16 March 2019


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hey what's up you guys welcome back

welcome back welcome to my very first exact video what am i doing I don't know but I know you guys I've been waiting for this video since like four years cuz I have been saying since like my freshman year hey guys but I've never actually done it's like here's like the big thing like I'm actually out here doing this little thing anyways it's our first video so I thought we should do a Q&A you know I have to do a Q&A like you guys have to get her know me better and you know all that good shit so when my social medias and I you know I dropped Lipsy I dropped a link Lipsy and said you know click on it ask me two questions what you guys let me know well you guys want me to answer on here so yeah your first question rodeo moon or Astro load oh ok anyways um I don't know I like okay don't get me wrong both albums are great both albums have great songs but I have more favorites on Rodeo than I do it a stroll so I guess yeah I guess my my answer is rodeo rodeo over asteroids yeah next question where are you from in hell what are you I am from Topeka Kansas and I am 17 years old

expression me prefer coffee or tea I like coffee better than see I don't even like tea tea is really disgusting I really don't understand people can drink that teas disgusting period coffee's better next question what is your biggest fear I have two first one I hate birds like they either I am terrified of them like if you have a bird get away from me please I'll literally cry you shit my pants like I remember okay so this is how it all happened so in my backyard we used to have the chickens and and usually when you walk by them they like walk away or like move you know but this chicken was walking towards me and I was like move like I was like kind of scary it you know like mmm and like it didn't go away it jumped on my leg put his claws behind me and I started flapping its wings and I like I just like a look that I was like freaking out oh my god you know like crying I was like oh my god and I started crying and I just ran back inside and ever since I've never been in our backyard ever again yeah I just can't like ever since that day I became terrified of birds

amber like once I mean my family went to the Denver Zoo and like there's just like house were like birds are like not locked up so so we did so like I didn't want to go in there in the first place like I I kind of cried you know it's like no I didn't cry but like my eyesight she I was like please I really don't want to go in there I'm scared like it's fine I'm gonna happen so else we're going in like we're like pretty far in so my sister my mom shoot gaps trash she throws it and she was like go get it oh I started to cry I'm just like you cannot make me go get because like yeah Jackie we can't litter so she did that on purpose guys like she made she I'm thinking about it and I really wouldn't cry because who does this anyone seriously like my other my other biggest fear is the ocean or water or whatever like any big body of water scares me and I just like think about like how deep it is and maybe I think is cuz I can't swim that scares me because I'm just like imagining myself drown I mean just imagine like how deep in like the fishes tragic scare you what's a weird habit of yours I don't know I fuck I have so many

weird it's like I don't know I really don't want to say cuz I think you guys might think I'm weird like weird but I'm I'm not like I don't know so I guess I'll say some I oh my god I don't know why I'm like so nervous to say it's not because I feel like you guys have been things like that most psycho like a weirdo oh I just want to say okay so my friend am I gonna say her name but my friend she used to eat bar soaps crazy right I was like you're disgusting she was like no you should try it so what does what what do I do try it I like it a bit okay it's not that I like start eating it every day Bullock guys please don't think that I'm weird I I don't do it anymore just not just no I don't do it anymore like I just I wouldn't down like a full sized off and then start eating it you know but I I would like once in a while like maybe like once a month I would like you know like so the thing is you do bar soap and you like kind of scrape it off to where like it comes off dry but it's really good like damn am i bad for like hell yes I try no don't try it but I mean it wasn't awful tasting

okay oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh so like yeah I guess one say eat bars of soap but I don't do that anymore it's not that I would oh my gosh not that I would wear like - like as a - like where it became a meal but like I will enjoy like I don't know like when I was like wait let me just go like try it you know or when I'm in the shower you know like hey this tastes like and then scrape it off just taste it I wouldn't you like bite it off like no like and we'll be like tiny chunks yeah yeah or there's also one I like paper like I am like the told that you put in your kitchen table I was just like chew on that why I still do to this day I'd like to hang on them I don't know but I don't you on them a lot like I don't know he says I don't know why like I just I just like I I'll be like sitting down on my phone grab paper take a bite throw the rest away and like I'll just you want yeah I'm just so on the rest my mom gets like me in trouble she'll go what are you doing stop doing that but guys I'm not weird I don't know I'm just like aggravated foot like this person because like I

don't want to say you guys to try it but like if you guys how did tried it don't say that I'm weird or like it's awful because you guys don't know so I don't know do you want kids and how many yes I doing kids call me crazy whatever you want but I want five I thought I want five or six all my friends are like no one to know I want five I want five or six kids so you know I don't know I just I know like at first they're gonna be like a pain in the ass but I just like think about like how big I want my family to be yeah five or six definitely many assuming so you have I have two baby brothers one is 11 when is 8 just get it there are they're both they're both sisters for all girls home has 3 girls and I am the favorite in that hits all right what is your favorite I really don't know what my favorite meal is like I'm such a picky eater but like I don't know like when it comes to foods I'm like afraid of training food because like I'm just I don't know I'm just I stick to like what I already you know like I don't want to try new things but I can say Chaim Chinese food I don't that's like my

least favorite food like I only like the brown rice and like this chicken like on a stick but like open that I won't eat Chinese food like I'll pass on that or seafood seafood is disgusting like I can't stand seafood I only sleep something out eat is shrimp no sure this bomb but like I don't know like I really don't know like I just eat the same shit we don't leave like I'm I don't literally eat the same things over and over but you know what I mean like I don't I don't like trying new foods um I don't know what my favorite meal is so I don't know I don't know that one so how tall am I I am 5 3 yeah oh damn I okay oh my favorite fruit um [Music] strawberries I love strawberries like strawberry everything except strawberry milk soy milk is disgusting Oh a strawberry ice cream strawberry cake strawberry like serving the frozen army everything's sorry when it comes to milk remember strawberry milk is disgusting and blame you plant plain old milk uh-huh plain milk it's where is that I think I'm gonna go ahead and close the video ow so make sure you guys like comment share

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