27 January 2019


MY GO TO GLAM MAKEUP ROUTINE PRODUCTS USED: Becca Cosmetics Backlight Primer Natasha Denona Face Glow Foundation Charlotte Tilbury flawless ...

hello you guys and welcome back to my

channel I'm here today to do just like an easygoing chit chat II kind of show you I feel like I've been done a tutorial in a long-ass time it's been all reviews cuz you know that's what YouTube is these days it's all reviews I never do tutorials anymore but I was like you know what I feel like doing the makeup tutorial and talking to you guys so it's gonna be like I don't know I'm going to call it but like a zero to glam transformation so this isn't going to be like my everyday look because my everyday looks very simple but this is like my go-to look if I'm going for dinner or ID it's like you could tell you're wearing makeup but it's still not in your face if that makes any sense at all so yeah I have nothing on my face not even moisturizer so I'm going to start off with primer so I just kind of my favorite products routine right now to like just what I've been loving so this will kind of show you guys my current favorites as well so first I'm going to be taking the backup backlight primer just pumping like one and a half stuarti squirts and just rubbing it into my face you gotta know I like dewy skin and this is like hydrating it feels like

a moisturizer but it has that luminosity to it that cough has nothing to do with that I don't know trying to drink a lot more water these days I'm trying to lose a little weight so like put in crystal light like the zero calorie one and all my water so that I'm scharping water because otherwise I spend with water so boring I don't get how people like love drinking water or can drink like jugs of water like I just don't get it it's just not the life for me I'm gonna go into my favorite foundation combination right now I like don't even want to use this because I'm running a little mix so sad about it this is a Natasha face flow foundation I did just make a video on my favorite foundations for dry skin if you haven't seen that check it out but this is definitely mentioned in there this is just a really good foundation I said in that video that I bought it before and it was like old or something was separating in a tube and I returned it and then I was convinced to buy it again and it worked wonderfully and my favorite way to blend this out is with a kabuki brush I find that with a Beauty Blender because it's more like a light medium foundation that just kind

of takes away that glow I just feel like it looks so much more beautiful with a brush so as you can see it's pretty decent coverage but you'll see once it's all blended in I hope your thing I always go over my lips of my foundation cuz I find that my skin just looks so pale and my lips are like pink and I was like this is a weird look but then I also think it looks weird when I carve foundation so I don't know so yeah I guess patting motions is what I'm doing I'm not like swirling it around I'm just kind of potting it into the skin and making sure you go down I've got all that good stuff this is a pretty good match for me though which is always a good thing in a foundation I'm gonna do my brows after because otherwise they're gonna get a foundation in them now since that you can probably see there's still a little bit of texture now I kind of just go over it lightly with a Beauty Blender just to press it all in to get rid of any little lines because sometimes when you use a brush it does leave some lines in your face I find like it doesn't look fully melted with your skin so I like just doing this to just melt it into the skin and then

my favorite favorite thing right now is using the charlotte tilbury flawless filter over top with this pretty like wide area but just kind of the highlighted areas but not nothing too particular like not like it's not really a highlighter it's just like a glowy liquid I don't even know how to describe it but freaking magical and then you can go over this with a brush or a Beauty Blender didn't use the Beauty Blender today just cuz it's easier but sometimes I need to brush for that too it keeps the glow a little bit more but see how pretty that looks can you guys tell the difference between what I just put on like it just I'm just a product is the best I think that's my favorite product ever it's not Charlotte Tilbury like I just so yeah that is what the base of what I've been doing looks like then I go in with a concealer I'm not like super picky with concealers I find like I don't like anything too drawing but but the bunch of concealers I like and this is the way I style all our concealer or do you find this does not crease not easily but you have to set it because it will crease because my foundation is so dewy pretty much

