06 May 2019


Hey everyone , today I will be showing you my makeup collection 2019! Thank you all SO much for 100 subscribers. I am so happy and so grateful. I hope you ...


hey guys so today I'm gonna be showing you my makeup collection for 2019 um I've reorganized my whole collection I've got new organizers I've got some new makeup so I thought I'd show you this because it's a lot different from the last two so let's get started no this is my first organizer so this is what used to be the blue ones so here's an overview so I'll start with thoughts on the top I have the peerless II watermelon face Jo the vial of Oz holy grail fun sized palette a pressed powder that Urban Decay vice palette or something Mario Badescu cucumber it's almost all I've two lotions on my face cream and then a pink coconut scented spray so then in this first door I have girl lip products like glasses [Music] and I fit all of it in this one door somehow which is like incredible then this is mascara so like an extra eye products via mascaras a brow product and eyeliners dish store and I'm like tart I have benefit I have ciate I have to face I have a whole bunch milk so it just fits right there OOP I knock something over this is perfect this room is not very recognized by mean it fits

stuffs 5 the Too Faced wheat food pellet then I under I have the chocolate bonbons and I like this one a lot I want to get the regular chocolate bar for some reason so there's that all it I am i honest Asya coil cut under here which actually is really good because I didn't guys expect to and one of my goals for project pan is here was a hip horn in this so this is what this looks like then you have some lip products so I have this Bella and RJ that's what I use for dams I have a tart I have some clear glass I have a set of four concern you guys have seen a disease before using pretty frequently I have this lipstick I don't know what brain is and I just have a set of lashes as well as this single eyeshadow from the balm just fits right there then destroy I have eye stuff so I have a single one from the balm I have a bunch of singles actually have some Urban Decay singles I have this loose which I used in a previous video it was super pretty and these two shadows I have mini pallets in Pacifica I have a lip cream for some reason Curt palette in here which I actually a

pan I'm on the shades which is really cool I have this I have some liquid shadow and it's just all six in the store so it's kind of like a subcategory of more ice stuff I'm just gonna shove it in so that like if I ever need something I can just go to the shore and kinda like dig through to find what I need send out that organized for the person surprise surprise and in this drawer I have face products so I have highlight blushes this is my single shadow palette I have this beauty town of pallet which my girl got me super pretty I love it so nice and baby canner is a newer company um like with my family there are people who work for that so they like throw parties for it then this is like my face product stuff so I do have a couple I things in here some base foundation powder I have like concealer eye primer all that good stuff that just fits in with that drawer right here I have my to focus set I have I have my mirror which isn't really part of my makeup collection bus here anyways it turns on then you can dim it right in it and not super film gonna go ahead and move that so right here in this club I

have two of these eye things so um I Oscar ler and I liked says alright then I have a whole bunch of different beauty sponges in there whether or not it's like Amazon or like Real Techniques it just depends on what I feel like using them this is the last part of my collection almost I have all my brushes so like I face pressures all that stuff I'm not gonna get very into detail right here I have some more makeup stuff so this is kind of an organized drawer so this is what my shapes take at least now I need to get a new one I have some lip stuff a morphe concealer some like moisturizer foundation in all lippy and some other bring back there mostly samplers so that's all that is okay so that is all that my makeup collection is for this video it's all I have to show you until my mess up collection collection gets bigger that is all that I have this is what I use in my videos unless I buy something new this is what I'll be using to like you see when those packagings you can have idea what if it it is and that shows everything I have so if you enjoyed this video be sure to give it a big thumbs up subscribe to my

channel turn post notifications to don't miss any more videos and I have one huge thing to say we have hit a hundred subscribers I am so happy and so proud um I'm really grateful these has that something I've waited for for a long time I'm like I wonder if all over hit a hundred like when I started I was like I would love to hit a hundred like I used to do like videos with like my happens I'm a channel my mom set up for me and I was like it would be so cool to get a hundred subscribers and I'm just so happy so thank you so much for that and um be sure to turn on post notifications so you don't miss any more of my videos and I'll see you guys next time ah [Music]