26 October 2018


Hi my loves, welcome back to my channel. In this video I will be showing you the easy way I do my eyebrows and the affordable product I use. I hope you guys ...

hey guys welcome back to my channel so

for today's video I will be doing a eyebrow tutorial so let's just jump right in and get started as you can see I am going in with my wet and wild ultimate brow pencil I like to outline the outside of my brow and then I like to brush out the corner because that's what where I will not be putting you know the product in there I like to leave the corners of my brow looking really natural and so you know after I outline like how I want my eyebrows to be shaped I go and put the product in and moving on to my other brow [Music] I have to say you guys I really like this eyebrow pencil and it's very affordable I believe it's like six dollars and the reason why I came across this product it's because I did my one brand makeup tutorial of when a wild products and I found this one and I'm like you know let's see and I'm not gonna like when I took the video I really didn't like the way my brows came out but I tried it again I was like you know what I had run out of my a BH dip brow and so um like let me try this out one more time I know I didn't like it but you know what you know let me try it

once again so I did and they actually came out pretty good and they made my eyebrows look really natural [Music] so now I am concealing my brows with my Maybelline concealer in the color fair in case you girls are wondering and now I'm going in with my ELF brush [Music] and now I'm going in with the other brow I really like this concealer and now I'm just making sure that everything is concealed and that my eyebrows are looking thick and shaped [Music] this concludes today's video of my eyebrow tutorial I hope you enjoyed watching if you did please give this video a thumbs up bye