23 February 2018

My Hair Care Routine || Hair Care Tips and Trixx || Ashtrixx

Hey all! A lot of people have asked me what my hair care routine is. Well, here's the answer. Check out the video to know how I keep my hair so well maintained.

All of you asked for my hair care tips and tricks, right?

So in this episode, I will clearly explain what I do to my hair. I've been in the industry for fifteen to sixteen years. That is my worst nightmare. So, even after doing this for so many years What happened in the middle was But, the effects can be reversed with hard work and you can grow your hair back. Let me share my routine with you. The quality has to be important; not the quantity. If you never notice that your ends are getting damaged. If it is thick in the crown area and thin as it goes down You will have a polished look if you do that. What step number two is that the products you use will get used to you hair and your hair will forget to respond. What you do is, shuffle your products every six to seven months. Have two sets of hair products that are used to your hair and keep shuffling them every six to seven months. If you're using natural products like that, you can use however long you want. But if you normally use off the shelf shampoos, it is advised to keep switching. We must stick to a healthy diet. Along with that There are a few essential elements for hair care. If we consume those Include nuts and seeds in your diet. Include that compulsarily. Don't remove curry leaves from your food. Eat it. Apart from that, if you're a non-vegetarian. You can have eggs. Consume a lot of protein. It's good for your hair if you eat it. You can even churn it in a blender and can use it externally as a pack. In the beginning Why because coconut oil didn't suit me well.

Recently, what I did was I discovered an amazing product When I apply it They suggest to leave it in for half an hour and then wash it off And when you oil your hair Remember to always apply the oil on your scalp. Hair grows so fast that Nowadays I go for a trim once in two months Your hair fall is controlled. And your hair grows fast. My current favourite shampoo right now is There are a lot of varieties. You can pick what you like You can choose that. It's because of these reasons I tried these products Once you're done with the shampoo and conditioning, on your damp and towel dried hair apply the serum. We go out. Serum protects the hair from the heat and the pollution It coats the hair. Apart from all this, there is a nourishing hair pack that I apply once a week. You can make it using ingredients from your kitchen. Two tablespoons of fenugreek powder. Make the fenugreek a powder and mix it well with the curd. Make sure there are no lumps. You can add one tablespoon of olive oil if you need that extra nourishment. You can use your regular shampoo and conditioner after that. You will see the results immediately. Anything is fine. But make sure you do it once a week. There's a fresh method that's entered in the market. Do you know what it is? We all use cotton pillow cases and sleep on them, right? Leave that out Apparently there is increase in hair quality and breakage when sleeping on a satin sleeping case. And your hair becomes more healthy. Apparently cotton absorbs all the oils and moisture from the hair.

And if you sleep on satin pillow cases. I haven't tried it till now. If any of you try it, let me know how it is. I will try it too.