23 September 2018


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hello everyone it's me angel and welcome back to my youtube channel so for today's video I will be sharing with you guys my mascara secret how it looks like unpolished a bug killing Lance and Malaya some elapsed and so men kissing men tottenham seven universes develop enough iso and my answer is mud and meirin Lancome mascara secret Capano Holguin ago apparently marina composes sam eyelashes con gusto new Menomonee mascaras secret cough please keep on watching so first chambray and secretos on my falsies 'no eyelashes is cobalt maganda um-- we can take mascot mascot and in a garment more so I know some of you know this guy so blonde and trending to before and until now process of the Madonna and sometimes and I know performance NATO Sam eyelash so this is the Maybelline hyper-girl volume Express and it's waterproof so na pagando nipple guys Papa heat oven sa inyo moon and a young techniques Co Parma achieve now for my Posse's my eyelash and Macbeth become their tire namaskara Parma chip nut and chef Reagan would open determined by the Sangha and lung tapas nugget Chopra mobile am whereas I

only guys the lawanda here the Moonbeam agua para Maha Shiv Gong Gong Wu but today I mean I think that locus in viña man lahat is my maha bomb eyelashes at Mema happen eyelashes so that longer virus and I had known for a seminary [Music] first layer laptop I went on your first layer by lamp Nibbana [Music] and Mengele gave inaho Namaskar adidas our lower lash line so I a new first layer now mascara so / - you know nothing shy and babbles on the Toyota so after that I'm gonna give you a pile so proceed that is a second layer we make sure they brush brush in chaparral ahead melodia new eyelashes in deep arnica girl - Nana we thought this is a lower lash tangle [Music] second layer belong in Sigma another 7 so shameful about the time of proceeds third third layer is McGill muna Okanagan a new technique achievement so Google might incur dashes and curling lashes is that but let me open up opinion as a good machine so brown Shannon do low so this is a lunesta

Romney current [Music] and parinirvana false eyelashes and now proceed not yet Lamont is a third layer [Music] come on is deep enough Oh Ally a nice banana man pattern of maples eyelashes we are invested the pious upon curling lashes nothin [Music] there you have it guys and I'm done starting my false eyelashes nice pair on and on and mascara onion sorry guys if I know you long view new techniques and steps Nikita welcome and Porsche warm up achieved ironinkent own eyelashes number for my false eyelashes so yeah so yeah that's all for my mascara secret Padmaja cheap noggin thumb book on mypos eyelashes eyes so end of snack don't forget to like this video and share it abundantly friends and also their relatives and don't forget to subscribe to my youtube channel and click the notification bell down below to get notified whenever and posted in your videos so I will see you guys on my next one [Music]