21 April 2018


Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Here is a video where I show you all the makeup I NEED when Im traveling! I hope you guys enjoy! xoxo! Products I Mentioned: ...

hey guys so today's video is going to be

a what's in my travel makeup bag I recently got inspired to do this video since I am doing so much traveling in April and on May so I thought oh my god I haven't done one of those what's in my travel bag videos in a long time that is so like old school YouTube but you know what I thought I'm gonna bring it back and I thought this video would be helpful for some of you just in case you're about to travel somewhere I want to share with you my travel essentials these are the makeup products that I usually travel with like everything in this bag usually comes with me whenever I'm saying somewhere like for about a week cuz this is this is a big boy right here if I'm going somewhere for just the weekend I'll take a smaller bag but if I'm traveling somewhere where I'm gonna be going to a lot of events this is what I take with me and I actually just got this bag off of Sephora and I love it like I love it so much I'm so happy I got it it's from the Sephora collection like the Sephora brand and it's called the packet ball organizer it doesn't even have any reviews I recently saw it on the just arrived section and I picked it up because I had been needing a bag

that looked like this I was using my Laura Mercier one that kind of looked like a binder I have an old video on my channel it's like what's in my travel makeup bag like old I was still living in Mississippi and I was using that Laura Mercier binder travel bag thing and I loved it I was using it for years but I kept finding myself needing a handle that one doesn't have a handle and I just I needed something with a handle so when I saw since before I was like that looks like it's perfect for me so I picked it up and I freaking love it it holds everything like literally everything it is pretty big but I don't find it to be too big like this would fit in my suitcase perfectly I mean most of the time I do travel with my makeup in my hand which is why I needed a handle so that I can wear like my backpack on the plane and then just take this in my hand I feel really confident putting this in my luggage I have one of those luggages that have like a giant strap so everything is like nice and tight and I feel totally confident and comfortable putting this in my luggage and I feel like it wouldn't break because everything is like so tightly

packed in here anyway I freaking love this I highly recommend it I don't know if it limited-edition I don't know if this looks like something you would use I would say go and pick it up because it's really good and fabric is nice if it feels nice and sturdy and also when it comes to my other stuff like my toiletries my toothbrush my shampoo my moisturiser stuff like that I keep that in a separate bag with like you know all my bathroom essentials but on my makeup stays nice and tight in here okay so this is the back a little bit more up close and it has a zipper it comes along here so I kind of just packed my brushes based on how I'm gonna use them on my face so a foundation and concealer I don't pack a brush for that because I do take my Beauty Blender with me and I find that to be super helpful because it puts on my foundation my concealer even my powder you could put on highlight with it the Beauty Blender is a travel essential for me so I packed it in here and then I take a brush like this to use for my setting powder to set my concealer or to powder the entire face I know it's a

little bit small to powder the whole face you gotta sacrifice when you're packing you know for bronzer I just take a brush like this mainly because it's small and easy to take but also because it's the best bronzer brush ever you get a really even application with this and it's never messy and if I ever want a contour all I have to do is like squeeze this brush and I get a perfect contour so this is an awesome travel brush it's the heavenly luxe wand ball powder brush from it cosmetics for blush I take a brush like this this is the makeup forever one to two brush it's just a regular stippling brush I find needs to be really useful for blush for powder for anything even bronzer just in case I always take that one I take my absolute favorite highlighting brush of all-time color pop small fluff brush and then I take a few I brush 'iz these are my essential eye brushes it kind of changes every once in a while sometimes I'll take this brush sometimes I won't but for the most part I just need a crease brush like a fluffy crease brush like this I take a couple of those actually I have this one and this one this is actually what I love about having the

two elastics there's only four elastics here like for eye brushes but because they are so stretchy and because there are two of them I like to put some facing this way and some facing that way that way I get a lot more storage room and I feel like I fit so many more brushes so I really love that but I take a couple crease brushes a packing brush for all over the lid a couple pencil brushes and then I definitely need to take this with me this is the morphe b71 I use this for everything I just love it I have my Holy Grail royal and langnickel eyebrow brush that unfortunately broke in half literally it broke in half and I can't seem to find it anywhere I need to go back to Michaels but that's my favorite eyebrow brush that's okay I just have to use something else until I buy it and then I have this little angled brush just in case but those are the brushes I take and that has this little pouch right here which is perfect for like flatter objects like lip liners mascara eyebrow products you know all that stuff and then it has these two pouches that come right out and then you get all this empty space so I'm gonna

