30 October 2018

My Makeup Collection 2019 | Holly Maddison

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so this is my current makeup setter most

of my makeup is just in these drawers here they're just temporary because I am moving soon and I just needed somewhere to store all of my makeup so this is where I usually film my videos if you could see this is the backdrop and usually I just move the mirror when I start filming and I also have a couple of things in the drawers over here as well this was actually where all my old make it was so it went from that to that I literally don't know how it used to fit in there excuse the mess in the corner as well but this is my makeup so I think I'm just gonna go straight into the drawers so I just have my maker brushes all on top these are like my brushes I use all the time like my face brushes I use all the time and these are like spare ones I don't really use as often and then these are all my like eye brushes or detail brushes most of them are like super dirty like I just bought some new ones but I really need to clean these brushes on top is where I keep all my palettes so I have them in this little laughter holder I got from WH Smith like ages ago so at the back I just have these two pallets of like random stuff that come

in like sets I don't want to keep like big bulky boxes for quite a lot of it is like benefit stuff and then I have my Jaclyn hill palette which I love I use this one all the time and then at the back I have my Urban Decay palette so I got naked Wernick to the smoky one and then I also have some Urban Decay palettes here which it already use that often anymore another naked I think this is the Naked 2 naked 2 basics I got 200 Beauty palettes that I recently got these are really nice this one is the more obsessions palette I have a video of that on my channel and then I also have the smoky one then I also have a stealer one which I have used quite a bit and a bright revolution one and then see I have truth PO this is a new one by Jordan Lipscomb I think it's pronounced and beautybay also really love that so I also got these at the same time I got the letter stand from WH Smith you can probably get really similar ones now and this one was a plant pot which my plant died so I just use it as a brush holder in this drawer I have my concealers they're mostly backups for the revolution conceal em to find concealer I've also got my collection concealer

and a benefit Kat Von D a couple of others in here I also have my powders I don't actually have that many I've got a pressed powder and the rest are just loose powders foundation and primers I just rearranged these drawers the other day because I did not like the way everything was laid out so it's not perfect but it's just temporary so I have my powder foundations I've got my Laura gallon which I use all the time it's my absolute favorite foundation ever and I have my Maybelline foundations I've got a revolution and a pre mark one which is really good this ordinary one which I haven't actually tried yet and a cover FX one I have another Maybelline down here and fensky Beauty one which is really pale for me even though I got color mashed in the shop and I also have a little tint and then through the back and like a lid for a beauty box I used to get I've got a load of primers so I've got eyes rhymers mostly that open to Kayla and I have a couple of others in there as well the ordinary face primer some Smashbox ones [Music] this one's actually really good I've just started using it and I really like

it better than the Porefessional by benefit and then I have this ordinary worm which I just bought and then my Lord gala wand which I use all the time this one is leap game yep gross and that's pretty much it it goes all the way back yeah as well I just like wow I can reach my hand back so it doesn't really matter that I can't see what's in there so the next straw is highlighters bronzers and setting sprays because I don't actually have that many bronzer so I just chucked them in here I think I've got like four so I have this one which is so old that it probably needs to go in the bin now but if you went to school in like 2000 and 2010 you probably had this bronzer and I have my Oprah highlight palette which is amazing I love these highlighters so much of this bronzer which is a mini which I actually really love this is a Laura Gala one I feel like Laura Gala is such an underrated brand like no one ever talks about with her but she's very good I have this Smashbox worm which I really like open the contour shade on the left is really good and I also like the blush that's this one the white powder like fell out when it arrived but they were

kind and sent me a new one which was nice and then my last bronzy type ala is the Anastasia contour kit which I think most people have seen a billion times before my Jeffrey star platinum ice highlight palette so anyone else like to keep these plastic things in there because I never like to get rid of them and they are so beautiful I love these I'm not gonna swatch anything because I'm actually doing this all one-handed so it's a bit of a nightmare so then I have all my highlighters so I have this one by Becca this is opal I use this all the time it's actually really good I can why I stopped using it probably because I discovered over and I was like nope that's the best this one is bad i Laura gal again I also used to use this all the time I've gone through so many of these it's not going through at all it just gives you like a nice glow one of my favorites is this Charlotte Tilbury one it used to be limited edition I think but they have brought it back or it's an online exclusive I also have this new nikkietutorials Oprah one this is was this I think I think this is cloud nine it's the pink shift one this one's actually really stunning

