17 March 2018


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hi guys welcome back to my channel so in

today's video I wanted to sit down and talk to you guys about my hair I get so many questions about it on a daily so I figured I would do a dedicated video talking about my holy grail must-have products how do I make it last how do I make a grow some tips and tricks for you guys and that's pretty much it so I hope you guys find this video helpful if you're new to my channel don't forget to subscribe for future videos if you have any questions that I might not have answered in this video let me know in the comments below and we can chat it up and if you want to learn a little bit more about my hair and my favorite products then just keep watching so before I jump in and start talking about the products I want to talk about my hair type and what my hair texture is like without any product at all like once I wash it and I'm out the shower and it's already completely clean so I have naturally curly hair it's been like that since I was a little girl but I've been straining my hair a lot ever since I was in high school I've been putting so much heat in it and I figured since I love wearing my hair straight I will start getting keratins so I started

getting keratins about 3 to 4 years ago and if you don't know what a keratin is I will include some links in the description box below that go into like further detail about it so it basically controls your frizz it helps lock and shine it cuts down the time you spend straightening your hair and it's honestly like the best thing that I've ever done to my hair just because I never wear my hair curly so it doesn't make sense for me to have to like deal with you know spending over an hour blow-drying my hair and also straining it so I've been getting that done for the past 4 years so my hair is not really that curly anymore it's still kind of wavy but it's not as intense as it was before so I get that done about every 6 months and I get it done back in New York City that's where I used to live and that's the only person that I trust with getting that treatment done to my hair so the reason that my hair has been growing so fast is because the keratin has actually been locking in each individual strand so it's been helping prevent the breakage so that's one of the reasons why I really love keraton done and i swear by it if it

wasn't because i was cutting my hair every three months I feel like my hair would have been so long by now so I get the treatment done professionally and I would recommend you do your research before you sit with anyone make sure they have some good references and make sure they have good reviews like on Yelp and all these other sites I did my research before I found this person and I'm like super happy with her now that you know a little backstory about my hair I'm gonna jump in and talk about the products that I like to use on my hair so I've been using this a shampoo and conditioner for I want to say over two years this is one of my favorite hair brands I swear by them and I keep repurchasing it like I've used so many different shampoo and conditioners and I always end up going back to this one because as soon as you use this one like you only need to try it one time to see how much of a difference it makes on your hair so this is the way shampoo and conditioner and I have it in the smoothing version this is my favorite one I have tried the other version they have but I actually prefer this one better just because I love my hair being

so key soft and smooth and that's exactly what it does it also smells so amazing so light on the hair as well I like to wash my hair every 3 to 4 days sometimes I'll go like 5 days have you know it's an emergency and I just don't have time to wash my hair but for the most part I love washing my hair I love having it you know super clean and shiny honestly I just feel like it all depends on your hair if you have super oily scalp then you you're probably washing you here more often I have some really good dry shampoos that I'm gonna be mentioning today as well okay so I also wanted to mention some hair treatments that I swear by and if you haven't tried girl you need to try these so I have a drugstore brand and then I have one too by the way I'll mention the wafer since I just mentioned their shampoo and conditioner so this is the way treatment masks and you basically buy the entire package and it comes with a few individual packs like this when I first started using this I was using it once every two weeks but now that my here I feel like is in very good shape I use it about once a month if your hair isn't desperate need like I'm saying your hair

has so much heat damaged and you're looking to like make it shiny Sookie and get it on the road to like looking better I would recommend using it once a week I like to leave it on for maybe 30 minutes and then I'll rinse it off highly recommend this if you're suffering with like super dry damaged hair and you dye your hair a lot this will be great for you tell me you try this out you won't regret it you're gonna be messaging me like thank you so much girls so I also wanted to mention this one by L'Oreal I have been using this for so long and I so very much love it till this day it's one of my favorites this also smells really great if your hair is super dry and you add a lot of like here dye to it this is gonna be your new favorite this is the L'Oreal total repair 5 damage erasing balm and they actually renewed the packaging and I'm actually in love with it I feel like this is a really good drugstore product probably one of my holy grails if you're somebody who dyes their hair at home a lot and just puts a lot of heat in it but you want something that's affordable and that's gonna work this is going to