walk you through all this stuff I'm not gonna show you things in any specific order but I am gonna go through these two pouches first so I really like these because they do come out of this bag perfectly and super easy and I like that these are very deep they're like deep little pouches and I like that they're see-through so you can see what's inside and so I just keep like I said my Beauty Blender in here well this is an equal tools blending sponge but you know same thing I keep my primers in here so I purchased these tiny little primers and these are so incredibly convenient this is the Smashbox photo finish primer Iser and the Beca first light priming filter my two favorite primers like my all-time favorite primers but they're in these little travel sizes and I bought them both on Sephora calm oh wait I think I bought this one at Ulta I'm not sure but I think you can still find these and they're awesome for traveling so I bring both of them I know it's excessive to primers but I just love them both so much I can't choose for foundation I always travel with my makeup forever Ultra HD foundation or my hourglass vanish foundation stick just because

thick foundations are so easy to carry with you you just white swipe it on your face there's no glass bottle it's not a mess these are honestly amazing these and squeezy tubes best for traveling for concealer I always take my Tarte shape tape concealer it's my whole gray don't leave home without it but I also like to take my NARS soft matte complete concealer just in case I don't want to apply foundation a lot of the times when I'm traveling I'll have days where I'm like I'm not putting on foundation and I'll just spot conceal so I really like this one for that and it's also great underneath the eyes as well you know just as a backup concealer I do like to take SPF with me just in case I never know what I'm gonna do I don't know I don't know how long I'm gonna be out in the Sun so I've been trying this one out recently I just purchased it it's for my brand called volition never than before but I bought it on Sephora it's the prismatic luminizing shield and I got it because it's SPF 50 which is awesome so I like to use something like this as a primer if I'm gonna be out or whatever I keep my little agave lip balm this is hands-down the best lip balm in

the entire world especially underneath liquid lipsticks or anything drying because it is really thick and tacky and it's just perfect I love it I've been obsessed with this Bobbi Brown Lux eyeshadow in heat-ray for the past few weeks so I've just been taking it with me recently and I pretty much have my back packed already because you guys know I'm traveling a lot this month so I threw this in here because I have a feeling I will be using this a lot it's just my favorite like everyday eyeshadow I'm taking the NYX pigment primer just in case I love this it makes your eyeshadows last all day and you know just in case I'm taking night I know this may seem excessive but I have two settings phrase here one is the essence keep it perfect makeup fixing spray this is perfect if you just want to melt all the products into the skin and make your face look really dewy and glowy but I have to have to take this with me every time I travel this is the Urban Decay all nighter makeup setting spray it's a long-lasting setting spray this keeps my makeup on all day and this is the travel version which they do so I think it's Sephora or at Ulta I love it

and then I do like to take this specific mascara with me when I travel I don't know if this was a limited edition I feel like I need like 80 backups this is the Maybelline and Gigi Hadid fiber mascara this makes my lashes look like I'm wearing lash extensions or like false lashes I used to take falsies with me all the time every time I traveled but I began to realize that I never used them so I was packing them for no reason I was packing glue for now it was just a lot so I like to take a mascara that's really gonna give me insane volume to make up for not taking falsies so I have been loving this for that whoa girl kind of look you know everything and that is everything in this little pouch fits a lot of stuff I could still fit a bunch more crap in here and then in this pouch I have my other face stuff this is where I keep all my compacts just so they all stayed together and I know that they're all in this little pouch for face powder I'll usually travel with something that's pressed just because I feel like loose powders are a little bit of a mission especially when you're traveling they can get a little bit messy so I like to take a pressed powder compact

and honestly it always changes but this is the wet n wild pressed powder in the shade warm light it looks great in photos it sets my under-eye concealer but yeah it also sets the rest of my face and it's a very smooth satin finish perfect for dry skin it really does look great so I like traveling with this one but I have to take something a little bit more luminizing just for my skin and I've been loving the natural face glow from girl lactic I kind of just put this on my entire face just to give my skin a little bit of a glow so I like to take that a little excessive but I like to take it and then I also take two bronzers again maybe I just need one but one is matte and one is shimmery and you guys know I do like a glowy bronzer so for my matte bronzer this is the Thrive cosmetics Sunchaser blur and sculpt bronzing powder in the shade Raya this is like I think becoming my favorite matte bronzer of all time I think don't quote me just yet but it's perfect for contouring and it's a very smooth powder the formula is great and then if I do want that all-around glow usually I would take my

