09 May 2018


My makeup collection and showing you how I store my products when space is of the essence! Really loved filming this one - would love to know your tips and ...


[Music] I wanted to do and make up storage video for ages I loved watching them I'm super nosy and I find it interesting still people haven't let their makeup collections and how they keep their makeups I've always put it off because every nose is always so extravagant and they have like rooms dedicated to drawers as tall as the Eiffel Tower is talking of their lipsticks and mine's fairly humble I thought it'd be useful you guys to see how I store makeup when space is of a premium sometimes for a lot of people as well and I think mine does the job I had to clean up the other day which was so satisfying I was like I'll just have a small clean-out or just you know chalk a few things I ended up with all my products on the bed six hours later should have filmed it in hindsight really wish I did we get it's all nice and organized now and I'm quite proud of my little setup like it works really well I try not go through regularly but I think the way that I store at the moment works really well like I know everything is it's not really jumbled at the moment they like it's quite neat in there yeah I thought

it'd be really useful you guys like see how I store it maybe we'll give you some ideas as well because I know it can be so annoying storing makeup sometimes because it can just end up shoved in a drawer and you never know where anything is so this is my realistic as it is makeup storage this is how I like reach everything day to day it's hard keeping everything organized and yes I really hope that you like this one so I'm gonna start with all of the stuff that is just like up here and then I'll delve into the drawers a bit later this this isn't actually makeup this is just some jewelry but I thought that was quite cute this kind of doubles up as a desk space as well so it's always in use and I'm constantly polishing and trying to keep it clean these are cute I've had these for years actually I bought these off of ebay and I think some of them are from TK Maxx he's like a critic drawers think I kind of need some more brush storage because these are just old junk jars and as cute as they are then they don't hold as you can see this is kind of these fall off a lot and I have quite a lot of makeup brushes and that aren't

here as well I'd love to know how you guys store your brushes so please do come you know and while I remember as well I actually have a huge bag of stuff in my wardrobe ready for you guys of all the stuff that I thought you'd really like like duplicates and stuff that I don't need or that wasn't quite for me and I'm going to do a giveaway so please let me know how you'd like me to do a giveaway if you've liked it on Instagram on YouTube because ever you want to give back to you guys just following along and saying thank you anyway Missy I whatever I get makeup I always save something you guys as well so brushes I use mainly here a few of them are in little makeup bags when I travel as well but yeah big powder brushes and foundation brushes and mainly why use but yeah definitely do need some new storage for those eyebrows puh-leeze little eyebrow brushes that kind of thing I like a lot of blank canvas and my kit CO and well so I like a few real techniques and their Eco tools are amazing as well that's kind of the for go shoe brands I use for my brushes because they're always nice and soft and I've got lipsticks down here these the

ones that I use mostly so they're like nice and within reach here got some Topshop ones here these are mainly in really dark brown colors actually I really like the Topshop lipstick fabulous they're really really good J pongpol one here I think this is a really cute color actually so cute Charlotte Tilbury pillow-talk if you haven't tried Charlotte Tilbury lipsticks they're so good really moisturizing and it's like the best your lips to the better color and then I've also got a couple of Elizabeth Arden ones here this is a really nice warm spring summer it's like a tangerine color this one's also an amazing nude color as well then up here I've got my antipode ones which I love these lipsticks I'm wearing the red one at the moment this is why I'm wearing a baby actually it's called West Coast sunset really nice like warm red color for chika Chanel one here this is rapidly going and then I've got my to save max these are probably the ones that I use most everyday velvet teddy and honey love again like super blogger favorite colors so yeah they're like the matte lip formulas that I've kind of reached

to mainly on a day to day basis a couple of them I always have some in my handbags as well and my travel makeup bag so sometimes they never make it up here because they're always with me on the go this is where all my lip liner go to be honest I don't use many lip liners I've got my max spice which is my go-to nude one as you see it's a very well-loved and then I've also got a couple of red lip liners essential if you're wearing a darker lippy this is like an overflow of lipstick because I do have a lot of lipsticks an organized lip liner space slash a few overflown as' is amazing this is from the lipstick Queen and it reacts to the pH level in your skin is amazing so that's breaking my lip liners this is the joy most proud of the matte lip cream section I love sleek and pixie Beauty I think they're both amazing and I've kind of back tried to color coordinate them as well when I reorganized at the other month I looked in this drawer and I was like that is satisfying having them all in color coordination and then I am a bit of a sucker for matte lip creams lip creams for me is that look matte but don't dry

