05 May 2019

My Makeup Collection! 2019!!

Hey guys, Coral here! I am so excited to finally show you guys my makeup collection! Subscribe and hit the bell to become part of the notification squad!! xoxo, ...

hey guys crow here welcome back or

welcome to my channel so today I am finally showing you guys my makeup collection which is over there I've been wanting to do this since Christmas um I wanted to do after Christmas because I but I bought a bunch of new makeup for Christmas but then I never got around to it it was competition season so I was filming competition vlog and I just was doing a lot so I'm finally getting around to doing it I know I kind of have like a little bit more than like the average person I think I definitely don't have a lot like a bunch of the beauty gurus out there I really am into makeup and beauty and stuff like that so that's why I have so much I think it's so much fun to play with makeup on a day that you have like nothing else to do and I also really like Halloween makeup so maybe I'll show you guys a Halloween makeup tour I don't have as much home and make up as normal makeup yeah let's just get right into this video my main desk this is a mirror I use and they're in this like it's hard to see but it's a clear container and then there's like three compartments I put a Beauty Blender and the small one like eyeshadow brushes and this one and

then like bigger brushes and this one and they're all very dirty I don't know if you can see yeah and then so those are my main brushes and then these ones they're in another three like apartment container but it's a rectangle and then these are the ones that I don't use too much and then I have this big brushes medium and then little brushes and then if you touch it and lights up this it looks kind of ugly I know but my TV is like up here on the wall and we haven't like hit in the cord or anything yet so just kind of chill in here and then I just have a lotion on another lotion so this is the of the main part of my desk okay so moving from the top I'm just gonna hold the camera so down here is the drawer it only goes out like a little bit and then here's just the stuff that I use like every day okay so moving over here this is the second area so like this was the main desk that I just showed you is like the brushes and stuff on top and then this is like my more storage area I guess so starting on top I just have a trophy from one of my dance competitions and then a Polaroid and if you shake it looks like that pretty cool and then

over here this is just like a clear makeup holder thing because I ran it rooms and they're like actual IKEA drawers so on top I have a color pop highlighter benefit hoola bronzer a NARS concealer which I use as an eye primer Urban Decay setting spray so to me lipsticks I use this is the one that I use for dance and then this is the one that I use just for like everyday glam I guess heart-shaped tape L'Oreal last paradise mascara the morphe x Jacqueline Hale palette and this is the like purpley one the color pop element of surprise palette the Soph X revolution palette this is my favorite ever highlighting palette it is so good the pants are so big like it lasts so long and it was like I don't think it was too expensive maybe twelve dollars a morphe palette it's just a big palette full of Browns and last I have the NYX matte finish just setting spray we're going to move into the drawers okay so this drawer it's definitely a hot mess I ran out of like the clear inserts like this one so I just kind of threw like a bunch of face like skincare products in here I have to figure out where to put them because like they're

too tall for the drawer to close so I can't send them up right now they're just kind of chilling so I have like a few Mario Badescu sprays bunch of chapstick a flamingo pen this is just kind of the drunk shore of my room so we're just gonna close that and move on to the next one so down here is um the face drawer I guess you could call it that's what I call it I have like some foundations in here my favorite is the Too Faced Born This Way Foundation it is so good I always so much I have the Maybelline fit me foundation the collab foundation the l'oreal true match foundation a bunch of concealers are back here too just like random ones I have another cover girl one I have an AOA studios one then I have like in the way back I primers and then I have a color correcting palette from hard candy over here I have the Cody airspun powder the Maybelline master fix powder then I have elf these are two different elf powders HD powder loose translucent powder back here I have a banana powder by the body shop and if you open it it looks like this I over here I have just a bunch more random stuff this is color correcting

concealer and eyeshadow primer that came out of like a little kit I just kept that and then this came out of the same kit it is some eyeshadow cream eyeshadow and glitter top coats and here I have this like really cool seashell like eyeshadow palette thingy well something I should have found just like a full on face palette and you like twist it and then the top opens like this and I do not know why I have a floss thing in here just don't ask so in the first one three eyeshadows then this one has I shadow this one is bronzing contour and the mix is lipsticks and then mixes I'm mascara next drawer so down here it kind of gets a little messy again but it's okay we'll just live with it so here is some liquid highlighters L'Oreal and NYX then I have like a little face palette it's the Rimmel one has a blush contour highlight some more elf products I guess so this one is the blush kit by elf this one is the I think this one is the contour kit see ya okay this one is the contour kit by elf it has powder highlighter contour bronzer and then this one is the bronzing kit and it adds a much different bronzing

colors and highlighters moving on to this side we have the ohta illuminating powder and this one is super broken I actually got it for free I think I ultra because it was so broken I keep it because it is really really good I care I have some more highlighters from AOA Studios they were a dollar each and they are so good if you have not ever heard of AOA CEOs it's where they have bunch of makeup products for pretty much $1 and they actually aren't that bad so I definitely suggest you check it out this video is not sponsored by any studios I wish it was okay here I have a brow pomade by clean color I don't lose this one much because it's kind of dark for my eyebrows and then I have like gel eyeliner and it does not have a brand name on it so I do not remember where I got this it might be a free sample from somewhere but oh well and then way back here you probably can't see it but I have some eyeliners a white some liquid black this Goldy one can you see the color and then the Maybelline one this is leaf I like a I'm gonna do eyeliner I usually use this Maybelline masterpiece one way back here I I get out a tinted brow gel

