31 October 2018


Hi everyone! I'm so excited to finally share with you my makeup collection that I've been building for a couple of years. I hope you enjoy! Thanks for watching!

hi guys welcome back to my channel today

I'm gonna be doing the long overdue makeup collection video so I'm gonna be showing you all of the makeup that I have in these drawers behind me this is by no means like bragging about how much makeup I have I don't even know if this is a lot of makeup compared to other people like I used to have the tiniest little makeup bag was like they watch nothing in it and I don't know how my life turned out this way but here we are I remember I put it on my Instagram a couple months ago like oh would you guys be interested in seeing my makeup collection and a lot of people said yeah sorry it took me so long to like get my together to do this video but if you're interested in the makeup that I have hidden in these drawers then just keep on watching I did just clean this like I wiped it off with some Clorox wipes but yeah I just have a couple things on here like my candle I'm gonna leave off today since I'll be working like with the drawers I don't want to catch myself on fire okay so in my first drawer I have all of my foundations and my primers concealers brow products and mascaras so I'm not gonna like individually mention

everything like I mentioned a couple things but I'm just gonna kind of glaze over what I have in certain areas so this is like my primer corner and I have NYX angel veil I have makeup forever Smashbox primer water to face primers I have my first Ollie Unicorn drops in here the Abeka first light priming filter is a fancy Beauty primer I have a little hourglass mineral veil primer I have my Bobbi Brown vitamin-enriched face base a color corrector and then over here is all of my foundations that actually match me right now except for this one it's a little bit too dark and this one's a little bit too light kind of I don't know I'd love to see yeah for the most part all of these fit my skintone right now and then these are all the ones that I use like in the summer I don't know when I ever thought that I was this shade but one home I use this for like a liquid bronzer sometimes though here I have my Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit then I have all my concealers my Maybelline master conceal in medium and light and then I have fit me concealer right next to them in sand and medium to and then I have la girl concealer nyx concealer

I have my instant age rewind concealer like yeah I'm not gonna name everything and then I literally name everything here I have a lot of my brow products like a lot of benefit products I have the brow contour Pro back here I have my little spooley from the elf brush that I like to use this is my pile of mascaras I have two L'Oreal telescopic seif bad gal bang and I have NYX worth the hype and covergirl LashBlast right back there and then I also was using this primer for a while it's the Nivea men's post shave balm it gets really tacky and like I don't know people really love it so that was a thing like back in the day so I still have that back there alright moving on to the second drawer which is all of my blushes bronzers and powders so over here I start with all of my blushes and it kind of moves into ly bronzers and then my powders are over here so let's just kind of try to go through some of this stuff so I have a lot of stuff like back there all my kylie blushes are back there I have this is one of the best blushes I've ever used it's called x-rated it's like a muted tangerine it's so pretty so I've got

some wet and wild blushes over here a Sephora blush I have my Becca and Chrissy Teigen palette I'll show you guys the inside super pretty got a bronzer two highlights and a blush and then underneath that I'd have my pixie palette from Chloe Morello she's a youtuber and these are all highlighters and a blush shade these are highlighters and eye shadow duos and also you could use these for your brows and then I have my hourglass bronzer I love this bronzer in the shade luminous bronze light and my Physicians Formula butter bronzer this smells amazing um Too Faced chocolate Soleil you guys know I use that all the time and then my two NARS blush ins on his deep throat and stur is this I can't let me just to that one hand hello I don't know it's like pink but it's also like bronzy and it's like peachy and it's got some shimmer oh it's so pretty and then my tart blush Bazaar palette this one's got a ton of different blush shades to choose from and it's got two highlighters as well and then I have all three of my Becca blushes I have

songbird flower child and wild honey and then my two Kim K blushes I have karma and destiny right next to each other and then I have my Milani blush this actually fell off so it's just like chilling on top of there but I'm not getting Rennicks I love this blush and then I move on to my powders over here so I have my Maybelline fit me my benefit hello flawless powder in the shade yeah champagne pretty airspun I've got a Maybelline pressed powder by Mercier translucent powder this is the Rimmel pressed powder and then I move on to all of my highlight so over here I have a champagne pop and opal from Becca I have my master chrome pink highlighter from Maybelline and I have like all of these cool little color pops I don't call them liquid but like you press your finger into them and they're kind of like almost wet feeling it's really cool so I have all those there I'm actually missing one there's another blue one like this it's called on the cusp and it's more like early champagne II like almost like this but muted down more this is flexitarian oh my god this is one of the best highlighters that they