I love the new packaging as well I have a couple from revolution this one from obsession which is actually quite good as well for like three pound I really like it okay this Kat Von D one so this is the metal crush highlighter in gold school and you can kind of see it here but when I tried it in the shop it was really nice and then I got home and tried and it was just like full-on glitter everywhere I which I don't really like that much then I have what Oprah ones I've got a makeup bendy one I got when they first came out I queued an hour to get this and lightning dust and fire crystal oh and I also have sand sprays I don't know if I said that already next drawer down so this drawer is blushes mascaras and eyeliners so these are eyeliners that I use all the time so they're only handful in here this is just a drawer from like I don't even know why I've just taken it out because I didn't use it so I have a white one by Maybelline is oh yeah a cold one by pixi some benefit ones next one my cielo one which I love and use all the time also my collection ones which I really love for the price they

are amazing and what's this OH a monkey one this was like a blue one and then this new revolution one I want to try out but it was only 5 pounds and it looks like it could be quite good then I have my scars I've on rid of a lot recently because they'd all like dried out so these are ones I'm using currently there's this sick Leone one I got in like a QVC beauty box and then the Smashbox full exposure one which is really good for like and in your lashes I have my benefit bag of bang which I do not like I have this new one and then some Maybelline ones and I have I've also got some by eyeko and all as well so next is blush so the first thing on top is my morphe palette which I recently got and then I have a lot of benefit which I used to use all the time smashed by Laura Kelly because you a lot of Laura gala in here miss Laura Gala brush which I really brush brush brush blush this blush that I really like like gelato swirl one I also have this one by glossy or glossy err which I need to use more some tints and orange sleek one which I don't really use orange blushes or coral blushes so yeah next this is the penultimate draw I guess it's some

random stuff that I reach for quite often like eyeshadow wise which isn't like a palette so I have some concrete cosmetics like loose mineral eyeshadow I have my stealer what is called my cannabis cup the metals magnificent metal I think this is kitten kiss or karma oh no its mold release after that's completely wrong I've got this shadow by eyeko some more Laura gala like trios which annoys me like they come in these like huge package and yeah and then glitters more concrete cosmetics bareMinerals then these festival face glitters so I also have like in torso I've got this like weird face shaving thing I guess eyelash curlers tweezers scissors and then one of my favorite parts my brow stuff so I picked this up yesterday I've been waiting so long for this coming stock where I live like literally months and I keep going in I mean like have you got any more and they keep saying no and I was wanting a waiting list and they still didn't ring me but I went in yesterday and they had it so I picked it up and I can't wait to try this I have a cy o pencil a Maybelline benefit benefit brow gel and

clear and then the light colored one eyebrow powder by Rimmel which I used to use alt I'm actually still use it when I want to do like powder when I want to use powder for my eyebrows right you can raise the dent in my oh I also have this one by last year which at first I wasn't like that and I would buy it but now I use it all the time I see so much yes say that my abs are actually heard in today I also have this one by Anastasia which it looks a bit crusty no right now but I use it all the time I don't think I'm going to pick up a new one though because I think there are other ones that are cheaper with grip just as well and lastly my iconic London brown cushion which looks a bit messy now so let's just move much the two colors together lastly I have just some random thing so I'd like my contact lenses all in this here I've got like these hair removal thing I've got some eyelashes and glue which I need to learn how to do these because I've never she put false eyelashes on I got like oh my spec and contour palette I've got a brush protector when I go traveling and then some like crappy

sponges over here and then mostly just sponges I've got a brand new Beauty Blender this is a micro one which is okay it's quite like dense though this one is a morphe one Real Techniques one this is the softest out of those three and then one that I actually really do like I don't even know who this is bias why I kept the bag this one is by look good feel better I got it in I think it was Marks and Spencers like beauty thing and it's really soft I say this is my favorite after the Beauty Blender and then a random brush so moving on to the other side this is my current makeup bag I emptied it yesterday when I was tidying so right now and then I have my jeffree star liquid lips at so this is the nude one and this is the rainbow one the Equality one and then over here I have skincare my lipsticks I'm actually gonna insert a clip now of a new lipstick holder that I just thought I should be arriving tomorrow so I will put that in now so this is the new lipstick stand I bought obviously it holds a lot of lipsticks a lot more than my old one did on top I have all my jeffree star lipsticks I have the nude in the first

two rows and then the equality set in the next two rows and then I have my MAC lipsticks down this side some Charlotte Tilbury a Lime Crime what's this a doll ten one that I use quite often then I have more jeffree star full-size ones some stealers revolution these are the Soph ones Nick's some lip glosses I have some really old Topshop ones which I should probably get rid of I have no idea what this is okay so Laura Gala one some pixie and Urban Decay lipgloss and more lip glosses that I don't really use that often then some more lipstick and yep that's all my lipsticks back to yesterday more skincare and then just a bunch of really used or don't really like reach for ever like how could this is where all my makeup used to be I used to be overflowing these drawers to be open and everything would like spilling out I honestly don't know how I managed to get everything that was in here in here before I was gonna stand here to do my outro so this is the end of the video I hope you enjoyed and please like and subscribe if you did enjoy it and I'm gonna leave you with my dog laying in

the Sun hey bye-bye pepper bye oh you're so cute