by amused but I have a Physicians Formula mascara and it has a brown and a black and then I have this mascara and is by a muse and it has a primer and a mascara on it over here in this section like it doesn't have an organizer so I kind of put a few pallets and stuff I have the Physicians Formula bronzer the uLTA Beauty set thing I'm not gonna open it because you can see through it but it has a bronzer blush and highlighters River if you're this be limitless blush palette it was really pretty it has a mirror I really like when palettes have a mirror for some reason I don't know I feel like you just add to the palette but it has like a more Bronte shade a peachy shade and I'm like a really really shimmery shade here I have contour palettes I think this is the makeover essentials contour kit I actually got this awesome off of AOA studios and it was like maybe two dollars so that's cool it has a mirror and then this palette does not have a name on it but I do not use this one too much I use this when I have friends come over and they want me to do their makeup because it has a bunch of different skin

tones moving on to the next drawer I have a bunch of AOA Studios eyeshadows because they were a dollar and they are really really pretty and they're so good so I actually bought like two of them to try I bought the two highlighters up here these ones and then I loved them so much so I went on and I bought a bunch of them so we're gonna quickly go through the colors in their names this one is called rose poetic creamsicle bourbon Rayna saffron cream and the last one is seashell these three glitter pigment there by Princesa I think what I say it looks like that moving on to this right I have I think it's RJ face palettes this is the matte one this is a shimmer one they go together down here I have the beauty glaze and press T palette I think I've used this on my channel before but it looks like this then I have an Ulta Beauty palette these are really pretty shades a beauty of gems palette these are so pretty so here is the I love cost palette I'm pretty sure I've used some a channel before looks like this then I have this palette and I don't really use this on my eyes because it's not that high quality but it has a mirror it has

blushes black brown powder lipstick it came with the brush I don't use that type of brush and then it came with all these shimmery pretty shades so there's nothing wrong with it except that it smells like baby powder and the shades are like they don't really come out too much so I use this one I am doing like a Halloween look and I don't really care if I mess up the palette like obviously I use these for maybe a year ago for Halloween and I can fully dug the shades out but it's okay because I have enough white shades so this is my kind of like testing palette your back here I have Maybelline New York blush palette I think that's what it's called it looks like this and then on that on the inside it came with a brush thingy and then it came with all these really pretty eye shadow shades okay then I go back here and there's a bunch of like my smaller like travel-size palettes so I have the Estee Lauder just Brown and skin color eyeshadow palette with a mirror the Physicians Formula palette looks like this it's all shimmery the Maybelline City palette and this is more pinky palette with Browns and then the Maybelline New York just brow

I should've shot palette okay so the last drawer finally is what I like to call the lipstick drawer it comes it pretty much just has lipstick in it so I have a few makeup wipes just in the bottom then a lipstick it looks like this and back here I just have a mirror okay over here I have eight of the same brand of lipstick and it is I don't know what the brain is called but it they all have like this sign on it you cannot see that can you I have a bunch of the Commun shades nudish pinkish shades then I have a bunch of like random cheaper lipsticks babe under lip liner lip tint this is like probably my favorite section of the lip drawer just because it's my favorite lip shape ever besides the one on the top of this shelf that I showed you earlier but this is the NYX one old tub this is the alter butter bomb then I have New York and company lipstick la colors clear lip gloss the boutique lip gloss and another RJ face product these are just like a bunch of bright red I really have lips hints back here so those were all the ideas over down here I like just hop under the desk a few makeup items that didn't fit in

the drawers so let's start with this bag it says let's be mermaids and guess what's inside of it tons and tons of eyelashes and this box looks like this in here I have more eyelashes these are the Ardo wish bees grant glamour and natural lashes and then down here I just have a bunch of random stuff I have brush cleaner extra applicators like a brush where you like you rub your brushes on these to clean them it's a little silicone sponge blender thing an eyelash curler I personally don't curl my eyelashes so I just keep this down here these little things I got a long time ago still haven't opened them because I don't really like and make these two little drawers make us quite small make up light I have like Vaseline hand sanitizer oil absorbing sheets this this is a Sephora mirror for travel and then I have last this is the boutique gift Abood Beauty Holiday Collection blushes highlighters I have actually not used this palette yet so I have a brown eyeliner I think I mascara was in here and a black eyeliner but I took those out a brush or brush and then a full palette of eyeshadows because I do not

have enough eye shadows alright guys so that was my makeup collection how'd you like it I told you guys like I have a little more than what a normal person would have I think I don't really know what normal person has but I hope you liked it I really want to start doing more makeup videos on my channel I think that they're really fun and I'm no beauty guru but I want to get better and I really love doing people's makeup so yeah coming down below or like this video if you think I should do more makeup related thing and I'll see you next time bye guys