thought they make I swear to God then I have Kylie's little loose highlighters in Queen and King from I think it was her birthday collection like last year and then I have her other highlighters over here like a ghost highlighter from her Halloween collection and then I have her champagne showers highlighter right here from her birthday collection and then I have some elf highlighters back here these ones are really nice you just have to scrape off like the top layer of them it's not actually broke but this one just super pretty one is like a blush and highlighter duo oh yeah you just have to like scratch off the top layer and then they get super super pigmented and they're really really nice obviously very cheap because their elf then I have some liquid highlighters back here so I have my Marc Jacobs dew drop and then I have my cover FX I believe Sophia game yeah it's in the shade moonlight they're so beautiful but they're really intense you have to be careful and then I have my L'Oreal Lumi glow shine and then my L'Oreal Lumi glow amour I've never used this actually up this in the summer and I still never

used it I have my NARS Copacabana liquid illuminator this is so pretty it's like a really pearly pink and then this is something I wanted to use like I keep losing this and I can have to remember that it's back there it's basically like a face gloss I'll show you guys on my hand like this will give you that like super wet dewy look on your cheekbones oh wow I can't even explain it oh my god you guys see that right oh so that is pretty much everything I have in here I think I see one more thing back there it's a wet and wild little contouring thing that I barely use because it was so hard to open it's a contour palette but this shade is so nice I think this one is too late for a contouring for me but this shade this banana shade is so nice to like brighten up your under-eye and to clean up under your bronzer all right let's move on to the third drawer and this is probably my favorite drawer and if you couldn't guess we're on our way down to the lips so I know this looks crazy I know I know I need some bins you need to get organized so you see me I put all of my Kylie stuff like in one area and then it

moves into like Kim and the drugstore and then there's more Kylie and then there's even more Kitely back there oh these are all my Kylie lip glosses I have like literally and so cute I have Posie K I have exposed these are her two holiday ones I have jolly and naughty I believe is they're her holiday lip kits from last year like dancer vixen Mary I have marriage okay I have a couple of her older lip kits like Kourt K was one of the first ones I got leo and this one is spiced I believe then her old birthday lip kits from last year where 20 and Cherry Pie that's also a gloss that I ran out of room up here and then these are her summer lip glosses and then I have her two velvet lip colors next to each other the charm and harmony and this is her collaboration with Courtney and then I have her Halloween lipsticks hear her Jordan lipstick with her best friend upside down and I have her flirtini lipstick from her birthday collection and then these are all like Kim K lipstick so I'm at a peach collection these are all my Kylie lip liners there's a couple mixed ones on top right here as you can see essential Brown shades and then I put

some of Kim's lip liners right next to them too and then I have my little sharpener right here Kay's two lip glosses with her Mario collection that came out we're awesome and then this is one of the color path lipsticks that I have it's in the shade Scorpio but I'm missing the one that's called what's your sign because I literally wore it yesterday to work because that's how obsessed I am I have all of Kylie's like mini lipsticks here and then I have some anastacio lipsticks here I have stripped which is the best nude lipstick honestly it's so nice all of my fight Beauty lipsticks and I have a MAC lipstick and a NARS lipstick I think it's the odd date audacious lipsticks are are dashes audacious and then too like fiery red orange Urban Decay lipsticks just so pretty for some reason they're like magnetic so I put them away from each other these ones I don't really reach for like right here that kind of like my drugstore ones that I won't get rid of this gloss is so pretty from kathleenlights it is her moonchild gloss it's just such a pretty nude gloss and I put it on top

of Kat Von D bow-and-arrow up Chloe Marella's lip gloss with pixie I have some colour-pop lippie stix over here this one I love to wear it's called pillow talk like the best like muted brown shade and then back here I have some collaborations these are all filled with lip kits so I'll just take them out for you guys this one I literally never reach for a guy honestly don't like the consistency of these but maybe I'll try them again one day but these are the k'kaw lipsticks and then this one is her sugar collection from her from her holiday collection last year this is the sugar water so it says sugar on it and I love this like I use these a lot especially the shade angel on the end right here I just had to put that back in there because I've been using it so much and then I have her too Loic elaborations the cocoa collection and then the second one they came out with so I have both of those here and I use these all the time too so this is her first one this one is the one that has damn Gina lip gloss in it hello do you have your name on a lip gloss because I do he's good no but I really do and then she came out

with this one and I love this one too yeah it's super pretty I love her lipstick formula like it's a little bit drying but it's honestly not that bad and now we're gonna go into my eyeshadows drawer and this one's a little bit messy like I definitely need some type of bin for this because they're all like stacked on top of each other so back there I have Kylie's Halloween collection palette and Kourtney's collaboration with Kylie sorry if none of this is like focusing I tried to shut my camera off and turn it back on to see if it would help this is my Too Faced sweet peach palette it's so pretty it smells like peaches and below that is my two Kim K palette so I have the AKW Beauty classic collection palette right here and then I have my key W and Mario palette right here as well I can open it there we go I like how they're together makes me happy and then I have my two chocolate and bloom palettes right here and have the tartlet toasted palette and honestly the dark shades of this kind of suck like these little shades over here so I stopped using this these shades don't really like build up on top of other shades

