31 October 2018

My Makeup Collectionđź’•

So heyyy! guys thanks for watching my video as i said im not using any of that makeup because im still a kid duhhh! Just a jokeeeee guys! Im only using a LIP ...

guys this is Nikki and welcome back to

my channel at me on the go with nothing on my makeup collection and the new eleven gonna but Appa Appa team up Amana me chucking a garment Cassie I'm going this mumbling ho guys so you can give another tip on makeup the blush on lipstick my eye shadow I blushes inyanga see but a paso piccata a little mini monk in a comic like meet up clown look made a fashion school Canyon Nashawn better Papa Papa Shawn Nick Cannon ah telepods not need an aluminum is not lifting high Sparrow anyway subscribe to the channel laughing sister let big sister witches he Y X III AC so if you shine my make up now my - Athena nickel give a comment - hi papa so let's start with this Avon so yeah you open your shining bottom I think send off with love oh my god oh yeah yeah so when I'm gonna go sit at the end onions big lump it oxide none and then thank you look so it's my hotshot bitch huh take it to young Marin shine lipstick 18 lipsticks Chaka 18 eyes shadows 18 eyes shadows 18 lipstick 3 blush on chakra in LA and open comic got it Shinigami guys honest new chick in a car well bye papa of ko Myo chun-li

blushes ain't in my shadows 18 lip glosses lip gloss Palauan oh my god girl oh honey stick oh my god so what if she commits any weight now try go guys let's give it a try and I'm Amanda I'm having bad guys Nick Alicia so after you next one guys the shots syncopation of make up for - on and on ma-ma-ma-ma-ma so at the shower on me love make up set and so we open an aperture yeah madam shall I shot those witches then jump b15 I share those 15 I share those chaja to lip gloss then around applause ha Balam eye shadow the Logan blush on yeah I gotcha let's get on to the next one so guys as you know but haha happen here cuz he has committed Miranda to stop amazing so Alex when I have tone concealer I am concealer so the alarm company to commit and re beta half or so before I love you wanted to for the sandbar the ways I bugs hello could have a child up for us and I'll do become a copy to make up like I said guy pick things up come on I at the midsection lore'l LRU on L oreal mister and ardian and earlier oh my god I

you're not them to know Shane yeah shut up we poppin a girl who knows the makeup never in my life so I'm now paralyzed I know yard as well cuz of the United Nations is cool so it's America blush fine blush powder [Music] is that I mean bad so I am really mean Yasha with Nash that was ill and lash and listening blush hey I'm cute oh my god Tim brush oh my god Grammy's guys are running young cute very cute hippie so this is the last but not the least which is this vanilla coat over again and Singapore $2 lambda hell as you know wanna hurry name three just not 10 facts about me and got up on Donovan are my mom but sir oh my god like um see but Samantha Malaysia Thailand Singapore so we are Bellini to the Singapore but we are today Nevaeh cherry shine nip mom to meet you Tyler so Mike Felicia all day until ah so yeah so thank you guys for watching my video who made your lasagna give it a like alright thumbs up okay don't forget to comment down below haha subscribe that inside China also