26 November 2018

My Lipstick Choice

Ruska useful it's your girl Nubian mercy

and today we are going to be talking about some lipstick lipstick y'all I was in Walmart I see these for a dollar change I said why not you need why not so let's go ahead and get right into it and we're gonna see how it turned out okay okay first we're going in with color number five one for you see that y'all see it yeah okay [Music] [Music] hmm okay okay okay we're gonna move on to the next one not bad I'll put that right there okay next we have five zero three three okay not that mm-hmm what y'all think what I think about this one it's even a little lip liner okay not bad all right we are going to move on to the next one we have five one five one one two mm-hmm five one one two let's see what she talked about okay okay okay mm-hmm ah it's real light I don't like color right okay like I said with a little lip liner

I guess that'll come together do that yes what'd you say what'd you say what would you say you feel something alright so put that over there for the mix okay next we have five zero zero one B yeah all right it's like an orange always tied now this will really be possible once the liner morality Papa lipliner [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] okay that's we have touch of spice six six zero all right I like I like I like I like [Music] [Music] not bad not bad [Music] [Music] I go out with this Michael athlete I can rock with it alright it's the last one here alright next we have pink pink and proper okay sit down it's kind of a Claire glossy look all right

I like okay give me that shimmery divination Oh I challenge for this it for this video and I see you guys in my next video make sure you hit that subscribe and like leave the comments below with some ideas of what else you would like to see me do on my channel just let me know alright Sean I'll see you guys later peace