be your best friend this hydrates it also helps with your split ends and it also makes it easier for you to blow-dry your hair so I highly recommend you check it out it's such a good price and you can find it at any of your local drugstore by the way the way it is only available at Sephora I believe and Nordstrom well I will link it in the description box below I also wanted to mention another product by the way I'm telling you guys they kill it with the hair products so this is the way here oil and I like to use this just a tiny bit like the smallest amount before I straighten and blow-dry my hair it adds shine to my hair it helps with your split ends not only that but it also helps a little bit with frizz I also have some tips and tricks on how to prevent frizz and how to keep it under control so I will mention that in a second but the reason I like this oil is because it's really lightweight so it doesn't weigh down your hair and this is really great for anybody who has thick hair like I do and want a dry shampoo that's actually going to work on their hair this actually does have white residue

but it kind of fades as is drying down on your hair so the reason that I like this one a little bit better is because it adds a little bit of volume to your hair it absorbs the oils and has a nice clean stun to it so I'm gonna just spray a little bit so you guys can get an idea of like what it does to my hair this is currently day three hair by the way okay so this is what I like to do I'll just spray it there leave it there for like 3045 seconds maybe a minute I'll you know go in and touch up my makeup I'm just gonna run my fingers through it oh my god it smells so good you can tell right off the bat that it added a little bit of texture to my hair some volume so I swear by this dry shampoo absolutely love it one of my favorites I definitely want to try more products by Drybar because I know they have a really good selection I also wanted to mention some products that I like to use to help with frizz the keratin has helped a lot but I still feel like I have a little bit of the frist problem in my hair so what I like to do is I like to take this mascara brush and you can get this anywhere I

actually get mine's off Amazon I will link it in the description box below I like to take my hair spray this is actually my favorite this was sent to me by Lauri oh it has my name but they have this at any drugstore without the name obviously and I like using the extra stronghold they have a few different ones but in my opinion this is the best one trust me I've tried all of them and then I'll go in and just spray my wand with it make sure you get all sides wait maybe like 10-15 seconds and then you just brush your roots and that's going to help with the frizz but it's also not going to mess up the rest of your hair so I like to use this basically every single day when I'm doing like sleek pony looks I love using this as my trick to getting a sleek low pony or even if I'm doing a high bun and I want my hairs to be nice and tight and sleek I'll go in with my wand and brush everything in and that's pretty much it this is such a great hack for anybody who has you know that frizz problem and once you get it under control very easy very affordable and it always works to make my hair last longer I feel like I need a good hair cap tried so many

different hair calves and let me tell you this is the best one that I've ever tried it helps everything stay in my hair does not get wet and this has lasted a really long time you can even throw this in the washing machine and wash it and you're good to go this is so good because it actually does stick to your skin so and make sure that the water doesn't go in and wets your hair and to me that super important because I don't like wetting my hair every single day like I said I wash my hair every three to four days so I like my hair to last a long time so this is really good it is more on the pricey side but I highly recommend it and I think it's a 100% worth the money it also comes in a lot of different cute colors so I will link it in the description box below but I've tried so many ones like girl I've tried the dollar ones I tried the ones from Bed Bath & Beyond and none of them seem to work on me maybe it's just my head type but this one does work so I wanted to mention it in today's video and then I always got questions on what straightener I use on my hair to be

honest with you guys I used so many different ones like I use affordable ones I use high-end ones I always like switching back and forth between my straighteners I don't have a favorite one but if I had to pick one I would probably pick this one this is the one that I've Halford the longest time and I feel like it still does a really good job on my hair from the drugstore I recommend checking out the con ear straightener that I mentioned in my blog channel still love it and you can even use it to curl your hair Remington also has a really good one that I swear by so I will link like my top three favorites in the description box below so check that out and that's pretty much it that's everything that I wanted to mention in today's video I hope you found it helpful I hope it wasn't too long if there's any question that you might have that I didn't answer let me know in the comments below and you know the deal don't forget to subscribe give the video a thumbs up and I will see you all in the next one very soon bye this