07 September 2017

My TOP 10 Makeup Brush Brands || Cruelty Free and Vegan || Indian and International Brands

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assalamu alaikum everybody and welcome

back to my channel this video is going to be a little bit different because i am filming it on my mobile cuz it has been a really tough time with editing off my videos that are filmed on my camera's so just ignore if the quality of the video is not good in terms of video and audio this focus on the content okay so as you can see on your screen right now this video is all about makeup brushes and before getting into the video let me just apologize for some pretty dirty brushes over here but i just thought of filming a video on my favorite makeup brush brands before getting into each of these brushes and the brand itself one-by-one let's just talk about a brush itself for that purpose i am taking this brush in reference and it is by the very popular more favored and it is the m13 9 brush and as you can see it is a normal shade of brush so this is a crease brush and you can see it's a domed shaped brush i just want to explain to you the brush itself how it is use what is the different parts of it etc so this part that i'm holding right now is the handle or basically the brush and the thing that comes in between is called the

ferrule it's usually metallic sometimes also make it plastic and then we have the bristles itself now the bristles is what I focus on I do not use makeup brushes that have bristles that are made of animal hair yes if you didn't know bristles are usually taken from animals for or do you call their hair and I just hate it when brands refer to their brushes which have animal hair in the bristles as cruelty-free like they saying you know what the animals are just caught and the hair is just shaved off and it's left to go it's free so there's no cruelty involved in it well how would you feel if I just kidnap you and shave a little bit of your hair from your hair and then let you go free so I don't believe that if you take I need any part of an animal without their consent obviously because you cannot take the consent literally but taking any part of them is just it doesn't come under cruelty free so anyway most of my office brushes are non currently free and that's why I don't own any of them I just owned this one and this one was a gift otherwise I would never spend my money

in this brand anyways let's just put this aside and go through these makeup brush lines one by one so I have arranged my top favorite makeup brush brands over here and this is in an order of preference let's just start with the first brand and I'm starting from the last that is we are doing a top thin and we have ten makeup brands to go through I'm starting from number ten and as you can see over here it is the brand Luxy is very much available on beauty balm so I did purchase two of them first and then I got this set of brushes from a friend of mine through makeup swapping anyways I have not used the brush set much but I have used and abused this brush set a lot huggsy brushes is a not so affordable brand and probably that is the only reason why this is on number 10 if you look at the quality of the brushes the quality of the bristles everything is awesome these five brushes are actually a set and they came together the speciality of this brand is and it completely cruelty free means all their brushes every single brush of theirs is made from synthetic hair so the reason why it is on ten as I said is only because of the price otherwise in

terms of quality it is absolutely amazing if you wish to check out love the beauty and the brushes do go through beauty bed calm and get yourself some love see beauty brushes the next brush or brand we have here is zoeva yes and this is their buffer brush in the number-10 4 and you can see the super quality of these they are so sturdy so heavy and rich to the field itself and this part of the brush actually has some shimmer going on on it anyways I bought this brush from logzilla calm if you are a makeup freak here in India you definitely have heard about long solocom they have any me stop shipping to India so while they were shipping to India I got my hands on so ever brush um let me tell you this is another brand that is high on the price side and that's the only reason why it's on number 9 with regards to quality it is amazing I think it is equal to Sigma brushes speaking of Six Sigma it's a cruelty free brand but then the when you talk about the brushes alone it's not providing free completely they do have brushes which have animal hair in them

same goes with so ever as well so I had to go through on the website the website of so ever calm to know if this has animal hair or not but it ain't it is completely cruelty free and the reason why I am putting this on number nine as I said is the price plus the fact that it has a light color on top as you can see this brush is used for makeup that's like the base product so they are highly pigmented as you know and the pigment gets caught in the brush and it's very difficult to get rid of the color while washing so I just needed a buffing brush basically and this is my first buffer brush the next plan we have to talk about a spectrum and this is a set of eight brushes that I bought from again Beauty Wacom last year I was badly in need of some gold eyeshadow brushes because I was doing a lot of eye makeup videos and if I getting dirty and again and again washing them was seeming a little bit difficult looking at the bottom is that you can see me how good the quality is they are a completely cruelty clean rag and all the brushes are clean of animal hair and I wanted a good small little bit light dome brush for the crease and these kind of shader

