25 November 2018

My Go To Make Up Look | Gabriela Bandy

My go to make up look! Hope you guys like it(: Shop my WBG resistance bands: https://www.wbgsquad.com Download my WBG fitness app: ...

hey guys what's up thanks so much for

watching I hope you guys are having a wonderful day and Happy Holidays so we're already in my favorite season I love Christmas but yeah I just wanted to give you guys a few updates before we start this video the first update is that we have restocked to our resistant valence so make sure to go grab them a lot of you guys have been loving it that's been taking story these pictures workout videos and tagging us and we love seeing that we love reposting you guys so if you haven't purchased your bands yet make sure to get on it's the perfect Christmas gifts you can purchase them at WWWE squad comm the next update is our challenge I know I had talked about is launching a new challenge but unfortunately things have gone a little bit active and we have been facing a lot of technical issues and we don't want to release something that's gonna be crashing so we are going to postpone the challenge to January and the last update is that I am in season two of good looking out this is a show by complex where I was able to showcase my business in front of these top entrepreneurs and yeah check it out let me know what you guys think let's get into the video

today I'm gonna be showing you this makeup look this is not I was gonna call it natural makeup look but it's not really natural because clearly I don't naturally look like this this is kind of like my go-to makeup look I hope you guys enjoy it and let's get started okay so I'm gonna start with a bare face of course and I'm just gonna moisturize my face with this Envy medical derma balance nourish and soothe daily maintenance treatment my skin's been going through a lot lately and honestly I don't know what the heck is up with my skin like it's dry and it just decides to act up sometimes this cream is like repairing as well so I was having like a little bit of eggs up in my forehead and like I tend to get it here too then I also had a little bit of spotting like I had like white spots because I was in the Sun for a while so yeah definitely gotta take care of my skin so I've been using this cream and it's been pretty good although it's a little bit pricey it's like $60 for like this bottle so if I found a little bit stuffy or like I'm tired it's because I'm a little bit sick I'm gonna prime my face with this Urban Decay quick-fix

Hydra charge complexion prep priming spray woo smells like coconut so I'm gonna start with concealer on my eye I'm gonna take this naked petite heat palette and I'm just gonna use the color hot spell and just put it on my eyes I just kind of blend it on my crease and sometimes it looks a little messed up like right now it looks crazy but I just blend it out until it looks a little better it's blended out and up so funny story guys the reason I haven't posted any videos for this past like two weeks it's because I filmed this entire video like I felt like three videos for you guys and then I was like okay I'm gonna take the next day to just edit everything so when I go to edit dude for some reason like my camera has never done this before but for some reason my lens kept trying to focus on me every time I moved it just kept trying to focus on my face that you could hear the sound of the lens moving and it was so annoying and I don't have an external mic so you could hear like the whole time and it was so annoying I was like there's no way I can edit this like this is so terrible and you know me I tend to be very specific about my videos it

sounds like no I need to reshoot this so I ended up buying a mic basically I ended up just putting the microphone in the light and I filmed an entire video and then when I was editing it like there was no sound because I didn't put a battery on the microphone I was like wow it just really happens to me so I literally had to start all over I had to order batteries and I was like okay how do you do the settings like all this stuff obviously I'm not like a tech person I'm not a professional camera so I had no idea you needed batteries I didn't even know how to turn it on to be honest but now one you put the battery you can see a light so it's like okay it's on so I'm gonna put la girl pro coverage HD foundation and I just got little bit of that this wasn't is in the color warm beige and then I mix it with this BB cream from Maybelline it's called Maybelline Dream BB fresh 8 in one beauty bomb skin Perfector and the reason I like to put this is because this one has like I guess face cream in it I don't know it just tends to leave my face very dewy and I like it and just gonna blend that out so we're just blending it out so now I'm just gonna

contour my face and I'm using this NYX bright idea illuminating steak and then I just blend it out with a brush we're gonna move on to concealer I use Becca ultimate coverage longwear concealer and this one's in the color golden and then I do the LA girl Pro concealer in the color creamy beige so I start with Becca and this color is like the same color as my skin almost and the reason I like using this is because it covers how dark my under eyes are and then I put a lighter one to brighten it now I'm gonna take the lighter one and I'm gonna put it a little bit just in the beginning right here lightly Pat that then I'm gonna take laura mercier translucent powder and this brush don't know what it's called but I just take a little bit of the powder and then I lightly Pat it I can't wait to decorate my tree this is the first year that I like actually decorating in my place so it's pretty exciting I feel like a grown woman now I'm gonna use this beach bronzer by urban decay and Dawn's I love this I just kind of go over what I contour just to make it pop a little bit more and then I do a little bit on my nose but

this is very light so you can see a village I'm gonna take this wonder pencil by NYX and I'm gonna put that on my waterline just like a creamy base color I have really long bottom lashes so I like to put mascara on those to make them pop gotta be careful cuz they're so long that it messes up my under concealer but butter so my eyebrows are something interesting I tend to go over with my makeup remover wipe and I just kind of take off in the corners cuz the concealer tends to start covering my natural eyebrow and I don't like it um so I do have a little bit micro bladed towards the end cuz I used to have like very like round eyebrows and I didn't like that I've always had very bushy brows but they just didn't like really have a shape so my sister helped me micro bleed it and honestly it's been like a year since I've retouched them so they look crazy but I got this thing called soap brows and I saw it on instant I was like I really want to just be able to brush my eyebrows up and they stay pub but nothing I would use was working so I saw this on Instagram and I was

like wow this is genius but honestly you don't even need to buy this it's literally soap in a like in a little campaign it's nothing out of this world so you basically take like a spoolie I think that's what it's called and you spray it with something so I'm gonna spray it with setting spray and then you go over the soap thing and you kind of just put some product in it I'm gonna spray it a little bit more cuz I feel like it's not wet enough it needs to be like moist sorry I know a lot of people don't like that word uh but I just basically once I has product I'm just gonna go over my eyebrows and I brush them up you can kind of see it starting to work just put as much product as you need you might see like the little pieces of the soap but that's kind of going though my lips I know everyone's gonna be wondering what looks like I use so I use this lip liner called mauve and it's by NYX and you have to understand I have darker lips so this color might look different on you but I basically get a color that is almost like not like a cherry color but how can I explain it wait this is not it guys I take that back this is the color it's called

nutmeg by NYX and this one you're gonna see it's not brown but it's like a darker I don't know I really don't know what you call this almost burgundy but not really it just looks perfect don't we--let's so I lined my lips up first third the okay so now that I lined them up they already start to look big I do this trick where I feel like if I darken the middle of my lips it makes it look bigger I don't even know what is it is that I do but I literally just like darken this up right here just so I feel like it's dark enough and then I do the bottom oh my looks a little bit bigger but let me stop now we're gonna put the top lipstick on it it's called to lose by NYX and it's a soft matte lip cream and I love these like I literally have these in so many colors oh I just love this color is freaking Bond so yeah this is pretty much the look no I'm just gonna set it with this setting spray this is the all nighter setting spray by Urban Decay that's pretty much it guys I hope you enjoyed watching make sure to comment below any ideas any requests and of course

subscribe I'll see you guys next time