12 October 2018

My Mascara collection and declutter

Today I'm going through my mascara collection and doing a declutter , mascara goes bad quickly so this is something I do more often than other types of ...


hey guys welcome back to my channel my name is Tina and yep you're gonna see me in this outfit as several times this week because this is what I'm wearing today well I'm kind of doing it declutter go through stuff so let's jump into mascaras there's a couple of these massacres I haven't opened yet I do not like to open mascara if I have several open I'm kind of picky about that because I hate wasting it and I'm also very cautious because I get dyes in my eyelashes really easily so I'm very careful with my mascaras I haven't used this one the wander Unleashed mascara I've heard great things about this I cannot wait to try this it looks amazing this is the EcoSport waterproof mascara holy crap this mascara doesn't come off or anything like nothing I tried micellar water on it nope soapy water on it it sort of works I tried oil on it I get some off but it doesn't come all the way off is very difficult to remove on the other hand you could cry like hard cry the whole snot bubbles cry and this would not come off it's amazing I just started using this one a week or so ago it isn't like

the most lengthening or volumizing mascara ever because it is a sport mascara so you don't really expect it to be it's so hard to get off it's hilarious and I have used other sport mascaras like the Tarte one which I really like if you are worried you're going to cry at your wedding get this mascara it's not going anywhere ever it will stay there all day and my trick for these is because they do like longer volume of lashes today I took my little sample of super fan from Smashbox and I did it first and this is an excellent mascara and then I put this over the top this does lead little companies on the mascara they don't clump together but it's not super smooth if you're just using one layer to seal it in I think it's fine this is a great mascara in that aspect like it does what it says it's going to you just need to have something to get it off with this is the as I said the superfan mascara I'm gonna show you the wands on dates because I think wands are important so the wand for this one looks like that it's curved and it's bigger and flatter on this side I like that one it doesn't good job so this one the wand

looks like this is very easy to use if you don't like the silicone wand you might not like it as much because it doesn't have one it's a nice mascara it's a job but it is not waterproof but it is volumizing and lengthening beautifully which I love so I like this mascara a lot this is the resistance from cargo it looks like that I have first order from cargo as well this one I haven't opened yet but it has cool design all over from Star Wars this is a nice mascara I paid like $4.99 for it wasn't a whole bunch of money I just thought it was cute that day without any mascara I actually picked up both of these because why not get a matching set any one of these is whatever I could be wrong I'm not positive yeah I like it okay it is not a bad mascara have nothing bad to say about it I'm not going to sit here and say oh my god it's amazing I actually have two mascaras that I have in my empties box and you're not gonna drag them out because I talked about them all the time but the butter London double-decker lashes care is amazing it's not like that nor is it like the Tarte lash paint to mascara which I also loved it's not like

that either it's okay it's $4.99 worth of mascara that's what it is it's fine and I haven't tried that one yet I'm assuming they're either the same formula or Wen's waterproof and ones not this is the elf mascara like it's just ELF mascara doesn't say anything else on it so it has this weird wand with the little Bali on the end I like the little ball on the end of my mascara wands but this one is it doesn't like to go back in and I don't like this formula oh I don't like it it's not a good match for me the cargo wand it's just a regular mascara wand like I said nothing special about the mascara or the one it's just a 499 decent mascara I do not keep this around for the mascara in it this see elf mascara and brow gel duo and love the brow job I hate the mascara the mascara is awful its wand looks like that another just regular old wand this mascara make sure lashes come together and look short and stubby it does darken them it doesn't come off easily because it's also a waterproof support mascara would be fine the ico like that's a nightmare to get off I need you to advice some special stuff for that this I don't like the way it

makes my lashes look I don't like anything about it I keep it specifically for the other side which is the brow Jo which is just clear it does a great job I really love this program but this is the dilution do you say whatever the name this is it's kind of a weird name it's one of those huge ones it's super stubby that I sometimes poke into my eye I'm not person the formula itself is very nice I don't have a problem with this mascara and all separates and weakens and volumizes and does those things it's not like oh my god I have to go buy it it's not bad another mascara with a huge wide the to base size queen mascara this wand is crazy look at that that's a stab yourself in the face wand it's so big that it makes getting really down there in your lashes and possible because you will poke yourself in the eye ball nobody wants that the formula is nice enough I probably won't make it through this before I end up throwing it away because the wand is kind of annoying the mascara itself is okay not amazing I've had they're better than sex mascara which I like I have to put a waterproof mascara over it otherwise it's smudges on me and this one I don't

notice it's smudging on me I'm trying to think I don't think I've noticed smudging with any of the mascaras I'm talking about today this one I can't give it away so I guess I'm just gonna keep it this is a bad gal bang mascara from benefit dissident if she bag is a silicone wand it's got really tiny separators at that end whatever the spikes I hate this mascara absolutely it doesn't nothing for me me and it don't get along it's not my mascara I didn't get the hype on that one at all and at the time this came out oh my god the hike was crazy this is the benefit they're real mascara I don't think I've opened this before but I have that little spiky ball on the end I don't like this mascara when you first open it I leave it for like a week after I open it and then I can use it and it's fine it's not amazing I actually had gotten a really cute one a few years ago Christmas and rhinestones all over it it was adorable my husband bought it for me for Christmas the unfortunate part is this mascara is amazing it's not bad it did smudge it first some mascaras I gotta open them I

just opened them like I just did and that's it that's all I do and then a week later I go back and try them again and just that little bit of air changes the formula just enough that they'd write down a little faster and they don't smudge so badly this is one of those that you have to do that with it's okay it's not like amazing or anything but it's okay to this last one I have not opened at all I'm sure it's been out for quite some time and you can go look at it this is a Mac mascara I've never even tried a Mac mascara I'm waiting until I get through some of my other mascaras before I open it to try it which is the same Gil that's going on with this one and I don't know which one of these do I'm gonna do one of those two I'm gonna bite the bullet open up like I did the ico which was a waterproof mascara which is why I did that sometimes I really need one so I tried it and I liked it a lot I think this is all - appearance it looks like I'm getting rid of a couple of them I'm getting rid of this one and this wasn't attached that one I totally get on that one - I'm getting rid of this one I don't think that's it

which leaves me with I have one more mascara that I haven't this is called Texas lash mascara for cargo I kind of wonder if it's like that one and I don't want to open it because I've not tried it yet and I want to wait this one goes in my purse and will dry out before I get to the bottom of it which is why I have two of these smallish bottles so it looks like I've got these three open which is the Smashbox the queen-size and the ICO they just open that wine maker which is the they're real by benefit because I will use that with this one and see how that works out I have this one which is probably not gonna last me that much longer it feels like it's mostly empty it's been open for a little while now I'll probably need to put another month and that'll be the end of it so I'm getting rid of these two the bad gal bang and the elf ones I don't like either of them I'm throwing them both way because I can't give them away that's my mascara that's what I think of all those mascaras I cannot wait to try this one

I'm waiting for that one - the one from Mac and patient with mascaras because otherwise you throw away and that sucks thank you guys