14 January 2019

MY SCHOOL MAKEUP ROUTINE!! ( Using 5 Makeup Products?) | Algin Francisco

Welcome to my channel! Watch and Get to Know What is My School Makeup Routine. Products that I used: • iWhite Korea BB.HOLIC Everyday BB Cream ...

hi guys good morning so today it's my

pastors nawafil and it's a very tall p.m. and my class is 3 p.m. and my house is 1 2 3 2 minutes away from my school we just say anyone minson doris playing traveling for whenever it's traffic so bring her soul to the guy and the harness so what i'm about go are done and this video is going to be a my daily makeup routine whenever i'm going to school and so brown minimal I'm the minister Brown point other than being a damn it going need him in Machado mockup item many makeup course so yeah maybe gonna box then I'll be right back so yeah guys I'm back that was not how many go ahead towel dried my hair and so booked elegant book also I haven't loved you have a nice I now for now but bourbon sign up and yeah I've already prepped my scan using my ask you know people fighting the cleanser and from Jerry casinos non-skin Co asked I mean sovereign oily Cassini skin co and so bring Tomica no pimples or break out the hardest days and yeah I use more moisturizer there's aloe vera gel from face Republic and I used to use nature a public knowledge okay I don't know booster shots or and up at that no no future

public super million aho and by one day Conde dementia so yeah it's a good deal so let's start now in my daily makeup routine sober simple television guy said in the Amish Adam not like me makeup no Papa but I used to do that before um see you tomorrow first Sam no college always used before on this fitme consolidation and I'm in the shade 220 let's get into my makeup pretty usually I use everyday PB cream pump from Iowa BB hallelujah and yeah I'm gonna shade of beige so yeah Mirjana national - all in lands of Mohammad Amir mineralogy or just to cover our new fees course of a minute another life [Music] a little bit [Music] we and ex aftercoma I'm a BB cream and the plants in the shower so the Bucky tapenade you will have delicious school and more people worse than you so from Gretna pimples there so yeah I'm gonna go out far as I use this Maybelline fit me concealer so from a to diminish our yeah my man shade of 25 medium the giggle Oh she'll usually saw under-eye equal means I'm gonna go after

the shots my looks image of my national foundation chin area [Music] because I'm gonna go leader like young super full coverage I'm professional but uh who decide the freedom in the hump in and a baa-baa so sorry get me alone I'll be using this our beauty sponge just to blend this you can use your fingers or if you want but I usually use this bit is possible but how much easier Paris are we don't see ladies and me billion is must all honey the whole fingers I'm gonna grab a couple then no no in concealer since my heat Niall can happen are you coming up and let me melt a product on personal shame [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah after I blend my concealer I mean now go up on an x-ray I ever I'm using this eyebrow I worked until now every banana so brother then it'll sound so blue it's not like it's 60 pesos long so I know and it stayed injustice eyebrows for know throughout the they magically long sharp a gradual happen up but so I'm gonna do my eyebrows off down so

you're the first thing I don't go in your eyebrows go and meet Jane Dena home of the lingam oh and I'm eyebrow so yeah you know in the long shot time and the next step is part of my routine and using this lip pencil Kiko Mellon imaginable inertia and the PLO santhanam Runkle yeah I'm coloring I smell a pinkish magenta type looking usually on Gina's office and I'm calling the parish on lipliner Pharaoh I use it as a lipstick button and see what the hell of a shiny chinois I would say let's go [Music] fresh now governor and the next step is my mascara I'm using Neutrogena weedless folio home with no curlers mr. Feeny call me between what the hall and Fatima light emission about go I saw lashes lashes folks at all whatever I'm gonna do it anyway so John yes well our home mirror and so butter and heat up the light better [Music] and a stand-up comic my appearance a hybrid school [Music] very natural philosophers for possible just to make myself presentable say if I am yeah no no not even so you're making

a garment go and send us a solution on regular regular powder alone and this is the finished look and we tailor our [Applause] [Music] this is the end of my video I hope you even like it so broken Eli no Supreme Court in London meetup in economics oh and some feeling some nothing at all but still thank you I hope you like it this is the thumbs up 14 if you comment down below out we'd love to hear your thoughts and don't forget to subscribe to my channel and hit that notification Bell now there still get mattifies in a very full set in your video so I hope to see you in my next one always remember we are fabulous a beautiful