30 January 2019


Welcome back to my channel! In today's video I have shared my top 5 favourite eyeshadow palettes. I always pick palettes based on how versatile they are and ...


hi guys what's up welcome back to my channel so today we talk to you about my top 5 eyeshadow palettes and let's get right into it I always feel like these videos run too long so I'm gonna try and just literally go boom-boom-boom-boom these are the five so let's get right into it as always before we start please do subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and give this video a thumbs up if you do like it definitely hit the notification bell so that you never miss a video from me and do follow me on Instagram if you do it already I do a lot of mini tutorials tips and tricks and things like that in fact the tutorial on this look that I'm wearing right now is already uploaded on Instagram so definitely do check that out let's get right into it and another thing before we start guys I just want to tell you I'm not gonna go into depth with mini Menindee uh-huh I have not gonna go into depth with reviewing every single one of these palettes because I just want to say it right now that the reason these palettes are my top 5 favorite palettes is because they have excellent color payoff

they have amazing blend ability the formulas are great they are super duper pigmented they are absolutely fantastic palettes otherwise they would not be in my top 5 so I don't want to go into in-depth detail with each and every palette saying all of these things over and again but every single one of these palettes has all these four things in them for sure which is why they've made my top 5 list let's start so starting off with the first one this is a very very very old palette in my kit and I absolutely love it it is the modern renaissance palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills the fact that and this is the state of the palette as you can see it is so dirty and the fact that it is so dirty is because I have used this a lot in the past especially on my clients so it is dirty from the inside as well but this is basically what the palette looks like I have hit pan on so many colors already at another thing that indicates how much this palette has been through with me so if you had to buy one eye shadow palette it I would suggest as one or another one I will come to in a minute but definitely this is one of my absolute

favorites just because the formulas are friggin amazing the colors are so pigmented I mean just look at the swatches it is a ridiculously pigmented palette especially if you are a makeup artist this is a must-have in your kit just because of the colors they have pinks reds deep reds occurs oranges which is so fabulous so here is a close-up of all the shades in the palette like I mentioned amazing neutrals amazing crease shades excellent transition shades this palette is a makeup artist must-have second palette I want to talk about is a mini one by huda beauty and it is the huda beauty obsessions palette now I have particularly the more obsessions and once again excellent colors are really nice pinks and Maroons and burgandy's basically and I just absolutely love the formulas I love the pigmentation now this palette and the modern renaissance all these palettes do have Fallout but that is something you just can't control I mean the fact that the other stuff the other factors that make that palette are so freaking amazing I can make do with that much fallout because I anyways do my eyeshadows before doing my bears so I

can get rid of all of that fallout if I need to like I mentioned I particularly have the more obsessions palette but every single palette in this obsessions range they have the Emeril's which is so beautiful like I'm waiting to get my hands on that one then they have the coral one that is really beautiful as well my point being that whichever palette that you pick from this entire obsessions range is not going to disappoint you it comes with nine shades in total and it has three shimmer shades and one like base eyeshadow shade and whoever these palettes are absolutely fantastic I mean there's no question about that and which is why this one definitely makes my top five list the third palette I'm going to talk about is also one palette that I've had since the longest time and I kind of stopped using it in the middle because I don't know maybe yes I don't know maybe I didn't like really get how to use this and it's not a muting because I've had friends like text me in the past that you know I've got this palette and this palette that I'm gonna talk about also sells in like singles so the panel I'm talking about is the munis palette by

urban decay it is a beautiful like glitter shimmer palette it's got eight shades that are so damn beautiful it is the nice colorful palette and it is pigmented as hair if I want to just pick up a couple of these shades for you look at how pretty sort of thing with this palette is like I was mentioning that a lot of people have asked me that I have this palette you know whatever it picks up on the fingers really well but it doesn't show up on the eyes and like what is happening how to use this blah blah blah and trust me I have tried a lot of different ways to apply this palette and the best way to use it is basically to apply a base eyeshadow under your eyes let it be brown or black or basically a darker matte colored eyeshadow on your eyes and then apply this all over or wherever you want to place this eyeshadow with your fingers and it works so freakin well I even try to apply this eyeshadow it with a brush but more than that it just works so and when you apply it with your fingers so whoever has this palette it's an oldie from Urban Decay but I know that a lot of people have this palette just the colors are so attractive which is what

made me buy it in the first place so whoever has this palette that's basically how you apply it you want to apply it on top of a base color with your fingers and trust me you will not be sorry that you pick this up the fourth eyeshadow palette is also from Urban Decay it is one of my favorite colorful palettes and it is the electric palette by urban decay it is got these 10 excellent super popping shades and that is what I love about this palette now there is another palette that I love for colors as well and it is the NYX ultimate price I shadow palette now the thing between these two palettes is that all of these shades in the electric palette are shimmer shades whereas the next shades are all matte shades so that's the difference with in these two but if you want a pop of color I reach out for either one of these pallets and they don't disappoint me ever coming back to the electric palette once again excellent quality of the colors SuperDuper pigmented as you can see it is a crazy amazing palette and whenever I need like a pop of color this is the palette that I go to finally the

last palette that I want to talk about is this one from huda beauty it is the Huda Beauty rose gold remastered palette now this is that palette that I was talking about which is like the anastacio Modern Renaissance palette it is so so so versatile it has got the most amazing shades as you can see it's got a lot of shades and the crease shades are so beautiful especially on our skin tones our Indian skin tones these shades are so phenomenal they sure are pretty well they don't have that much of a Fallout and they're just so so so perfect I absolutely love every single one of these crease shades matte shades is what I'm trying to say and then it's got half the palette that are all of these shimmer shades which again are so important to have if you are a bridal makeup artist it's called a rose gold it's got pinks it's got a 24 karat gold which is like a yellow gold it's got these neutrals right here and it's got these beautiful these sweet shades my new favorite shade from this palette is trust-fund I tried using it the other day and it literally just took a little bit and just applied it on top of this eyeshadow that I already had and it

looked so freakin amazing so yes definitely one of those very important palettes the quality pigment color payoff everything of these palettes is so freaking fantastic which is why it had to make my top 5 so between this one and the modern renaissance I think they're so so so important to have in your kit as a makeup artist obviously the who wt1 has more ships to pick from and are similar to the modern renaissance shades so definitely if you're going only for one palette I would pick the hood of Uri rose gold remaster palette so that's it guys I'm gonna enjoy this video I am thinking of doing a top 5 highlighters video next week let me know if you want to see that and I will be happy to make that for you I was you in my next one bye [Music]