28 January 2019

My school makeup routine

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hi guys welcome back to my channel yet

now and today I'm doing a school makeup routine because it's back-to-school season we're all back to school and I thought my eyes oh dear one I don't believe I make every day at school but when I do you see the makeup I go to you take me like 10 minutes in the morning it's calm it's good all right let me start for my eyebrows um for my eyebrows I use my uh nostalgic pomade as usual but I don't do it like uh because I normally would I only fill in the kind of like sparse areas sometimes I don't even do my real combo black for the video and guys do not my don't I kind of make on the phone let me show you the back okay can you guys see that it's gonna package you know my best friend bought me for my birthday so you know I was like I have to ask to wrap it I have to show it to you guys couldn't open my mouth I forgot I'm really feeling like this boss but this may be the end in the arch let me see yeah and that kind of go over the phone what's good I wish she I don't go I'll go it's cool

but I do too I'd like if I'm gonna have time when I do jump up and make them cuz I want to look at those in the wall but like I don't know Scoob like eyelashes along contour no will come above it in my school I don't know anything girls gonna make what well that could do it anyway song you're not really dead scriptable it with the kind of garlic it especially unnatural make looking at me so I just kind of fill it in right yeah really come on I knew I was good I showed you my click on the convalescent oh yeah I don't call my broker combo vid I wanna call my workout when I'm doing a full face make but but they I don't know my foundation well it's makeup I'm gonna do the other one yeah you can hear nicely back on economy you're gonna fill it up women try to make them looking but middle written that's that couldn't say like a father does last uncle from down the road and that's I'm Tiffin box and phenomenal create and now concealer concluded my best friend consider is the person I'm gonna marry okay don't worry yeah I got the best comfy level it's why you sweating everywhere I'm just picking you up now you're doing your you're

making yourself look bad yeah it just it's just the best concealer so it's good it's cheap it's nice to cut local it I've never seen a continuous movement and yeah I've gotten before Iacocca I bugs you know he's getting away - no I put some one do - how about very bad either I don't know what kind of illegally well I think in my teens come on caught me when I was oh my gosh I mean when you caught me by divers being honest with you is something that I do have a bush but I really cut above it and it's only a little bit consider and I feel like your finger makes you look more natural come on you ain't gotta be kicked up all day handle it just like the warmth of the warmth of your finger and then get into your skin come on I look like Xena it makes on public away all my stress all Cobre a well consider I'm a different person yeah that wasn't hard was it don't work not hard this makeup routine take the neck 10 minutes in the morning from your school mom - Dina gave up put some old money to go cuz that come on look ugly dark islands think anything yeah I just

got that marimow harder is it really yeah I've seen anybody occupied to be honest yes you know how oh come on don't move yeah I just lightly sat down my skin looks old but today you guys keep asking for skin care routine but I don't I don't do anything to my skin I don't have a skin care routine for you guys to me like all you would see with me washing my face in cream in it nobody school boring or some kind of like over the place like it on me the other day got my full head or no watching let me put a breath make all your problems go away and yes and then sometimes I add corn dog or something going on but today I'm just gonna do it for the sake of the video what is my head doing why you me every month guys always got you a bad hair day I just need to out my face I need to make one I can't deal with this yeah I've had a bit of control you can he is don't revolution could I just find you annoying me I'll be looking other than this yes I'm gonna break my with time I'm always hopping and you know move come on we bond over I'm a bagel seven head oh

my that's what got before I don't well but I didn't miss oh dear it won't fall I want to start so I'm in a lot more about how Jesus you guys I've got a divine they look so harsh on camera but sometime well I promise you and if you do go a bit too you just go with your father to kind of blend it out of it and then if bless your time actually no pushes so much but she makes me so happy you just makes you prep your glow in you have a smile on your face even leaving crying for the last half an hour alright you add a little butcher an oil problem will go away and then I use the revolution blush palette I'll use all the little things if you guys were Maryland that's not my blusher brush what do we need leave god yes hi didn't you look chic and then I mix like all of them and then you just smell come on do this make do that make fake smile that girl there's one person you don't like you don't like her but you gotta fake it I'm joking don't fit guys yeah kind of came up with it up more Oh God yeah I don't think it's gonna blend out that what my doing I'm good man

no I didn't look so harsh on him yeah that's and then you just take your other part of with him blend it out blush it actually looks old I can back normal skin back when you have no foundation on only me or no makeup on because put blusher on your face even know it yeah what we NEX I'm a bit lost my squad a time I don't know where I think like this school only if I make to be honest it's a working licensed indle no it takes - so why the damn the squad I'm brush my eyes on plus my eyelashes quite long when you move all I can get you must go everywhere - get come on that's cool I can either make them I can mix there's taking it on cool all right I know trying she isn't going on someone's gotta soak you don't how you guys wear was it's the Rimmel scandaleyes Wow wings wings I mean look at wins okay I quite a lot I'm square because I cannot appear lower let her come on make that will give if you don't make up your face when you do I even know they've been doing the vehicle this looks kind of gone know that my old darling works

where's my fan brush I keep losing things on HBO girls yeah but for my highlight I can't get kind of natural because it's difficult I will get me a cup cooler makeup Mahalo [Music] it's mine north coming up my highlight when I love go so I think you should interact in one I loved in higher and above your head to make you a little bushy do my nose one of them once and I love mine Holloman in a corner for like it Brighton girl why are my neighbor's dogs barking it's so rude I'm I love such a crazy way to do it I don't know and then for my lips I just add a bit of comics evil a lip like a Comic Con for a minute I can't find my technique lip glass guy took my favorite it wasn't all world only need current disappearing you're the neta Cohen my neighbors don't get bucket I'm gonna go outside and kill I'm gone I'm not gonna kill anyone guys don't want me I'm gonna boogie no don't turn a big one here I hold that hurt so yeah guys gonna finish me it's so natural I love it because it don't make me look okay but it's not like oh my god

is she going to I didn't at school know it is calm if you go yeah guys I hope you like this video leave me any video suggestions down below I'm gonna try and film as much as I can so yeah thank you subscribe like comment share by L if you guys