16 June 2017

My Haircare Routine | 7 Tips for Healthy Hair | Chriselle Lim

So excited to partner with Clairol to show you my haircare routine and how I've been maintaining my hair these days with 7 tips for healthier hair since I'm trying ...

hi loves welcome back to the channel so

today I have a very special video for you guys it's actually a video that you have been requesting for a while which is my current hair care routine a lot of you guys especially on Instagram have been asking me how I've been able to grow out my hair so fast it doesn't seem very fast to me in my head because I've been trying to grow it out for the past three years but I feel like it's finally at a place now where I'm very happy with it to know share with you guys what I've been doing to get it to work at today I've also partnered up with Clairol for this video and I'm going to share with you guys kind of a recent product that I've been using that has really added great color to my hair and also a few other tips along the way so let's get started alright so first step is take care of your roof of course I'm in my 30s now so I'm seeing a little more Gray's and I want to but because I've been taking care of my roots my hair is healthier more voluminous and just more even in texture and color I've been using curls who touch up to boost my hair color and it's extending my time between salon visits by 3 weeks and long visits can take all day and you really

have types about these days with Clairol's root touch-up you can have brand new hair in just 10 minutes which is really really awesome so I'm a number 4 dark brown first you want to make sure you're wearing an old t-shirt and use a towel to protect your skin and the other tip is to make sure to patch test a product 48 hours before applying it all over to make sure you aren't allergic to the product alright so next on the gloves that kit comes with the permanent color cream and color activating lotion make sure to use the expert control brush to mix it too until it's completely blended together so I'm going to start by parting my hair at my natural part since that's where you can see the Grays and most then with the expert control brush I'm going to apply the color to my roots and a hair line I actually have the most grades underneath so I'm going to make sure to cover those areas as well now I'm going to set the timer for about 10 minutes and wait for the magic to happen but if you have any supplement errors like I do you can always leave it in for 5th minute now I'm going to rinse until the water runs clear and follow it up with a

deep conditioner or a coconut oil and voila no more gray hairs for me this has been my go-to whenever I see a few Gray's pop up if you guys are interested in this Clairol root touch-up product is available at Target I'll be leaving a link down below for you guys tip number two is washing your hair less and using lukewarm water I'm actually guilty of washing my hair daily but in the last year I've been really diligent about washing my hair no more than two to three times a week over washing your hair can make it a color fade a lot faster and strip the hair of natural oil that makes your hair shiny and healthy I love a good hot shower but washing your hair with lukewarm water is so much healthier tip 3 is don't shampoo your ends and massage your scalp so on the rare occasion that you do decide to shampoo your hair avoid shampooing the end you want to focus on the roots because it's going to rinse off towards the ends anyways but if you scrub the end of your hair it's going to create split ends it's going to make it drier than it or he is tip 4 is to lock in moisture this is something

that I learned from my mom growing up I watched her give herself weekly deep conditioning hair mask but to take it a step further she always dropped it for better absorption think of it as a sheet mask for your hair tip 5 is to use a microfiber towel the typical towel most people use at their home is terry cloth fabric which can be so damaging and adds fizziness to the hair your towel drying your hair instead of rubbing the towel against your hair gently squeeze the water out as it's a lot more gentle on the hair cuticles and it dries a lot faster tip 6 is to swap your brush to a comb brushing your hair in the shower or while it's wet can be so damaging but if you use a thick white comb it's a lot more gentle I've been using this comb when I'm in the shower to distribute the conditioner or even my hair masks tip 7 switch up your part I've been parting my hair one way for so long that when I simply flip it to the other side it has the most volume of her this is just a simple and quick way to add volume to your hair all right thank you so much for watching guys I hope that you learn a thing or

two from this video and a big thank you to my friends at Clairol for making this video happen and partnering up with me for this I would love to know what you guys do for your hair to upkeep it and keep it fresh and new and shiny and healthy I'm not the best with hair I think with makeup and skin and beauty I feel very confident about it but what's hair it's something that I'm still like trying to figure out so I would love to hear any of your comments and thoughts and tips that you guys do at home they'll be very helpful to me all right thank you so much for watching and I will see you next time [Music]