Too Faced Sweethearts bronzer you guys know it's my favorite shimmery bronzer but I'm scared to lose the cap when I'm traveling so I take something like this this is the hourglass ambient lighting bronzer in the shade luminous bronze light it is amazing it's perfect and then for blush of course obviously I have to take toasted cinnamon no matter where I go Burt's Bees toasted cinnamon it's my favorite blush of all time I cannot leave home without it but I like to take something like this and I actually just purchased this off of the Ulta website and this is so handy I love this I feel like I'm talking a lot with my hands I'm so sorry I'm CUBAN I'm sorry so ignore that if you're someone who travels very often and you like blush you need this this is the make every moment count cheek palette and you get three blushes in here but I love that you get this incredible mirror which is awesome if you're traveling but you get this like cool toned pink matte blush then you get this nude blush and then you get this like warm peachy shimmery blush so two matte ones and a shimmery one I love this guy I feel like you don't need anything else

except this I just take Tosa cinnamon because I have an attachment to it but all you need is this when you travel you have something for a cool tone look an everyday look and a warm tone look and you even get different textures in there so that's awesome when it comes to highlight I only take one thing with me when I travel and she's so sad to talk about this because it was limited-edition I don't know what they were thinking this is the NARS about the sable highlighting palette it is my favorite highlighter in the entire world this one right here no highlighter beats this guy in my opinion because it can get really blinding or it can be very subtle and it always looks good it looks like it's your skin it's not glittery it's not chunky it's the best I do keep all my you know flat little to be type of products in this little pouch and I find it super helpful again because it is see-through and you can see exactly what you have so I keep a lot of different products in here I take an eyebrow product of course this one is the benefit precisely my eyebrow pencil I either take this or my honest

hacia one I just I need to have one with a spoolie at the end and this one has one which is awesome I never know what I need to pluck a sucker out so I have to take my beans huh I don't what is this my tweezers yes I for some reason I couldn't think of the word in English but tweezers in my opinion these are the best tweezers I've ever used I think they're way better than tweezer men and they're from Revlon but it has to be this one from Revlon it's the silver one that kind of looks like a quilt I don't like any of your other Revlon ones this one is the best it doesn't pull my hair like tweezerman of course I need an eyebrow gel this one is one of my favorites this is the colour-pop brow ball still so those are my three products for my eyebrows and then for my eyes I do take two eyeliners a black one and a brown one the brown one is my Makeup Forever aqua XL extra long-lasting waterproof eye pencil in the shade and sixty it's just a deep brown and I like to travel with this one because it's super long wearing like it lasts on my waterline forever so that's fun essential for sure and then this is the M cosmetics illustrative eyeliner

Mac's gel pencil in the shade black and I find that this one also lasts a long time and it's very creamy and easy to apply oh my gosh that is one thing I forgot to pack a sharpener I'm so glad I found this video because I would have left without interpreter and then I do keep a liquid eyeliner i do prefer my Inglot gel liner it's the one in the pot but when it comes to traveling I prefer traveling with a liquid eyeliner versus a pot because it's easier to apply and just easier on the go and I have to say this is probably my favorite liquid eyeliner that comes in this like type of application this is the balm of showing black liquid eyeliner I like this because it's very very matte and it's very very black so that's a good one and then the rest of these products are my lip products I do take a couple moods like these this is my color pop moonchild lip gloss it's the only lip gloss that really take with me anywhere these days because it goes over pretty much everything and whenever I do use lip gloss when I'm traveling it's usually a nude I have to take my Aquarius lippy stick because it's the perfect everyday nude where you could

just throw on and not use a mirror so it's awesome to travel with and then I like this because this is very very long wearing for like a nude lip color this is the nude Stix lip and cheek crayon in the shade whisper it's also more cool toned than Aquarius so I find it to be different enough and it also lasts a long time on the lips and then this is such a comfortable lip color that I feel like I can wear it throughout the entire day which is perfect for travel this is the healthy lip from Physicians Formula and this is in the shade all natural nude one of my favorite colors in this line it is gorgeous and then I take three different options I take a pink a bold color and then a deep color right now of course on living dreamy and cliff they're both from colour-pop they're my recent collabs this is perfect for an everyday pink and this is a very bold loud color which is perfect for just a minimal makeup look just a little bit of mascara something in your brows and this bold lip is perfect for travel and then I have been obsessed with this color this is the nude Stix magnetic matte lip color in the shade Joyce it's a

