26 November 2018


Haifa and I had so much fun filming this video and I truly hope you enjoy it! Lool, someone comment down below how many times did I say "Ibeg" this little girl ...

next I'm gonna be using controller we

can make a movie maker whait hey yeh you should know admission now hi guys welcome back to my channel what's Cooper's apartment so I'm just kind of gonna go like this so you can do my quick okay so we're gonna start the video now okay so that girl's gonna stop hey anyways this little guys gonna do my makeup so we are fresh face and she's gonna do her little magic and yeah what what are you gonna go for again fun autumn natural look autumn natural look okay so first I'm going to be using um okay you say baby skin and one stuff it helps your skin [Music] I should bring up a big just go like that [Music] I'm gonna be using controller this this one it's a foundation to every foundation so I'm going to add the foundation oh that's too soft [Music] sorry time for ah that's enough I mean what I didn't did you do now no more [Music] [Music]

a sauce a little meat [Music] [Music] is the powder huh dude I don't know you tell me I like makeup Ipek tick-tock this is hard you know what I did [Music] [Music] oh you know the colors color autumn fall winter storms in a Saturday so what is autumn colors [Music] tell me down the description down below if you like huh that looks amazing I did a perfect job next I please thank you honey [Music] shaking a cog my eye taking so long no no no a bird I need more gluten if the match yes yes so I'm gonna use her mascara Oh mix yes so hot do you even know how to put on mascara yes [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

is to spread and the makeup is done so so we finished the liquid mother look and I like you but any I don't like it about it's a lipstick you did a good job so um but it's not up to me to choose if you did a good job guys if you think she did a good job comment down below if you think she actually did good if you think she needs a little bit of a young practice practice oh no she wants to be this kind of hair what's wrong with it this kind of hair are you sure oh my god yeah it looks nice that's what smiling oh nice if you guys want to see her in if you guys want to see her in more videos just pressed was it cool and also if also don't forget and the nizam subscribe button labelled so don't forget to press that because yes you mean whenever she puts new videos so like this one huh so there are telling you post that uh huh huh tell them tell them to subscribe subscribe I'm like give it a thumbs up yeah get that big thumbs up are we out I shall not be this one [Music]