brushes as well and so I thought why not spend on an entire brush collection itself so this set is really really good for beginners especially the reason why this is a number seven is again only price otherwise going by the quality going by the different options that the brand itself has I feel this is an awesome brand to check out if you are looking for good cruelty-free brushes here in India yes it is available currently on beautybay come as i can see it the sixth brush brand we are talking about is this one it's fill on or fill noni I'm not sure but I bought this set from purple calm it was actually a set of six brushes I guess I'm not sure why the other brushes are I could find only these two in my collection right now and they are the lip liner brush as well as the eyeliner brush as you can see they are very very fine over here they are made of synthetic bristles but the brush company does not make brushes entirely from synthetic bristles there are brushes which are which have animal hair in them but the reason why this is in my collections because it's super affordable and good in quality I have

used these a lot of times especially the lip liner brush I have used this with liquid lipsticks and I have washed it like you know when you use liquid liquid lipsticks it stains the entire brush and it takes a lot of pain a lot of product so to remove it from the brush bristles I've done all that these brushes have gone through a lot of you know tugging and washing and all that and still they are intact I have used these kind of similar wooden pressures from other brands before non grinded ones and after a couple of uses either the ferrule itself comes out or the brush itself breaks but this one has withstood all the harsh treatment and that's why I'm including this brand in this video if you can get your hands on some Fulani brushes it would be absolutely amazing because they do have some good quality brushes at very very affordable rate this one it is makeup geek as you can see over here and I've got just two brushes please ignore this thing I am actually not able to remove it it got stuck somehow I'm not able to remove it it's actually the cover that came over here protecting the vessels I can't remove it it's quite

funny but I really cannot remove that so anyways this is a eyes shadow brush and it's called the soft dome brush which is very very apparent from the shape of it and then this is a foundation brush it's a stippling brush okay the reason why I bought the stippling brush is because as I said with the so via a brush I have the problem of it getting stained so when I saw that the makeup geek brush has the doc Urkel on this side I decided to invest it in it invest in it and I must say it's really really good in terms of its function it does not get stained as you can see much on the side but I was not that impressed with its stippling ability itself as you can see it's not that sturdy the soever one is very very very sturdy so it blends the foundation really really well but this one I use for more creamier products like a BB cream or more you know liquidy products basically I'm really happy with the quality of the brushes especially if you look at the tapered end this actually helps at a better grip to the brush as you can see over here it fits very well in between the fingers to code it and that's something I really love about these brushes they are amazing in

quality all makeup geek brushes have only synthetic fibers and this one especially is a perfect dupe for the morphe brush which I just showed in the beginning as you can see it's a perfectly just act the shape of it is different the next set of brushes we have is from the brand lot in London I have reviewed this and a couple of more brushes that I have from this brand in a separate video which I shall link about so that you can see a complete demo as well as review of these brushes these are the eye shadow brushes from the lot that I had purchased I purchased from amazon.com because at that time it wasn't available on my car right now you can find Lottie London available on my car as well as flip card these are the eyeshadow brushes as I said and I was particularly interested in this one because if you can see the bristles it's quite papered to the end and that's the reason why I was particularly interested in this because it helps in proper blending of the crease and especially if you're doing intricate designs or delicate kind of I work then this helps in reaching out to those corners and very small areas of

the eye so I really like the Lottie London brushes a lot because they are all cruelty free the brand itself is cruelty free and these brushes are vegan free of animal care so this was a brand number 5 brand number 4 is this one it is the aundre's makeup brushes that I own and these are pretty different brushes this one is a fine brush as you can see and this one is an angular blend of brush I do have I think two more brushes from this plant but they are probably in the total brushes lot so I'm not featuring them in this video I just wanted to speak a little bit about this brand in this video because this is such an affordable brand they are Indian and the fact that they have amazing quality in terms of not just their bristles but also the brush itself has made this brand number four brand that I have used and I really love the fact again that these are tapered towards the end it helps in proper holding of the brush and that helps better working on with the brushes so this is brand number four in my top 10 makeup brushes available in India it is the adres makeup brush the third makeup brush brand that we have to speak about is elf elf does have very

