20 November 2018


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[Applause] [Music] [Music] hey y'all I'm back with another video and as y'all seen the title below I will be doing my natural makeup look for you guys look at Oriel so I usually start off doing it's always put on chapstick before you know I do anything goes because so that way I won't have any trouble you know I'm trying to figure out why my lips doing what it's doing so damn you know you always got to put that primer on your face cuz your face can't be you know all dry feeling and you know it makes your make it last longer [Music] [Applause] [Music] open your thinking about weight around [Music] seems like the beaches I heard from you people that you cried suddenly wasn't when you lasso unfortunately you wish unless you never make on the side baby [Music] don't leave a message at the beach [Music]

[Music] so that was all for the video so yeah I hope you guys liked this video make sure you comment like subscribe and share this video and we'll go from there so I hope you guys like this video as I say and I will do another like natural look probably like a everyday look or like more natural than this cuz I don't really go out that much to be wearing makeup and when I do this is like basically the steps I do for my makeup so yeah but that's all for this video and I hope you guys liked you guys as I say stay tuned for the next video [Music]