05 May 2019

My Makeup Collection

hey guys what's up and welcome back to

my channel today I am currently Wow so I was watching a lot of makeup good and I was like I have a ton of makeup cuz I'm currently not at my house so what happens is I just put it all in the back so like yeah I'm watching more actually right now bye what are you called makeup by PETA love watching her and her like four tiny videos who they're really funny watch but I was like I need light on this and I have a lot of makeup so I just good I decided well I don't I do one but since I'm not on my home I very like really really really really really just throw my stuff in a bag it's really important for me to take care of it because I have a lot of expensive things so also my name is second Carter if you are new to this channel I would like you to subscribe push that Bell from personification and like this video we already on my last new all right 15 days and pretty sure but thank you so much who I reviewed but you didn't subscribe girls you didn't subscribe so we all have my brushes all here so my first brush I don't know where this is from but it's a beautiful beautiful it's my contour brush next we

have my blush brush is this one is from ion bTW this one's from route 21 next we have all of my eye shadow brushes so I have a lot of these let me just okay here all my brushes so this one's from an ultra beauty one just a regular one this one is from yella Merle Norman which I love this brush actually 321 this one is from The Naked palette they get a palette so in so far from Ipsy beauty this one's Lexi from FC beauty this one's an iron beauty as well next we have my highlighter brush is from morphe in in 3:10 next we have an ARB on liquid foundation brush I don't really ever use next we have it to beauty they're like 21 they came in like the biggest day ever if you have another one from my own beauty and I got all my I am beauties from my aunt so thank you next we have another uLTA Beauty collaborations the blush brush and this one's from Ulta beauteous but come with the it came with the palette I have now that you mate so those are all my brushes which that's it forever and I have a lot of brushes no none of these are sponsored by the way so yeah next we

got oh also I have one more brush from firm I in 310 and I love this brush so much I got top from it GBD as well so next we have this so this is I got from a collaboration with more fan supply that so I really love that okay next we have this which is like my mascaras and my concealers and stuff I don't have a foundation actually so if any of you wants any a foundation you know me okay first we have a new genus skin clearing blue much concealer my cure clear I used to use this when I was a little darker so that's the dark me more next we had my all-time favorite which is tart not sponsored in the shade fair light neutral every day this was when I didn't have like a lot of expensive makeup and I had no makeup this is from LA Colors cover-up stick in this shade light beige got this from the dollar store it works that what we're playing farm this next one is I am to pee in from ladder flat tire I don't know in the shade mocha it a I'll eyeliner forget this from ABC claim as well I usually get majority of my things from if she likes I love it's a glam next you have all the rest of my mascaras this one is la curva from LA

Colors next we have this old sub maximizing lashes which might be my favorite if you have the I love extreme by essence can see that actually makes you have my last eye line in it's a liquid liner and it's eight I do liquid eyeliner from a eco ie iko iko London I don't know and it's just in black it's a water first I don't have any right now Ashley on okay next we're going to do my palette so I have a lot of tablets let me just get them all out so some of them I don't even use like today I didn't use I only use one palette should I - pout sorry a lot okay so the first one we have is my covergirl contour palette called True Blood and then this next one is called the blush needed by Maybelline New York then we have my Naked 3 palette which is my favorite palette if you guys bitterly I love it so right now Hewson's are the colors but I love it so much be nice the this is the one I have made and then we have a wet n wild paint palette which I had this only for like Halloween and stuff I thought I use it for my skeleton costume every year I never hated my costumes but I'd like I mean it's so easy for me to do my easel

next VI my Maybelline New York master contour which I know Jeffrey star uses this and I was like ooh I gotta get it okay next we have my Melissa Michelle palette which you guys cannot see the Americas currently it's broken sorry I've used the heck up of these colors like it's a problem so I need to buy a new one next we have my aurora lights which looks like a jeffree star palette and no joke but it does not use this every day I actually have it on right now so I send my Carli bybel palette which I used it I mean I use this palette so much you guys have no idea I love Carli bybel I love all my people next we have probably one of my favorites the Jaclyn hill palette girl mmm she nailed it on this palette I wish she had a mirror though because she doesn't I'm like she so there's my palettes next I can move on to the tinier things which is they're like my highlighters and then the rest of all right I saw you put that okay so I have more mascaras okay well I have this Tarte man-eater one from Ipsy because it's a smaller one and I really need a small one so yeah okay next we have my prime which is