very well they kind of blend out into nothing I want to give this palette another chance and I feel like it's the perfect time since it's all time and they're kind of like really warm tones so I'll give that another chance but I love the tartlet and blue palette and the feeling of these are so like glossy oh my god I love them and I just use this one today and these shades like those darker shades on the end there they blend out nice like unlike this one right here I don't really know what happened but yeah I love this palette I'll never get rid of it underneath those palettes I have my Jaclyn hill original palette I have my Buddhist desert dust palette and the colors in here are so bomb my nail dug into this shade right here angelic so y'all sorry but the rest of it is so beautiful I love that palette get my this together here over here we have a huda beauty mob obsessions palette it's like a little mini go inside it looks like that it's got some really nice warm pinky tones and then I have my Maybelline city mini palettes such a little cute tiny little palette um I love the brown shade in here I use that

all over my lid and then those two shades are really nice as well the pink and the silver and then this palette is bomb from Milani these shimmers are so beautiful and then I really want to try this black I didn't realize I had a black but that is awesome for an eyeshadow palette you guys like but also you have to use this palette with another palette because it doesn't really have a transition shade in my opinion I think this is also a highlighter it's not like that transition shade you want to just like do your little crease moment and then pop on one of these shimmers oh girl then I have Jaclyn hill and morphe the vault collection they're all in here the arms and gorgeous bling bas dark magic and ring the alarm this is not available anymore just got a ton of like different shimmery eyeshadows and all of those can be used for eyeshadows or for highlighters as well [Music] Miami lashes and that I have some foaming flashes from our down and then underneath all those I have my like lash gleaming my little tool my users my

creme gel eyeliner I have all my eyeliners down here because it's like my eye drawer Kat Von D tattoo liner Maybelline master precise by eye studio and then I have color pop liners down here as well have them and swerve call me and I forgot the other shade or this is called beat oh I don't think I've ever used that in my life and then the next jumbo eye pencil they're great for Halloween here we have the Shan XO the remix palette you guys know I love this palette it's got two sides so this is the first side it's got two mirrors too so it's super travel friendly other side as well I'm gonna show you my Kylie and Jordan palette you guys know what this looks like I did a review on it and then underneath that as well I have Kylie's birthday palette here we have color pop soul and I bought this because when I bought the Kylie lip glosses for the summer then I showed you in this drawer I wanted to get the Kylie summer eyeshadow palette but it was honestly so expensive and I didn't see myself using it very much but this one had a couple shades that looked exactly like it like this orange shade was so beautiful yeah I just I really like this palette and I

feel like it's super bright and it's pigmented and it has a really nice mirror like Hello and then I have my zodiac palette I used this yesterday so nice it's got a ton of pop of colors but like I just used these two Brown shades yesterday and created like a nice simple low so you don't have to be like intimidated by this at all I actually put this chancer shade all over my lid but yeah I love these little color pop eyeshadows they're so cute and match that it's literally the same exact size is my dream Street palette from kathleenlights as well and this is a really nice neutral palette with some pops of like blue and other colors in there but this is really nice for like a romantic like neutral look this one actually doesn't have a mirror so I don't know why this one in the Golden State of Mind palette and this was literally $13 and look at all of the shimmers that you get in here like I don't really ever reach for this to be quite honest but I really should because do you see all these like beautiful shimmers in here I'm living and then also back here I have another eyeshadow palette from Too Faced that I won't get

rid of it's the natural matte palette I used to use this all the time you guys like oh my god every time I look at this I get flashbacks I used to use this shade so much hd's cashmere bunny all the time strapless strapless work money back in the day oh my god risk a iesson girl I used to put this in my outer corner like when I say I used to not do makeup like I I did but I didn't know anything like I didn't know anything about makeup I have some stuff that I don't ever reach for they don't really niche for those other color pop shadows I have back there they're like some little shadows I kind of want to just like replace them I have this really nice like football and then I also have this elf palette that I don't really ever reach for either I think I bought it for a video to try and then I ended up using another one but yeah so that is my eyeshadow drawer I'm gonna put everything back so I also wanted to show you my settings braves because i have them on a little turntable over here but I have my glam glow glow Center mist I have my NYX dewy finish setting spray I have my Urban Decay all nighter

setting spray I've got my Too Faced peach miss I've got my new morphe continuous setting spray I don't ever use this because I hate the sprayer but it's the Milani make it last I don't know if I got like a dud one but it sprays like crazy and all over the place oh I can't do that oh yeah that pretty much wraps up this video I hope you guys enjoyed my makeup collection lotion on my hands getting dry I really hope you guys enjoyed this video and found some stuff that maybe you have and you love or that you saw and you really wanted to try and they're like oh my god please let me know in the comments down below if you saw anything that you liked or that you are going to try because of this video I would love to know please give this video a thumbs up if you enjoy it and don't forget to subscribe if you haven't already I would love to have you here I make every Wednesday and Friday so make sure you turn on the notification so you never miss one and I'll see you guys in my next video bye [Music]