21 December 2018



hi guys so I am back with another video

today and honestly I didn't I didn't really know what to sum but I knew I wanted to film something so this is what I felt like literally just decided to do a what I would do kind of makeup when I look cute but I don't want to look like I'm trying basically my everyday kind of full face of makeup when I just go out and about in the world or if I go like on a little day and I don't want to look too makeup because you're shooting on dates you don't want to wear like ton of makeup but you want to look like yourself you know so that's usually what I would look like umm yeah I decided to do time and I feel like that's pretty much what I would look like I see I didn't use the products that I typically use these are products that I love but they're not my everyday staples right now because like I mentioned in the video they're all my makeup bag my makeup bag is not with me currently so these are just like other things but there's still things that I enjoy so if you're interested in them you know I mentioned them in the video if you'd like me to do one of these looks with like my current favorites I would

totally do that so if you just to just continue to watch alright guys so let's get this started as you can see I already did my eyebrows off camera cuz ain't nobody got time for that and I have a few tutorials on eyebrows and if you'd like I can make it uploaded an updated one in the future but for now we'll just get going onto the skin so today I felt like using my Lancome tint it'll ultra 24 hour it's been a while since I've used this honestly and I've always loved this foundation I feel like the only thing that really I'm gonna do one pump in half I think we'll see about as much like the only thing that really stopped me from wearing this foundation is the color I feel like till this day I don't have the perfect match but who knows since it's been so long since I've worn this I might even like the color as it is I did not feel like wetting my sponge so it's gonna be dry smudged yeah I know that's such a crime please do not mind the visitor of my face I don't get these quite that often so when I do you know I try not to bother them too much it's very big and it's people actually the color isn't wrong this one

isn't for seventeen I'm like I said um I was actually considering buying for 65 which I probably will I really like this foundation I like it much better than the Estee Lauder so if you guys are interested we're gonna do a review on this could even do a comparison right so today for concealer we're gonna be using that chanel concealer a loose ending with this lip collector out the shy man and my new one caramel I've been using this for quite some time now and I actually like it you really just have to like know how to work with it I feel like this concealer works best if you actually let it set little let it sit sorry on my face before you blend it out so this is something where we're gonna do it we know quite a decent amount and let it sit on the face so yeah that's about what I do and I also use it to carve out my eyebrows so what I do and I want to look cute but low-key you know just letting it sit alright lets blend this out you see how just boyens into nothing that's what I like about this concealer really blends into your skin naturally yet it gives you the coverage you need I

feel like my under eyes are not the dark kiss but I do got some little song song and I can tell on the kids here doesn't cover this one seems to be a medium a medium coverage I have other contenders that cover way more than that one but I like to cover my little beauty mark here I don't think you guys can see it because it's so oh and you can see I got my nails done pretty long and I'm not used to it's been so long since I've done my nails so now polka my left and right see very natural finish concealer I must say the selection for this gets here is not bad it could be improved but considering it being Chanel it's not bad at all I don't even know how my most favorite products with me right now because I'm not well I'm at home but I was in at home and I left a lot of my stuff elsewhere so you know stuff that I love the most so these are products that I like but that I don't use all the time because the product that I use all the time where in my makeup bag somewhere else but you know I switch it up so let me know if you want me to do another one of these videos with my ride-or-die products these are great products to

diesel-run it are they're just not current coz current items are in my vehicle bag voila we're gonna sect with patient acai loose powder as soon as in shadow I don't know this is discontinued because I bought this very discounted usually when that happens because the product is discontinued sometimes it's not it's just sometimes you never know I really like this cuz it doesn't really add any coverage of color or just literally sets in place it really does I'm just gonna use a small brush and like brush the exits out like a small blending brush and usually usually I would use so you'll fix my mac and NC 4200 my eyes and I'm that right now so we're gonna have to do a little something the mystery powder so there's a medium plus not that it matters because this is not available anymore and that was like a limited edition but I already do enjoyed this powder for undermined texture this powder is just so beautiful it's just like to buff a part of a more coverage under my eyes after I set it / bake it because I'm be for like 20 seconds tops [Music]