out your lips so I do also have more lip products here these are again like liquid formulas so we've got my NYX matte lip creams I love these so much he kind of cosmetics ones also we've got we've got a bit of Tanya burr in there the benefit ones are really good as well because that's super hydrating and they kind of like a lip liner a lipstick in one so yeah there's a few few things there body shop Knicks and the Kylie cosmetics also good as well so that's another kind of place like summer miletti's I've also got some highlighters in the bottom one I've got some of the Topshop smoke sticks which I think a kind of eyeshadows but to be honest I use these as highlighters for my eyes sometimes because they're really really beautiful colors I've got elf cosmetics one here then I've also got some sleek palettes bare minerals this new by Nature one is gorgeous I love a good sleek highlighter palette this one this is the Solstice one the most gorgeous colors in the world I really love sleek palettes I think they're such good value for money there is also a mary-lou manizer in there normally but again it's one of those products that I

use every day and it because it's got the mirror on it I usually use it it's a compact when I'm out and about so yeah that one's usually on me all the time Marylou glued to my face pretty much on top of these ones are kind of like my eye products eyebrow products for scars I don't is that kind of thing so I've got a couple of drawers of like with scars here a couple of faves the Elizabeth Arden one is I've got that on today this is a standing ovation mascara is really really really good Too Faced better than sex this is awesome weighs a ton as well I love like really well-made packaging buxom that's really good and then in this one I've got a few other mascaras slash brow products I did try and sort these two out into just brows and just mascaras but they kind of they merged there's somewhere in between they met and they had a date benefits mascaras are always gonna be amazing also got some of their benefit brow products always amazed this is the Ready Set brow gimme brow my pixie Beauty one which has has seen better days admittedly but I always use brow extension product my lili-beth of

New York brow shapers can't actually remember the last time I plucked my eyebrows because I use these you probably would have seen you talk about in those videos you're just gonna swipe it and takes care of everything and then also another brand product that I really like that should be in this drawer is the Fleur de force I'll ER collaboration and never thought we'd go back to brow pencil but these are really good I haven't been like all of the all of the different shades and they have like a like in a dark one so go to brand products the bonus is like that or my next brow draw yeah my other go to brow product are the sleek eyebrow kits these are literally the best ever that's so good you get perfect brows every time so I've got a couple of those think this one's what's the one I thought this is the one I first ever bought I bought this in college like a few years ago and it's still going strong bearing in mind I used to use that one with daily so either use this to do my brows although I love vegetables one best best best liquid eyeliner in the world is the Kat Von D ink liner I'm rubbish at doing eyeliner and I've never gotten it wrong

with this so good so yeah that's why keep eyeliners I'm not really like a massive eyeliner person I like a good flick canal I like on my eye liner so I like to do flicky I like sometimes next I'm going to go through my drawers I found jaws are so useful for keeping products in especially getting drawer organizers so in here I recently went through this once this is the section I'm most proud of these are dual organizers from Ikea think their forelocks and pants to initial probably even for anything but I found they were really useful for first story makeup ended so this is meticulously organized it's not the biggest draw in the world I've got down the side where I had enough room ivanishin utilized all the space down side I've got my fave palettes a pixie highlighting one and then I've also got these are my favorite everyday palettes they're really fun folks amazing eye shadow palettes the urban decay naked feet and also the blank canvas master series on palette likely kind of got similar colors like both Mac smokey that's the kind of thing I go for but yeah there slip down the

side are you gonna waste no space here and then also I have these these are I put them on my hair when I do my makeup this is my favorite one I'm going to do this this is not how I wear it this is so good though for when you want to keep them out of your face using your makeup but yeah I always have those so I just keep those like rimmed up in there also down the side I've got a few like Faced palettes I've got a few of this sleek eyeshadow one here and then I've also got my sleek face form palette this one's my favor this in my face today then I've also got a face mist this sport effects one is so refreshing pixie makeup affixing miss because as you can see they're my fave obviously loves these bad boys then also more recently I've got this deck law one which is like a refreshing mist with essential oils in smells really good I use this morning like as a refreshing toner on a hot day just to spritz on my face or I use it to set my makeup because it just smells really nice relaxing so I keep sprays in there also down in that little section I've got some concealer palettes or here I've got the NYX one that's also very well used