anything is going to crease and I just going with that much so not a lot I'm not into like heavy heavy concealer because I do have dry skin and not just outside is it but enough to just you know make you look fresh and not like you have been up awake for hours on ends which I don't I'm a huge sleeper I think I have like the opposite problem sleep deprivation like way too much like I think it's actually I'm gonna be using some of the two-faced what is called Born This Way at the real setting powder I actually really like this setting powder and I see the tiny bit on this chocolate Hill morphe brush this is the jth oh seven I really let the chocolate hello morphe brush collection I'm not an affiliate with morphe I don't hold very much stuff Paul Morphy I didn't get a cent this I bought them all myself and I really think they were a good purchase see how I just kind of blurred onto the eyes and I have such dry under eyes that I've had a lot of setting powders look super dry but I really do like that alright so what I've been doing for contour is I I really like going in with contour first lately and then going over

with a bigger brush and just bronzing my face over top of that so kind of like a double win I mean I know it's kind of a lot of work but when you're going out it's kind of fun to go out and you have the time you know so why not do what you like so my favorite favorite favorite favorite contouring product of all time like not even right now on the ball time is this Dior backstage contour palette I Elana seem to mix all three of these so I'm going to mix these two right now and then sometimes I'll add that darker one in as well if I want like a deeper color but I'm just like you can tell how much I've used this already I'm going to get that that long ago and it is just unreal for pale skin I'm using the Jaclyn hill gho 5 brush here this is a perfect contouring brush that's so funny because when I saw this I don't not gonna like that like it looks itchy with you'd Brussels bristles Brussels bristles Brussels press exposed brick and but no it's really nice and it's just like the perfect and now I'm gonna take this really big fluffy brush this is also a Jacqueline all morphe brush this is the gho - these are pretty jolly brushes they use that's why I like it

you get so many brushes with that kid and I've been really loving this hourglass palette this is the hourglass ambient lighting edit volume for palette and I use this bronzer here when I go out usually because it has a little bit of glow it's not like shimmer but it's glow I just put that all over this fat fat brush this fatty can hardly even fit in this little pan and then I just couldn't go over that little loosely right like it's not as contained it's not a specific to where I put the contour kind of just like don't worry about it go ahead on like see it still it doesn't look crazy because that is a really natural bronzer if I took like they were super pigmented crazy bronzer that would look crazy what I just did but that was really like natural beautiful glowy you know everything we like okay so for blush I can't really say this is my favorite yet because it's new but I can already tell I'm obsessed with it this is the pixie glow glow kick in gilded bear glow you guys know I love Chloe blushes I don't like math blushes usually I know I'm weird but then spike goes from highlight to bronzer to blush

and you can mix it all together and it's like the most beautiful concoction I'll just show you guys and stop talking so I just take this brush because this is like I don't even know what that is it's like dry makeup but where's gonna ignore that this I just take this wow Rochelle this brush makes your blush really diffused and like not all in one place because of how it's so like fluffy so I just take this and I literally go and you can see it picks up quite a bit of product don't worry this thing like doesn't put anything my face is just and then I just kind of go backwards so I start at my cheekbone here like we're smiling without little creases and I go back towards the top of my ear this makes your face look more chiseled more supermodel looks more Gigi Hadid if I wish to just go where we were told to sometimes just put blockages right here deep deep doo-doo make my face look chubbier and we already know this girl's got the roundest face in the world it's insane I want to get jaw fillers to like make my job more chiseled but it's so expensive so yeah just I'm paddling this on

because you guys see how beautiful that is it's like a highlighting blush so same thing on the other side obviously and lately what I would like him to do is take whatever is left on my brush and just on my nose on my forehead and my chin especially with this as it is a highly blush don't you see how it just kind of ties her whole face together otherwise it's a Google white nose and then pink cheeks I don't know if some people do it some people don't I think it's a really cute touch okay now we're gonna go in with highlight I'm first gonna set my face with the morphe continuous setting mix this is like hydrating and makes your makeup last longer I love it it's cheap you can get it too for I know it's awesome I thought this is Laura and it just must touch makes me miss and it smells so good I'm the old smashes bottle of it bought it like a month ago yeah my highlights messy I have a lot of favorite highlights but when I go out at night my favorite ever is dose of colors I love Sarah II it's soul mate now this came out like what maybe three months ago and I put a big dent on this like you guys

