your nails like the hardcore buffing the three times I do it once a month I do do the double shine every time I paint my nails though just to get rid of any dryness and nails that you have so I already have a video on how to remove nail polish I'll link that

in the description box below or either up here somewhere and yeah so to recap um nail clippers so you want the flat edge nail clippers under like glass or crystal file this is an SD file and I would recommend this to anybody over a emery board file one cuticle oil or cuticle pen or cream on your cuticles cuticle pusher very key and cuticle nippers your white buffer your black buffer and then like your high shine buffer so I hope those that product information was useful um so and if you want to watch my video on how I paint my nails to get the perfect application just keep watching it that video I guess thanks for watching guys bye