Tarte double duty Beauty I love it's the base tape Tarte girl I love this it's a tiny primer from Ipsy see I can't majority of my favorite lady because I'm too cheap to go and try it because if I know I don't like it then I don't get it this one's called Great Lash by Maybelline I actually bought this in this size cuz I know I would like it or not and I don't really so I'm glad I bought it in that site before buying it a big next we have my eyelash curler of course from Ulta for 5 bucks but I love it I use it - Ashley yes we have another brush which is my Real Techniques brush - kabuki brush so you can definitely hear that in the background Katie she's got wet hair makeup to me next we'll move on to my Beauty Blender survived so use my third one today okay I can't buy her sister moods okay then sister really ran away but I had these TV blenders from Ulta which I really hate sorry okay yes I have some tape wrapped around a flipping okay nice we have a Merle Norman eyeshadow color and I really love it and french vanilla I use this every day actually prime my lids so yeah I used today in my video next what I want to do next actually my

lipstick my medium red lipsticks out I have one lip liner it's called a color pencil from Ella squat I just grumpy and the color and the color I don't lust love that beauty girl I have so many chapstick so stuff like that and just random things in here honestly have so much stuff I probably should get rid of it I'll probably give it to you guys when I get rid of anything you guys want to oh here it is I was looking for it okay so I just got this from my Ipsy glam bag it's called Punk volumizing mascara from juicy Wow here's the one it's pretty dang big so yeah shinwoo said that I'm gonna bleep it out actually so six and stuff so I'm just gonna have to do the extras and stuff that I have oh I have this brush from that I got with the heart setting powder have the tarte sanding powder it's in translucent pattern came with this brush for 40 bucks I love it this was closest and I kind of adore it and I use both gonna think we have this other brush that a guy from justice first-time reason I have it is why I have it we're gonna slug this over so

you guys gonna have better lighting but makes me have my NYX matte finish fine a pad panty net sorry my setting spray I forgot this touch like had a hiccup there next to have my Steve Lorraine translucent powder and rose gold and I'm kind of out of it I have that from a sequined bag nice we have my essence make me glow liquid bronzer which I don't use is for bronzer I use scissors highlight I'm actually wearing right now I think it's wiped away but it shines so bright literally next I got this for it's a wet and wild I got this from my skull costume last year and I kind of hate it but look at that shine I used to all around my eyes so then the color bleach okay so next we have just like the rest of my random things which is like the rest of my tiny little eyeshadows and then a highlighter so this beautiful highlighter here is called moon dust use it actually right there and for highlighter so like she's not there next I got this from Hickory not Hickory that was right it's the only bug but it's called Hickory and mulberry next we have an estate highlighter in dumi de W

me next we have a ipy color and the shade get soaked okay next we have an alternate rock from the balm cosmetics and take it for granted I love it it says alternate rock face toluene one actually might drive back okay next I thought I thought this is from Stila Tillis you uh I don't know in the color smoldering satin you can honestly hear the background I'm sorry okay next we have two more things which is I got this from the Apes who I'm back it's a Mac Studio Fix powder plus foundation in NC 30 I don't even know if it's my color on me next we have my facial radiance that luminizing moisturizer from first aid beauty which I did this when I was in the play cuz if you guys to know I used to do plays and I was in Jimmy Jones and I uses so she was this likely okay next we're gonna move on to my lipsticks because I got like 40 minutes worth of lipstick first thing we have is my roof 21 or group beauty lip plumper which faces every night actually next we have from rube UT I have two of them they're cream lip glosses and one that's cream velvet lip gloss it is not into colors but one say a purplish wants a new

I use this one more than this one he's one of them for rock concert next we have the revlon matte balm and the color sultry i have opened it i just it the paper wouldn't come off and it just got too messy and ugly I can't get it next day I'm at uLTA Beauty matte lip crayon which I bought this from a store I didn't get this from Ipsy and it is in the color story you have a lip balm from Avon lip gloss balm sorry there is no color it's just like it was for Christmas and it's really changing a little bit next we have probably my favorite red lips look I have its essence water kiss quasi lip color phase that with my lip liner they go perpetrators like you next we have I'm pretty sure we have the rest our lip balms and then for other lip crown so nice you have a lip crayon from sweet and shimmer don't cannot tell you the color because they don't put it on their baggage rings but love it I'm appreciative sealing when I make well like the other color if you have a knock off Kylie and birthday suit I got a knock off Kylie because it kind of works just like a Kylie so I love it they have an ultra lip crayon in sweet dreams and

we have another essence baby and vanilla cupcake and it's just applause okay next we have the rest of them and they're all chap sticks you can't until I have a lot of chap sticks but first we own oh I have one more hold up and this is matte crimson from Clooney I'm sorry Clooney I love clinic has you have lip balms so we have my chapstick and vanilla mint it's like me a favor next I got these two for my ipsy glambag this one is called skin Iceland limited edition berry lip fix and this next one is called Jersey Shore cosmetics starmon glossy balm I get one in May which I will do a video on me I'm like unloading my Ipsy glam bag so yeah next we have my lip smackers in candy cane and last but not least my last flippin thing that I have which is really sad because I have a lot seventeen minutes worth of things is my chat regular traffic moisturizing eight hours so and then I was a lot of thinking guys and it was it was holy crap okay but I hope you guys really enjoyed this video I'm sorry I'm looking all screen I'm look at the TV because he keeps playing so but thank you guys so much for watching I would like you to please subscribe

and if you guys want me to I'm pretty sure I'm gonna put the things that have names in the description box below like my pals and stuff like that but if I don't I said I'm all in this video so yeah thank you guys so much for watching bye