19 March 2019

My Retro Vintage House-- Updated Tour by CHERRY DOLLFACE

Check out how I have been restyling my house! I am heading away from pure mid century and exploring some other decades. Let me know what you think!


hello everybody welcome back to my channel today I am doing another house tour video because my house has changed significantly since my last one so I thought I would show you guys what's going on if you guys follow me on Facebook Instagram I've been getting lots of requests to show you how I have been redecorating so this is my living room now the couch is different there's lots of new furniture pieces in here we're going towards more Art Deco so slowly but surely there's still a lot of mid-century stuff in here but this is going to be art deco when we are finished with it it's not done yet but I thought I would show you this is my favorite lamp it actually moves to never mind all of my right here this is sort of the piece de resistance it used to be my bedroom if you watched the last one I don't even know if I put my bedroom in the last one but this is probably my favorite piece in the entire house which is why it is in the center now and this is our new dining room so we've gone sort of dark apothecary Goffe kind of deco even a little bit older than that we painted the walls red really scary

in here and we also painted all the trim gold which was time-consuming never mind all my clothes dispelled my Etsy and Poshmark stock and my wedding dress that is even less if I would invest it today this is my bar our bar that my loving boyfriend has restored it was white who bought it and it was horrible and hideous and he restored the whole outside of it and it has this whole beautiful inside that was untouched and glorious so we just put up some cool religiously stuff on the walls and over on this side as the more sort of topic area creepy weird stuff the back room still is just storage so what you're not gonna do this my kitchen is Messier also don't see in there let's go to the kitchen I mean the bathroom bathroom is pretty uh next roar Denari last time you guys probably had a different shower curtain now I just have a few other little pieces on the walls my bathroom is so small it's not a very exciting part of my house this is probably my favorite part of the house this is my closet slash Jimmy's game office space so he is amazing and making noise be on camera he is amazing and built me this whole rack for all of my

vintage dresses do not I actually have a legit place for my vintage dresses I can move them around and it doesn't fall over like my old a nerd did and I got my dresser here and he has all of his man stuff I have some shoes and accessories everything is way more organized in here if you guys saw it before I also have all of my makeup this is my collection of all of this stuff I get from companies semi-organized could probably organize it a little bit better that's where all that goes more shoes there there's actually another shoe rack in the corner that I have not even put up yet so this is where I do all of my shipping my dressing all of the behind-the-scenes cherry dollies this is my sweet lucero poster with a mustache on it that makes me laugh every time I okay this is where the magic happens I know light in here is really bad I tried to get it from every angle to figure out what the best way for light ones I don't know if that makes it better maybe not I have a ceiling fan in here now because Jimmy's really crafty and I'm very excited about that this room isn't crazy exciting but my most

favorite part is this get yourself a crafty boyfriend it will change your life he made this for me it's just a court-ordered where I can stick all of my earrings it's amazing and then this is just a little wire where I can put all of my clip ons which is really really really nice I'm I know a lot of girls keep all of their in boxes and jewelry boxes and it's hard to can't see what you're working with so with this I can just pick what I want yes it's very exciting another exciting and scary thing that has just happened in my life is I have a TV in my room now which I never had before ever in my life Jimmy brought it with him when he moved in and at first I was hesitant but now I'm a believer but sometimes it still annoys me more jewelry more bracelets my humidifier which is very important to keep your skin young forever my laundry nevermind this I think that's it that's my entire house so hopefully you guys like this house tour if you want to see tours or more close-ups of more collections of mine please let me know in the comments below and thanks for watching I'll see dictum thank you guys so much for watching my video be sure to

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