18 July 2017

My Summer Natural Haircare Tips

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hi beauties welcome back to my channel and welcome to those of you who are just passing through I hope you will stick around go back and check out some more of my videos and consider subscribing I really appreciate it okay so I want to jump right into my summer natural haircare I guess tips is an onshore well title the video but it is a summer natural haircare video I have compiled some products that are like my favorites right now during the summer I'll tell you a little bit mostly about my routine that I'm using as well as just some tips just to not stress yourself out during the summer time with your natural hair so let's get started first thing I kind of wanted to discuss with you guys was just pretty much not stressing freeze summertime if you live in the south if you live in another hot climate across the seas somewhere you're not going to be able to control frizz completely if you want to kind of control your fruit I have like a couple product with a few products that like helps me do that this summer and most summers but I have added maybe wanted to that wasn't using before but there is the same product type so

and use gel during the summer primarily to go ahead and achieve curls on wet hair and so this is a wonder curl even we would see it like super good but I just want to kind of show the color and the with the packaging generally looks like the Wonder Girls Get Set hair jelly bomb does not have like it's not heavy but it hold it's not but a flake it's not going to make your hair feel icky after like a few uses of it so I really really stand by this product and I'll list all the products I mentioned in the description box and then the second one is the Shea Moisture coconut and hibiscus curling gel souffle and this is mrs. Dixon curling hair now the only con to this one is the fact that it is a heavy it's a heavy gel mix in war where your hair down this is not for you to keep putting in your hair and trying to like we saw with like it's not going to dry light and not what you heard that's just the simple fact but great hold lastly and kind of just for styling purposes I use the curls blueberry blitz twist and shout cream this cream smells like summer summer fruits and berries so I just that alone makes the perfect tickety's but obviously it does have

some great cold as well and it's not going to leave your hair way down or filling my two legs too much product is building up on your hair but it is a little heavier on heavier side as well so you might not want to use this every time before you wash your hair and just to continue on with the thing with like no stress summer natural haircare I want to say that you guys even if you don't like it you better start getting used to some bun top not expect if you have like shoulder length or longer hair go ahead and do your top nuts your highs Hough and call with update now to kind of jazz it up and I'll put a picture somewhere here I have been using my headbands and I actually wasn't a big fan of headbands but I think of these headbands and I'll need the company info that I got seized from the independent company and these are some headbands that kind of open up to in the back or you can use this as a front and then this is the back its kind of reversible and here's another one I have and to the picture and it's just so cute with the top nut well a top bun and then or a pipe up and as my character to it so it's not just simply a high puff or a bunch of the cute very easy

time-saving you will not be worried about how your hair looks too much it's just stay in the place that it's in wind blows or wind blow getting kind of hot you don't feel like you just have all this hair on your neck and that's great for summer and I just want to kind of show you that what I'm using as far as like my wash routine and this is just like a couple of the products so that I kind of switched between but I do use these pretty much like most of the Wonder curl line so here two products that I use more products that I use for them from the Wonder pearl line and it's a detoxifying clay cleanser which works wonder it is a gentle cleanser and this is what I mean by ten is like using something that's like more gentle on my hair just to kind of still cleanse my hair spose cleanse but it's also really moisturize I don't feel like I have to like leave my deep conditioners on forever or what not to like impart that moisture in I really do like watching with like gentle cleansers however yes you want to take a cleanser that's a little more wouldn't say harsh but strips a little more from your scalp and even from your

hair a little bit if you use just cleansers and co wash all the time which is just washing your hair with conditioner and then there's a the wonder curl restoring hair treatments that I use as well that can be followed up and I really really like this they're almost the same consistency obviously this moon it's a little more like a clay base but this one seems like it has some of the same ingredients in it just a few switch of ingredients on the back but they're both great products get your deep conditioning on your hair treatment make sure your hair it stays strong and moisturize and then using a gentle cleanser one of the weeks that you wash your hair also helps and when I'm not using like a gentle cleanser like that I will just go ahead and use the cheapy kind of but does the trick and still sulfate free so it's not a completely stripping hair shampoo but it's a cleansing cream shampoo by can't use shea butter for natural hair I really really like this it's like a fresh scent and it's really not yeah fresh scent like really could've a clean smell not necessarily with too much added treatments for it it does the job

applied it to my scalp wash my hair for sections I have a once routine video on my channel I will leave the link at the end of this video as well as I mean leave it in the description box for you guys so I knew that and that gives my hair like sums a little more strips and when I use clay cleanser this will be make gentle but that's okay because you need that can't just be on him I'm purposely if you're any kind of active not really watching your hair last kind of tips for like stress free summer natural hair care that I could give it's possibly to go ahead and just get all around protective style braids and there are many forms you know in crochet and all that that you can do I don't really think wakes work too well if you're in like a really humid hot climate out of Houston Texas it's been it's reached a hundred and is in July it's not even obvious um it is reached 100 degrees it's been extremely hot so yeah if your client is like that wigs and all that your hair and it's going to be suffocating and we sweat in under there you're still gonna have to be just as much watching and caring for words as

you grow and be healthy and all those things so that's why we don't mess with campus anymore I used to do it a lot more so just to help my hair when I was transitioning so yeah but you can do it braids corn rolls and all those pretty things that are a little more give your escape a little more breathing space versus like something that covers up your scalp completely so that would be my last tip I like stress-free thing you can do during the summertime otherwise I hope you guys enjoy this video please give it a thumbs up I can't wait to continue to try to make some more content for you guys I would love suggestions what you guys to see we want to see natural hair related as well as even pregnancy related so I print it to go back to previous videos and see that I kind of shared some tidbits my pregnancy and I'll continue to share some of that here and there but I know some of you may not be interested in that content so ask me for what you're interested in I'll see you in my next video