product color correcting palette I just find that's great for redness and scars brightening your face up and then on to the good stuff so here never knew a girl could have so many primers like I think this is quite a lot bearing in mind this is the edited version of primers but behind here I've got some powders to be honest I don't use powder a lot anymore because of a wrecker team like I don't have super oily skin so don't find out actually need it Mac I've got a few powders they're Fenty beauty all that kind of stuff like this little pixie one with the cute little mirror but yeah these are all my primers and they're actually organized in use so I've got mattifying ones here pore refining ones hydrating ones illuminating ones the one they're going to at the moment love the French Beauty one what else - I really like also now obsessed with the Borean ones whose the glow cream this morning it's a really beautiful color also like the pixie ones Topshop so I use a lot of also love professional that's like just you know and then right now I'll also ran the perfect canvas so good for making your makeup last all day

so yeah bubble good primer and then mister primers I've got concealers BB creams and foundations so a few faves at the moment I love the Clarins cushion foundation this is the first cushion foundation I ever used and it just leaves your skin so fresh and dewy and hydrating and it's great for travel as well no rush Jose Joe uniform or however you say that um this is like just the best BB cream on the earth and then recently if I do reach the foundation I'm always using the sleek vitality one just because it's really lightweight and I feel like I don't need a lot of coverage at the moment which is a blessing actually to be honest and then I've got more heavier foundation towards the back just because I don't use heavy foundations a lot at the moment but nevertheless I love them I've got the lifeproof from sleep so in order to double wear got some body shop ones this is a and then I've also got some concealers here as well just valued a bit of concealer also this CC cream is incredible it's just makes your face look I've just been born it's really good so yeah

that's all my foundations primers powders all that kind of stuff trying to keep all my face products in here things that I've found my face and then lastly we've got one last drawer this is kind of a bit of a mishmash of a draw I feel like we all need one of these in our lives I've got some perfumes here and the lashes I don't often wear lashes but I love them so I keep them just in case got a silver polish cloth here I'm not really sure that doing that job but you know it can live everything sees some sponges some brush cleaner always clean your brushes oh yeah this is where some brushes live ones they reach to always are the beating heart one let's pick c1 which all the writing is off because it uses so much also to face love flush that's a really good blush and then the bronzer you normally go for something along the lines of Benefit Cosmetics hoola or Vita Liberata also do the best for others and fake channels as well don't even know what my backs Rescue Remedy is doing in there this is overflow of lip products like don't use as much but I still use quite a lot so need to be within reach like lip

moisturizers lip balms it's more Tanya burr this is my keto one which is seen that days pawpaw right then yeah like sequins this is stuff that I love I don't want to talk away but it's kind of not always used to is kept and slightly lower so that's what's in my random draw and then just down below there I keep hair products I have a lot of hair products this is like meticulously organized again it goes down very far like kind of to Tanglers Beach sprays hairspray serums oils dry shampoo not make sure what makeup videos people also show you their skincare and the hair code stuff I have also really streamlined and organized my skincare in the bathroom I've got like a really nice candy over there which also keeps like what my creams and stuff on so if you do want to see how I store my skincare as well all of my like cleansers and stuff like that please let me know as well because that's kind of organized similarly there but I do also have a random overflow section down here which I'll tell you guys about because but we all need that place where we keep stuff that we don't talk away but we don't use

often so you just keep it in like a random drawer somewhere so I'll show you where you grab stuff because let's be real here it's not always organized so lastly down under the deep depths of my desk like this this is where like seasonal products a catch or things that I don't use all time or maybe they're like winter products in it summer home yeah it's a bit random as well actually so like I've got face jewels here if you've watched my Halloween makeup tutorial you would have seen this beauty um some flower crowns some jewelry because I just didn't know where to put that I've got some mineral makeup here palettes that I love but I kind of rotating at the moment so I love love love these ones these are for my heart revolution the chocolates by palettes they're so so good actually I might keep that one out I really like that one some more pixie ones more lashes that was chaos months ago but I feel like I had a just had a massive source out the other day but yeah like I said I have got a nice hefty bag full of pixie palettes like lip creams hair products last she is kind of a like everything you could imagine stashed away if you guys because

I do routinely go through all this stuff like obviously really lucky to get sent a lot of things so if I've got duplicates or things that I never got around to use and therefore like someone else could appreciate I put more with a box and I've been keeping a lot of them for a giveaway those things that my sister hasn't already claimed or my mum hands on see ya do let me know your thoughts on the whole giveaway thing so that is it for my little makeup storage video like I said I store my perfume in skincare and everything slightly differently so if you want to see like a full on beauty product tour please do let me know because I had so much fun making this one I love organizing things I feel like my inner Monica Bing is really satisfied right now show you all my organization please do give it a big thumbs up and subscribe if you haven't already because it makes me super super happy and I'll see you guys [Music]