20 December 2018


Today's video is part 2 of my BEST OF 2018 Series. In today's video, I go through all my FAVORITE concealers and I am so excited to share them with you ...


part two of my best of 2018 series recently I uploaded a video of all my favorite foundations of 2018 now we're gonna get into my favorite concealers of 2018 I'm very excited to share these with you guys because I've tested out a lot of concealers and I'm very picky about me concealers as well because I'm 39 years old and I got some wrinkles that are there that I need to like make them look better you know now when I hear the word creaseless I always laugh because nothing is creaseless and nothing will ever be creaseless nothing is ever going to be fully 100% creaseless under your eye I don't have a lot of concealers because I'm so picky with the concealers that I love the one I was going to talk about is the Tarte creaseless now the thing about this one is that you have to be very careful with this because if you put too much on it won't look good a little bit of this product goes a really really long way if you buy this product and you don't love it try using less and maybe try using your finger to kind of blend it in Oris and then a sponge to pick up any extra product this is a very hydrating concealer so it lays very very pretty

under the eyes and it dries like it doesn't like that your cosmetics one is hydrating as well but it stays hydrated for like hours this one will finally set down and it's not like shiny all day I love this one because it gives me the courage that I need and I love it because it gives me the illusion of no wrinkles under there kind of blend together and be very highlighted kind of gives the illusion of being creaseless if tart shaped tape is way too drying for you I recommend trying this one from tarte because i really love this one it's one of my favorites and I can't live without my Tarte creaseless I just can't and what I love to do with this one is mix it with other concealers so the thing that I love to mix it with is this is the magic awake concealer from Charlotte Tilbury and the thing that I hate about this is the packaging I don't understand why she created the packaging the way it is it's just really messy and I have to clean off this thing all the time and then the lid it's just everything's messy about it I don't like that part about it and I don't like the sponge applicator I think the only thing that I

like about this budget applicator is that you use less so if it was on like a doe foot you might use more but because it's on this sponge it's whatever is already on the sponge you don't have to click it so I do feel like it lasts longer because you don't have to click it all the time because that's kind of how you get the product into the sponge because there's always product sitting on the sponge but I like this because this was supposed to be like the Sphinx for the eyes where it's supposed to have some kind of tightening like technology like literally magically kind of make it look less wrinkly I like this but I don't love it up against these wrinkles so my favorite combo is to put this like right here the magic away right here and then go ahead and put the Tarte creaseless or right underneath my wrinkles because these two together work so beautifully and kind of blend and just be very pretty that's what I'm wearing right now and I really do love these two together these are probably my go-to favorites now the other one that I love mixing is this one from Becca this is the aqua luminous perfecting concealer and I

don't love this one alone but I love mixing it with this Tarte creaseless it just there's something about these two that are very very pretty because they go really pretty on that like creeping skin right here where it kind of is a little bit more wrinkly like you have thicker wrinkles through here but like right here it becomes a little bit crinkly you know what I'm talking about and so these work really really good in those areas and I like these these are these are good these are really good concealers the other one that I could not stop using and I still can't is the k'kaw Beauty thing that ticks me off about this is that it's 895 shipping and I hate that so much I don't like paying shipping on this and the only time that I like if I'm gonna order like a new palette from her or something I will put in my favorite lip liner and my favorite concealer I love the nude lip liner number two and three you guys have heard me talk about that a thousand times I love this concealer actually have two of these on backup this is in the shade six I love this under the eyes I love it to use it as my eyelid primer this is such a nice folk this is a full

coverage concealer and what I like about is is it dries pretty quickly but it lays so pretty under the eye and it lasts for all day she's a really nice concealer she did a really good job with the formula on this and I've heard several people mention how much they love this like these are the ones that I grabbed all the time now let me tell you what concealers rocked my world this one is the cover FX power play now I'm not a fan of the foundation of this because the foundation is way too like mattifying type I don't like it at all but this cover FX power play concealer blew me away this is a nice concealer the thing that I hate about it is the packaging the packaging sucks so bad it has this weird dome foot applicator I don't even know how to explain it it's like this round don't look and think well what happens is when you go down in and pull it out and go back down you get spillage and it's messy and I don't and I never I mean look how much came off on this I never recommend using that much concealer it's just way too much it is such a waste but I love the actual concealer itself this is so beautiful on the skin it's full coverage it blends

beautifully under the eye and I love this one I just hate the packaging final one that I want to talk about is from Joey this is their high coverage liquid concealer now this is supposed to be creaseless it is a soft matte formula it has hyaluronic acid in it and I in the shade macadamia and I believe that my shade is just a tad bit too light for me it has a nice doe foot on it it's a bigger doe foot but this stuff is really nice and I love that it does have the hyaluronic acid in it because the hyaluronic kind of keeps it hydrated under the eye my favorite way to wear this is something underneath it like some kind of eye cream eye whether it's the touch of I cream or like I have this one from Tarte this is the see brighter this looks amazing with a some type of hydration under it I don't know what it is but that is my favorite way to wear this one if you're like me and you need your under eyes to stay hydrated and not get dry and crusty throughout the day and you want them to just look very smooth and kind of fade off very naturally all of these concealers are my top favorite and I reach for him all the

time and yeah I just I can't stop using these concealers these are awesome concealers and they kind of blew me away when I tried them out and I've loved them ever since so I would say these are definitely my top favorite concealers of 2018 and that's what I have for you guys today thank you guys so much for hanging out with me I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did please give it a thumbs up don't forget to be on the look for more of my best of series I have more coming up I'm very excited about it so be on the look for those videos coming up from now until the end of the year I hope you guys have a fantastic day filled with love happiness and joy I will see you tomorrow and I love you so much bye