06 May 2019

My Ideal, Realistic Makeup Collection | LEAH EIDEN

Hey y'all! Coming at you with another video. Today I'm talking about my ideal, realistic makeup collection. This was LARGELY inspired by Christina Chang here ...

hey guys it's Lia welcome back to my

channel today I am doing a video that was inspired by Christina here on YouTube I will link her below and her video basically she talked about her realistic makeup collection she was talking about how you know maybe back in when she was like in college what she would have had for her makeup collection I really like that idea but I just wanted to put a little twist on it I'm sure this is done this has been done a million times like she was talking about like so many people have done this already but you know with being you know beauty YouTube and stuff like that and how it includes people to buy you know all this makeup that we don't need she was talking about what her her collection would look like and it just got me thinking about you know how I don't have like a large large collection I do have a bear collection than you know a lot of other people unless you are an avid beauty youtuber not a beauty youtuber but like an avid beauty YouTube watcher or influenced by all the stuff that we technically don't need so in that kind of aspect I thought well with knowing the information that I know now with the products that I've used

throughout what would my makeup collection realistically look like if I narrowed it down so it's almost like a version of animal izing my makeup collection too if I could only keep one but not really keep one do you know what I mean it's so it's sort of like what I would would love to work towards using up all of my makeup this is what I would like to have left kind of thing do you know what I mean all over the place so let's just shut the fuck up and just get into the fucking video knowing what I know now I'm not a huge huge person on primers but I found two primers that I've actually really loved and it's the only two primers I have in my collection which is stoning it's the Catrice prime and find what is a smoothing refiner I love this stuff it's like a mousse II type of consistency and I actually really really love this stuff but it's hard to get now you can only I think you can only order it on Patrice's website in the future I would only get the elf poreless putty I do love this one as well this has more of a silky type of texture that's affordable and it's easy to find so I can get it off with altos

these are the two primers I would have for foundation this was no issue I can literally live off of this one foundation because it is fantastic for my skin it is the CYO long lasting foundation life proof this is recommendation from tailor this is my second bottle I'm almost done with my second bottle this stuff is absolutely incredible at seven dollars I can get it off the Walgreens I can ship to the store I can ship it to home we're good I can live off of that one next is concealer I would actually have two concealers or reasons I love the flower beauty light illusion concealer like it's very moisturizing and dewy but it's a little too dark in the Sun it's full coverage and then I would have the Catrice the liquid camouflage concealer I love this concealer and so I'd mix these two and just set I would have the essence brighten up powder the banana powder this is very light and it's $2.99 and I can get it off of Ulta I fucking love this powder I'm almost if I can find it this is the one I'm almost done with I've already repress it and everything and I'm almost done trying to go in order and I'm trying to think of

everything like in order next up I would not have a bronzer I've learned I am NOT a fan of bronzer it does not work for my skin every time every bronzer I've ever tried her and Horan on my fucking skin I even have the a BH powder bronzer and tawny and it's very beautiful and it looks more of like two-tone that I'm looking for but all my skin it fucking pulls orange so I have to use like a very light hand so I would just have the LA girl just blushing powder and just because I clearly love this stuff but this contour shade I use as a bronzer and it just looks really good on my skin like it's awesome blush I would not have a blush why I have somebody washed now don't ask me I do not like blush I'm wearing blush today because it's a my project but I don't like blush so I would not realistically have blush I would have highlight though because I do love highlight so I would have my a BH Starlight illuminator still my collection this stuff this is this is my baby I do actually have a backup of this and I'm very excited about that but you can't you can't buy this anymore it's discontinued so the other two that i like a lot is the oprah highlighter in

start island it's like this like pale gold it looks really beautiful next i'm doing sorry i'm doing how i literally put it on my face and the next thing i do is my eyeshadow and for eyeshadow i wouldn't have a i shadow primer i use concealer and i have don't have a problem but for eyeshadow i would have the Milani soft and sultry palette I don't use this a lot on my channel and I don't in everyday life often because I'm working on so many other things but this is the kind of tomes that I like to worry like I like more maths even though like all these are shimmers but I would use this in my like inner corner these are the kind of tones I I like I like more coal tone like the grays the light like the grey Browns like this is my kind of jam the only other palette I could see like having and repurchasing is like my a BH subculture I know a lot of people fucking hate it I really don't care I love it it works for me so let me something I consider having but I could literally just live with soft and sultry and be completely fine next is setting spray I love setting spray I would have the Catrice Prime and

fine duty gloves fixing spray I have way too many backups of these way too many backups of my CYO so yeah what do I do next what do I do next next I do my brows brows is easy I've talked about this several times it's the Kat Von D signature brow pencil fucking love this pencil I love the shape of this I love the formula of this this works amazing for me I would always repurchase I would absolutely have a brow gel because I work with dogs I'm a dog groomer so so I need my brows stay in place next control freak doesn't do me wrong would have that eye pencils I don't only have to I'd have a black and I die be nude I don't really care about what formula I mean I do like this la girl glide on a lot so I probably have that and then I'd probably just stick with the next one because they both work great I'm not that picky on eyeliner pencils mascara I would probably just stick with the covergirl exhibition exhibitionist mascara it works great it doesn't it's not the best holding a curl but I'm not that super picky and then I don't have it open but I'd also have a waterproof mascara just because and then last would be the lip products this I'd

have most of because I do have a thing for lip products and throughout the years trying so many different stuff I know what I like and yeah this was just what I do so for regular lipstick I would have my Kat Von D bow and arrow was this a studded kissed cream lipstick this is in the shade bow and arrow it's like my favorite type of noon and that is the only lipstick I would have I would have however I should turn a liquid lipsticks so I'd have three different type of nudes because I love them all and I can't choose so I would definitely have but wet-and-wild nudie catsuit liquid lipstick I would have my Joseph colors desert grayish I'm almost done with this and it's not even funny because I love it so much and then I would actually have three smashbox always on liquid lipsticks because they are my favorite fucking formula the first one I have which is more of my nude it's a darker nude it's the psychic medium I would absolutely have a red which is boss and then I would absolutely have a black carpet and then I would have two glosses because I do I have been leaning more towards gloss but it's because of these colors and these

formulas they don't this was limited edition I do have a backup of this but I would look for a gloss of this kind of color and this one's the dose of colors rocking it it was the Mickey Mouse collection I love this glass formula it's fucking bomb and then the second gloss I have is the M cosmetics truffle haze they're very similar this is not limited edition thank God so I could probably just narrow it down to this one I'd be fine so yeah that is what I would realistically have my makeup collection on these are some of my favorite products so this is what I'm working towards so that would be my realistic makeup collection if you have done this type of video before let me know in the comments down below because I found I found Christina's video very interesting and very insightful which got me thinking about my own hence why I did my own video but let me know if you've done this video or if you don't you know do YouTube or anything just let me know what kind of products you would you would have realistically in your collection and yeah that does it for me thank you so much for taking time out of your day and watching my video and until

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