good collection of mica brushes and in fact this one is my first eyeliner brush ever since I have gone cruelty free as you can see is the angled eyeliner if you are a beginner like me and you're having trouble with your winged eyeliner I will definitely suggest you to get these kind of brushes which have a bend you know these are called bent eyeliner brushes so if you get these brushes is going to help you in applying a winged liner with precision elf cosmetics particularly has some brushes which are really good in quality I am selling some of my brushes and they are on my page I shall have the link in the description box below so you can check it out in case you're interested to check out some of F's amazing brushes from me lately I have heard that alphas taken the decision to have all their makeup brushes free of animal hair so basically they are going to revamp their entire makeup brush collection so yeah this is brand number three that I love in my makeup brushes this is the second brand so we are nearing our brand number one this is brand number two when it is Milani please ignore this little 30 brush because I'm currently using it and

I need to wash it so I hope by looking at the brush itself you can make out why this is number two because Madani is one of the brands that I absolutely love and when I came to know that their brush collection is entire candy cruelty free I decided to get my hands on some I did get some eye shadow brushes as well but they had gone away in the previous giveaway I hope the winners have used those brushes if you have then do let me know your thoughts about the brushes in the comment section below so this is the foundation brush as you can see and it is a stippling brush and this is exactly the do for the zoeva brush that i have in terms of the sturdiness in terms of the size except for this tapered end so I definitely prefer this one over this one not just for the fact that it has a darker color on the outer side but also for the tapered end and that is why Milani brushes number two on my list and finally we have come down to brand number one in my me Rush's collection and this one as you can see is Ecotools in fact this is the first set of brushes I bought after turning cruelty free this iPod from a site called I engage or calm this set is

so versatile that you could do any kind of eye look with you just need this brush and you can do a simple I'll do a glam I look by using this one to you to apply the shimmer on the eyelid space I mean it's really really versatile and speaking about Ecotools itself it's a completely cruelty free brand and all their makeup brushes are free from animal hair so that is why this is number one I've been using this for almost two and a half years and it has been washed like million times and nothing has happened to it except for the logo kind of getting faded away but about from that these are wooden brushes and in spite of that they haven't got any kind of cracks or loose on this side generally the brushes do get to lose after repeated washing over here or over here the bristles come out or the ferrule itself detaches from the wood because that's what has happened to this set so this is my top number one makin brush grind now apart from all these ten brushes I also have some non branded brushes which I've been using quite a lot these days and I just want to speak about them a little bit the first non branded brush set that I bought was this

this was actually a part of some twenty six or twenty four brushes set that came in a leather kind of pouch you know which you could die and all that the other brushes are obviously kept aside but these are the most used brushes I have in that a lot that kind of dirty please ignore that I just need to wash them so the fact that they have a good range of brush size in this set itself made me buy it and it's like my top brush said that I've been using ever since I have turned into cruelty free beauty as you can see it has these kind of small rushes to this kind of large brushes so it's very good for intricate eye looks as well as normal eye shadow looks and not to forget that this brush set also had blush highlighter and various other brushes as well you can find these kind of non branded 24 P's 26 PS 32 piece brush sets in online stores as well especially on Amazon if you are able to find a cruelty free brush set of this kind anywhere online to mention it in the comment section below then we have this little brush set over here which is lately my favorite and I bought this from Amazon this is very

very similar to the spectrum set of brushes that I showed you this also came in a set of eight brushes and I've used and abused all eight of them as you can see they are so good and from style I just love these brushes I've washed them a couple of times as well and I don't see any harm happening over here so this is another recommendation I have when it comes to non branded brushes especially for the fact that it is very very cheap last but not least we have this set of four brushes and this is like the cheapest set of brushes I have in the entire collection I have done a complete review of these brushes with a demo as well I shall link that video above just click the I button to watch the complete review of these brushes they are amazing in quality very versatile and I feel they are not just suitable for eyeshadows but also for your contour like nose highlight inner corner highlight etc so this is another pair of versatile non branded brushes that I own and with that we come to the end of this top ten favorite makeup brush in bronze I hope it has been helpful to you if you have any more suggestions to let me know in the comment section below

and yeah that's all I'm giving this video a rap right now I should catch you in my next one till then take care and the bye