different formula from these whisper is a creamy formula and this one is a matte finish it is such a deep brown it is gorgeous look at this that is beautiful and lasts all day on the lips I love this guy by the way if you want to see the nude colors I like to take I'm just gonna swatch all of them for you right now I might as well this is whisper and this is a quick Aquarius Aquarius Aquarius is much more like shiny it has kind of like a glossy creamy finish but yes I need my nudes and then of course I have to take lip liners these are totally essentials these two are my favorite nude lip liners ever this is the Maybelline Gigi Hadid tarah lip liner and this is Mac etc this one is more cool tone and this one's very very warm so I find them both to be essentials and then of course I need a red lip liner that's gonna last throughout the day because if I do want to wear a bold red like this I'll just put this on my own whip and go out the door I don't need a lipstick to go over top of this because this lasts forever I love this lip liner it's the Makeup Forever aqua lip in 8c and these are all the lip products I

take and brow products and eye liner products and then I just lay that one directly on top of this fits perfectly and then underneath all of this is where I keep my eye shadow palettes now this part is gonna seem extremely excessive because I take this dinosaur this is the Natasha 228 eyes shadow palette and this is the green brown one they have a purple blue one but I like to travel with this one because it's a lot more wearable and honestly I know this sounds crazy and it's very excessive but I like this because it has a mirror even though I think the mirror on this could be way better especially for the price this is over $200 it's so ridiculously stupid I know that that seems like a little aggressive but it is it's like a stupid price like there's no other way to describe it except stupid but I think it's worth it I know that sounds crazy but this is one of those splurge items a really intense splurge item something you want to save for only if you really really want it because I find that these are the best eyes shadow I've ever used in terms of formula now I heard word on the street is that Natasha's didn't change her formula I don't know why she

would ever do that to me I don't know but I heard she changed your formula and that it's not as good I don't know because I don't have the tropic palate I just don't find the need for it so I just haven't purchased it it doesn't look like something I need right now but I heard she changed her formula I hope that's not the case but this is her old formula her original formula these palettes and it's pricey but I get a lot of use out of it so it's justifiable for me and I travel with it all the time because of this mirror I just prop it down like on a windowsill if I'm in a hotel or wherever I'm at and I find that it just sits up and it's big enough to wear my entire face fits in this mirror and I can do my full face of makeup when I travel a mirror is 100% essential but I'm always scared to break them so I like this one because it's a super sturdy palette I always travel with it and the merit isn't bright I mean alcohol would before that happens next time but I find it to be super useful plus you get a bunch of these Browns oh my gosh it's just broke was that that just happened right now this eye shadow no no so I keep this on the bottom and

then of course I have to travel with my dream street palette because I use this color and Mooney on a daily basis so I have to travel with it but I have to mention these because these are the best travel palettes in the entire world these are the huda beauty obsessions palettes she has four of them but I like to travel with these two just because I mean I have already so many colors in this and in this but this is the electric obsessions and this is the smoky obsession so I like this one because you get a mirror and you get nine eyeshadows and look how tiny this is this is like the size of my hand this is insane perfect traveling pilots you really did kill it with this I like this one because it has a black eyeshadow which none of my other palettes have so I get a matte black and plus you get all these other shimmery glittery shades that are a little bit more cool to them than the ones in my Natasha's did one on one and then I like to take this one it's not really a necessity but just in case I want to pop on my lower lash line I'm feeling feisty I'm feeling crazy I like to take the electric obsessions probably

because it's full of a bunch of colorful eyeshadows and you just never know and honestly if this palette was a lot bigger I would be like I don't need that I'm not gonna use that but because it's so tiny I don't mind taking it just fit so probably this it's so tiny so perfectly that goes on the bottom and then I honestly just pop this right on top and I have everything I need this is a fullface and then some it fits so much and actually I was off camera for like an hour trying to find my Urban Decay sharpener because it's my favorite sharpener but I cannot find it anywhere of course story of my frickin life so I just found this to 401's I don't even like it but I'm just going to take it because I need to travel with a sharpener oh my gosh I missed this and I also forgot to pack this business the cleansing spa water from frozen dough gotta throw that little sucker on the side as well and then BOOM now I'm really good to go so anyway guys that completes this video I hope you enjoyed it I hope maybe you learned something I don't know thank you so much for watching please subscribe if

you haven't already and I will see you in my next video bye I keep my little agave lip balm I what yeah okay this is the double duty Beauty make every moment count what is this I take an hour but an hour blah blah I never know when I'm gonna need to blow up