05 June 2019

My Summer Morning Skincare Routine | Makeup and fashion studio by honeyprajapatii

Hey guys, Here is my really simple morning skin care routine. i genuinely use these products and the great part is that they are under Rs. 500 Follow me on my ...

hey guys a little backs in this video

I'm going to be sharing my own East Indian routines so I don't have thirty products with me to talk about I only have four products with me to talk about so these are the products that I use on daily purpose and of course this video is not sponsored I mean of course I only have hundred followers would give sponsorship on hundred subscribers followers whatever so the first thing I do in the morning is of course brush my teeth after brushing my teeth I use this setup for gentle skin cleanser I've talked about it in my yogi favorites as well I love this mangos so much this is gentle on the skin this is the middle of disgusting pregnant spleen non-comedogenic pH balance so that's what it says okay and this is non-comedogenic it means it would clog your pores so it's really good you can find Cetaphil in any pharmacy near you or you can find this one Nigel I don't know about Amazon but it is available of makeup so yeah so I quickly splashed some water in my face now I'm going to take this cleanser on my fingers like that much it is runny I mean the consistency is runny [Music]

massage this cleanser all of my face [Music] Saamy sons now I will just go ahead and wash this off so I washed my face with normal water and now I'm going to take this clean towel and I'm just pan-fry my face do not scratch your face it will make your skin like if we drive so do not do that you can also use tissues if you want to after this step I don't do anything I just let my skin breathe because sometimes moisturizer can also stop your skin from breathing I know my skin at rest for half an hour I go ahead and grab at breakfast and I take a shower after the game shower I take my face wash and this is from face shop and this is the whole day cleansing poun and this is in the fragrance or spend in peach so again splash some water on my face and then I take this face wash which is almost always you can see I've finished like four tubes of this face wash I was gonna say foundation it's that good so I'm just gonna spread this all of my fingers just apply this all over my face this is a be good face wash by the way it's facial and it's a four-legged as well it's like put 300 rupees or

something which is a great things tearing my legs now I will just go ahead and wash this off so I just wash my face now I will again pat dry my face so next step is toner and put toner I love this plum green tea I'll cover free toner you guys have seen this in mind he only favorites as well so yeah so I have this whole roll of cotton I take some common from this room and I just take some tuna and swipe it across my face [Music] again not forgetting the night always use alcohol-free toner alcohol can really dry out your skin and it will cause a lot of itching hands on your skin so always make sure your toner is like three so now I'm just gonna let this toner dry on my skin and then I was a guide a moisturizer so for moisturizer I'm taking this simple sensitive skin expert so I started using this to work three months ago and I have to say I really like this moisturizer and I guess you guys have probably seen this moisturizer before on my channels it is a really great moisturizer it does not really make my skin oily because I do have combination

skin I could do oil around 9 news around my forehead so yeah this moisturizer does does not make my skin oily which is a great thing and simple is really affordable brand and this is also their metallurgically test there which is a great thing I do not really like to use a lot of chemicals so I try to use a lot of their weight illogical Chester products so that they I do not really apply you know something which is harsh on my skin so at least that way I make sure that I'm using everything gentle on my skin and not being really harsh with my skin because I do wear makeup not a daily purpose but for videos for shoots I do wear makeup so when I'm doing my skincare I made sure that I use less chemical products if there make sense so yeah I try to use the metal Tiffany test a provides so I take this is also almost neurons I think I'm halfway through something this much amount I'm sweating because it's hot this is like perfect consistency it is not really watching me or not already thick it's the medium and it's the perfect consistency so now I'm just

gonna let this moisture the sink into my skin and after for five minutes I'm gonna play my sunscreen so yes so you don't wanna apply your sunscreen right after a moisturizer because that means you're gonna drop off your moisturizer so always wait for for five minutes so last but definitely not least is your sunblock I used in Eugenia and Russia Sandra so I think that much because I will do this sunblock makes my skin look a little bit oily for some minutes then just make you see this makes my skin look pale I have used other sunscreens but they have their pros and cons you like them they leave the white cast and this leaves the greasiness and this is not glow this is sunscreen so that's it I hope you liked this video and found this video helpful and if you need please consider subscribing follow me on my Instagram and I will see you thanks for you bye [Music]