feel like this method gives me like you're very airbrushed finish to get crazy boom-boom then we need skin tone powder for the rest of our face how does it I usually it's me so today we're gonna do the alarm rest yet it keeps finger fingerprints laura mercier kendall gloss share perfecting powder so that gives me a gluey look a glowy a glowy look and I feel like this value should be pretty matte the one I'm wearing right now so it doesn't matter it's and just give like a little um nice little Sheen to the skin I like it's basically the same concept of the loose translucent loose powder that she came out with but not so shiny this one you can actually use all over the face the other one she came out with I don't feel like you can they could be a little much but this is nice and then obviously we want to do a little contouring we're Guerlain terracotta bronzer this is not available anymore this bronzer is available still but this shade the shade is actually shade isn't a little boy anymore I think now they changed the shade range for these bronzer it doesn't exist anymore but it was the beautiful deepest bronzer ever it doesn't look

that deep book tres here we're just gonna Bronx and add a little bit the tradition at the same time not so much contouring more so like a defined bronzing alright I feel like this side is more than the other but I can't be bothered can't be bothered so that's the base for yeah you definitely go on ahead and add a little blush if you like I don't really do blush from being honest I'm not gonna do it today but we definitely are gonna be doing highlighter I think isn't something I've been used in a long time good use this one which is the your bully nude Oh - I haven't used this in oh that's blinding I use this one in quite a bit so that's what we'll use show my favorite highlighting before so we'll use another brush doesn't matter don't wash my brushes guys whew that's a lot I didn't mean to I didn't mean to guys out right on my pimple what was I thinking god I'm sorry I didn't mean to city's name but ouch honestly just doing this I love it it's not hurting me and I didn't realize that the pimple was right in my head like Hayley eyelid area I would not recommend highlighting in the

area where you have a pimple so if that happens I would just say skip highlighting off together if you don't want to attract attention to your pimple because this just definitely will this is you do you see it you do now mineralised charge water it doesn't need this anymore but if you still really want to try this just try to Smashbox primer water to sink cornmeal out basically the same thing I do a lot because I have dry skin if you didn't know and I like the feeling of showering my face like setting sprays it makes me feel like it's some kind of nothing like this just melts them you got to give it this is why I do it I feel like it just melts the makeup together into one layer instead of like layers foundation concealer eye and I have powder below I'm just like all sinks into your skin into one and looks more skin like and more natural even though it is quite a bit of makeup this is for me a more natural tone down look we're gonna do like the smallest amount of mascara ever and this is one of my favorite mascaras if you got lashes like mine kidding you see my lashes right now this is extended

play by Mac it's great the brush is just never mind the brush is just everything you know what guys I feel like doing a little blush I like looking flushed so we'll do it a little somber song yeah I felt like doing a little blush so we're gonna do they kind of whatever you do I want to do I don't you remember this this is the Mac Rihanna collection this one is called the bronzer flushed you would kiss kiss kiss nobody's like hiding everything but I just want a little blush portion here I grab a little brush here such a pretty flushed color show actually like look so shiny I guess so shiny guys like you want to look like you sweat a little bit you just got off the gym you got like this workout glow definitely not but yeah these are like the most natural blush is the one that have like a natural rosy type robot if you can see the shade yeah that's about right rosy coral like molten multi-dimensional pinks I have a little bit of red a little bit orange they're not just like a flat pink okay I feel like that's good enough alright guys so this is my how I get cute without trying to look cute for

like any occasions if you're gonna meet a guy and you don't wanna look too like makeup B or if you're just going shopping you're just gonna meet a bunch of friends and you don't know do the most you don't want to look too much it's just when I look like the best version of yourself that's what I do that's pretty much what I do we could quick put something on the lips think of some time ah usually obviously I would do like a very neutral lip gloss like this this is lap dog I don't think this exists anymore I just do like a very nude gloss I don't know when it's oh so rosy right now I like to mute that out I love the formula this lip gloss it's a shame that they discontinued them these are the mineralized lip gloss from okay may look a little pale on the camera but in my life it's very pretty so that's the look I didn't you can put on lashes I kept it real simple I'm just gonna do [Music] yeah I'm gonna bring you up closer you can see what see it's not a whole lot of makeup I actually feel like the foundation is a great match I don't know

why I felt like it was too dark I don't know maybe because I still have a little bit of my time I don't know I also get the 465 anyway but here's a look guys I see you on the next video