know how much makeup I have yet this highlighter just steals my soul every time like it looks like it's gonna be so dark in the pan and then just wait for this like it's just I just I can't like a champagne gold that still works on pale skin which is a very rare I have a hard time finding this and the L R easy highlights are like the only gold highlights that work for me really you know there are a few others but those are my favorite look how wet that looks it's just I don't have anything like this I'm not gonna take my milk makeup brow gel it is in the darkest color and just run through my brows okay so the face is done no I really wanted eyes I don't have a particular palette I always use but I do like using pretty much all matte shadows which might be surprising because I never really do that on my channel but I like like a smoky neutral eye if that makes any sense when is youmu it a little bit and today you think pal that I've only used like twice before but you said on the weekend when I was during the week when I was going on a date and I was like damn this is actually really nice and I'm not usually a huge fan so I think

what I'm gonna do first is I'm just going to go into the shade smarty pants which is right here it's just like a neutrally cool toned Brown I guess and just start buffing that into Mike so I'm just like honestly not even just in the crease and put it all over my lid right now so taking out one color and just first buffing it everywhere kind of but still keeping the shape nice gonna take the shape of gravel right here and I'm just going to blend that in the outer V so just kind of small circling motions kind of bringing it along the lash line as well and now I'm just gonna focus on the lash line so this can also be messy it's almost like an eyeliner but a shadow liner so you want to start thicker on the outside obviously and then kind of just go in a diagonal I've been really loving a shadow liner it's just I just like the effect it gets it's just smoky and sexy super sexy all right so just blending that over so that is what it's looking like so far this mascara is so good I've never really heard anyone talking about I did get sent this to me so y'all know how expensive it I might be really expensive his white cell but

this curls my lashes like crazy I really love it usually with mascara I'm like I'll just get drugstore mascara there's sound like the better than sex and this one and the nerves one that are really good the nervous climax one's really good at the red bottle one but I really like this one I don't know it just curls my lunch lashes and gets length and like just the right amount of Club you know I like a little pump but not too too clumpy so these are just I don't even know what lashes I cut up I've had them for a while but this is what they look like so just a little tiny piece with a flare on the edge so I know this one's going on my right I think it's longer on the right side and this just gives that kind of cat eye effect lifts your eye makes it a little more glam glam you know and I'm just using the duo lash glue this is not my favorite lash glue or like the house of lashes lash glue way better but I don't have it right now so you can see how that just makes the smallest yet significant difference at least in my mind I don't know I feel like it make just lifts my eye up and makes me look like a little more glamorous but you're not like oh my god

that girls lashes are clashes a cray cray the last step of this you know Rochelle diamond night out zero to 100 blam is a nude lip so I'm going in with this lip liner this is called body Oh Rafi Heather berry lip pencil I got this from the December I kind of talked about during this December boxycharm it's a really nice nude just like a darker mami nude I guess now I'm going in with the Kim kW Charlotte Tilbury lipstick my favorite name ever and you guys are a nude lover you need this lipstick it is temporary thing and then my favorite gloss at the moment which is the bite Beauty a flat white French press lip gloss it's like empty my beauty these are getting discontinued I cannot mine's empty and I need like ten of these is my kind of go to neutral glam look I hope you guys enjoyed this video let me know in the comments below any video ideas you want me to film I'm back on the YouTube train pulling out as you can see I've posted like a couple videos in the past week cheers to me no I'm just kidding but seriously because I'm usually terrible of posting YouTube video so trying to be more

consistent yeah please subscribe to my channel if you guys are in here hey I hope you enjoyed this video and yeah I love you guys and let me know if you try out this look for if you like what your kind of go to tonight look is as well okay see you guys soon