08 March 2018


IM CURRENTLY ON A CRUISE AND MAYBE IN MEXICO OR THE MIDDLE OF THE OCEAN!!! but anyway this is my hair care routine. Nothing special but here ...

hello siblings welcome to today's video

and yes I am in the bathroom so I'm a little echoey don't know how the time is gonna be in here I don't ever film in the bathroom but here I am so some button things going on right now I'm actually currently on a cruise so this was pre filmed and a schedule post but I am literally on a cruise I left on LA and I am probably on the middle of the ocean right now so you're gonna want to make sure to follow me on my social media cuz I'll have a lot to post once I get home but these next three videos are we going to be previewing videos about the very highly requested it and I think you guys are gonna love them anyway so if you're new make sure to subscribe my social medias always down below and let's get started with the video [Music] today I'm going to be doing my hair care routine and this was like a very highly requested so some look things about my hair I've dyed it like three times but it's still a pretty healthy actually I probably did it I was brown yeah anyway that's kind of a little bit but I've been thick coarse hair it's like naturally pretty wavy a very deadly so I just slept in braids so it's

a little messy I'm gonna go ahead and start to take these out but I'm just gonna show you guys like what I do usually so to do my hair usually I shower at night and then I'll do all this and then deal with it in the morning but it is a snow day so I am doing it during the day I always brush my hair when I'm in the shower when I have conditioner in so I like don't remember brush it dry just because it's so tingly but I use a purple shampoo because I dyed my hair blonde and I wanted to stay that like you know blonde and not turn like golden went to be more cool toned so I actually really need to get more but I use this company called Amica and I use their shampoo and conditioner just any purple suit this conditioner works it feels like if you've dyed your hair it's just like it works miracles it's amazing I only use purple shampoo usually now and right now cuz I literally like this and I can be sure there's like barely any left but conditioner I use I have wet brush in my room but I usually use that once I get out of the shower in the shower I just use this like crappy old it's literally breaking for my ripping my hair out but

just this old brush yeah doesn't matter something to brush my hair with so I'm gonna go ahead and get in the shower I'm going to shampoo with hot water and then put in conditioner and while I'm shaving my legs and stuff it can sit and then I will rinse it out with cold water and brush it while it is rinsing and now that I am completely showered the very first thing I do is just go ahead and throw it in a towel and very aware that this is not the best thing Oh a little cleaner otherwise and when's this isn't the best thing you can do for your hair but dry hair or not really so while my hair is just chilling just to like get it to where it's not like dripping on me a lot I'm doing that I'm gonna apply coconut oil to call my skin basically make it nice okay so the only minim in the towel for like maybe 30 seconds so I'm just gonna go ahead and take it out and now it's not like dripping all over in place but it's still wet so at this point I'm going to take I'm gonna take this serum it doesn't matter what kind you have this is just like coconut serum I also have another one yeah coconut oil and shea butter serum just

any type of serum to put your hair it's gonna make it more than shiny and smooth easy to brush that kind of stuff and doesn't take a lot but I like a lot but not too much still so like maybe one two squirts at most and then rub it in your hands and then put it into your hair especially at the ends and also while my hair is like drying stuff I just like to kind of mess it up get those curls going so if I actually do want to brush my hair I brush it a little bit in the shower but this would be the time that I would brush it but today I don't really want to I don't really care I honestly don't brush my hair that much as far as washing my hair I only wash my hair every like three days sometimes every other day but I definitely don't wash it every day okay I definitely have a broken nail but yeah my hair takes like a solid seven days to actually be oily so I can get away with not washing it for at least three days sometimes depends so yeah that's pretty much it just put that oil in rub it around scrunch it up you know all that good stuff and then it comes my favorite part I love scrunchies these are amazing there's so much better than hair ties

because hair ties are so much work to get in and out of hair these just slip in slip out and you don't like put like a lines in your hair you know like if you put it over so long it's gonna be a line they're usually doesn't happen with my scrunchie so what I do is I just take all my hair put it into a nice loose button on top of right just something fluff in your head and there we go so while my hair is drying whether it's in my bed while I'm sleeping or alone getting ready this is what I do and if I leave it like this I really thick hair so it's not gonna dry literally no matter how long it's up in this bun it'll still be wet so I usually just keep it in like I said if I'm sleeping or getting ready and then as soon as I'm done with that I'll take it out and just let it air dry scrunch it up some more and just let it do its thing so I'm gonna go ahead and get ready and then we'll come back when this has been sitting for a while first some of the products that I do use on my hair I don't ever really use not many products but when I do these are kind of the things I use well I have this whole like this is all hair stuff because I

love hair I used to spend hours just doing my hair like in middle school so for a dry shampoo I just use this it's by mica too and that's the same thing as my shampoos and conditioner I also have dry conditioner that all sometimes use I don't really ever use dry shampoo because my hair never gets like oily but sometimes if I want it you know you know yeah this is my wet brush it has a lot of hair in it I'm gonna go ahead and take that out if you don't own a wet brush wet brushes are literally the best like they just make your hair so much more like smooth and nice and soft and beautiful and I love my hairspray I just like happiness I don't really like care that's like I like this is just the one I have I don't care what kind I use but it's I'm gonna try okay it's just this one and I actually kind of like this one better than others just because it doesn't smell really bad and I like them actually really like it the smell so then you hear that it's just smell like hairspray whenever you're doing hair that involves hairspray okay so my curler and sure I use I don't know where this came from and it is so tiny and you

see how thick my hair is but I love it and I don't know why I used to have like it like a one-inch like fix wand and I loved it but this just gives like those like really curly curls and I sure like those because I don't ever curl all of my hair I usually just curl few pieces on the top and then like brush them out and then it just turns to like that's usually just how my hair is so if it's a little poufy I'll just use this out of little curls plus I usually do like braids or something and then I just curl a little it's a pieces that are hanging out with this tiny curler and it works really well especially for like my little hairs like right here so I don't really care for like curling my hair I don't really ever add on my cheek to it but I do is this brain you're a news Remington I actually really like this straightener and how it's like stuff in it I don't exactly know what it is yeah it's like this like a serum stuff and then it gets really hot which is nice I think here and I'll just do it section by section straighten it maybe maybe I'll do God today I am straightened my hair and so long for my

hair scrunchies are very lifelike I would recommend just having some velvet scrunchies also just like a nice high pimp you can wear any time they used to wear this old timeless summer I'll probably wear it so much and then I of course have a bunch of bobby pins and many hair ties over here so tighten would recommend you to just some suggestions of things to use for your hair so my hair is just been chillin while I got ready and I'm just gonna go ahead and take it out out wow that was like one piece like in there really awkwardly and that really hurts and it's a little bit more dry than it was before being in that bun if I do it overnight it'll look really good but since I was just doing it well I got ready this like this is gonna be but go ahead and burn my hair where I want it and then I just let it dry from here and that's just kind of my hair care routine some other tips I have is drinking lots of water and I mean just more healthier the more everything about yourself is gonna be healthy so if you want your hair to be healthy and long and like not thick but like stronger as well as like that's the word then exercising eating healthy

and drinking lots of water of course can help remember that your hair grows from the root and not from the ends so like that's where you need to massage take care of and stuff and then also making sure you get those cut in those dead ends cut off because your hair will just feel like this and then it'll just be dead and grows dead that's good it's a healthy so that's like my hair care routine everything I did for it and I hope you guys enjoy this video subscribe for new my sessions down below and I'll see you tips and whenever I post next ok bye I love you [Music]