30 October 2018

My makeup collection

hi guys today I am going to be doing my

makeup collection fragrance collection and brush collection and also that's me when I was a baby I just saw that picture and I need it I put it in this video so so the first I'm gonna start off with lipsticks so I've got three basically the same make of lipsticks I've got the Rimmel London one lasting and long-lasting finish lipstick in the shade and missus Alice's I must I must I was just the amethyst shimmer there and then I've got another one in starry-eyed and there's one in Mayfair red lady you should put these all wondering why chefs or blah blah blah doing this cuz it's stuck well for my work but right there is a new one downstairs anyone yeah right the next one is I'm like another one there's a Halloween of lipstick and I've got three of these all my gloss lip sticks in the shades scare my rose smart pink and pop poppy and then I've got this well I fall with the lipstick book it's an eye pigment yeah this is from magazine but when blended out you can hardly see it I also got this nude got this like pink red in shade red like blood and then I've got this pink one in the shade love

me and I've also got a new one in the shade nude I think that's it and I've got this one the river London pigment color rush lasting intense color bomb in number 220 room hazard I was about this revolution which is from Sheba joke [Music] Steamies the next I'm ready my pallets we have this big color palette and then who did coolest I just can't build enough the next yeah this palette by boots [Music] Hey next pushes this pushes it then I have and we set these bushes wish then I've got these so you refill in bronze up blush and highlight and then for the fluff you I just got this one it's my ariana grande perfume and sweet like candy by you so you know that's no fair this smells really good oh and also my eyeshadow primer scary why let's watch your eyes shadow primer rambles all this British money things so wait I've just found these come from I'm also going to show you what I've put my vehicle bad John the joys e m IV squad every squad that's not to be I'm

in a squad so I'm just putting in is my three Rimmel London lipsticks my long sticks my gloss lips my losses my new lead and this chief I will fit in there as well this is like all the crowd and flip steps this is to flip steps like [Applause] Smith hmm oh well I thought I was wishing I don't know if he's gonna use all that but I'm gonna do it again so you're gonna say oh when it was way Haidee so your pities been like hanging out all right what yep if I will see you guys next week or next video brings you joy my squad turned that but no really great and also hit the like button and just enjoy bye