19 April 2016



hey gorgeous people I am here to talk

about a really superficial topic today it's not going to be in-depth or health-related hardly at all but somebody did ask me this question the other day and it's one that I wanted to answer for you guys so the question was what kind of mascara to use and although some of you might not be into makeup if you were ever into makeup you know that as like a teenage kid or at least this was my experience I would always think to myself for whatever reason okay if I was stranded on an island and I could only pick one item of makeup to have with me what would it be can you guess yeah okay mascara you guys mascara is like my number one sometimes I don't even wear anything else besides mascara I'm actually out of my face makeup so you like today is just like I'll tiny bit of concealer a little bronzer you know some eye makeup but I don't do like a ton ton ton of makeup on mascara is just like always my thing and I've always my whole life and astok are you wearing fake eyelashes are those eyelash extensions no I was born and blessed with long eyelashes but mascara the type mascara use definitely does make a difference some people say that

it doesn't I have used a lot of different kinds of mascara and in my opinion it definitely it definitely makes a difference so okay obviously my mascara is 100% vegan and cruelty free I would not have it any other way and I have tried several vegan mascaras when I first went vegan I wasn't necessarily concerned about the mascara being natural so I just looked up like the list that's on you know PETA or whatever to see which ones were vegan and cruelty free and all of that so I would use some of those which were your standard brands you could still get them in a Walgreens or whatever and then I found out about 100% pure so I tried their mascara say this is awfully not and it smelled really good and it smelled like blueberries and black tea because I think that's what it's made out of it wasn't my favorite I liked it but I only used it for a few months it wasn't my favorite I was still looking for something that was going to be a little bit better and then my now friend Nicole opened up a store nearby where I was working at the time at a juice store and she opened up the store that was like all natural products you know face

products hair makeup everything you can think of and majority of everything she carries is vegan so I tried this mascara and I absolutely loved it and I've been buying this mascara from her for the last two years not only is it vegan but it's there she has this whole list of ingredients that she doesn't allow anything into her store that has this list of toxic ingredients so she's very careful about what she allows in there which just makes me feel safe going in there I don't feel like I'm gonna be using any toxic products and it's just pretty much awesome so the mascara that I use first of all I'll show you guys you can see I know like it looks let's see can we get it working with a new camera here okay so those are my real eyelashes I'm not a perfectionist with my makeup so like you know some people might have some pretty winged whatever I don't it's just it is what it is that is what my mascara looks like up close okay so yes I have really long eyelashes naturally but this mascara I definitely enhances them it's just my favorite like I haven't used anything else ever since she was gonna stop carrying it for a while and I was like Nicole you cannot

stop carrying mascara it's my favorite thing ever you have to keep carrying it so like I said I've been using it for about two years have not switched to anything else had not even wanted to try anything else because I'm in love with this one my girlfriend uses this one too and she really likes it as well so this is brand and uhm I buy it from like I said in my friend's store cuz I am all about supporting small businesses of any kind especially when it's a friend of mine or someone that I know so the store is called wild ginger apothecary and luckily for you guys she has an online store so if you were interested in buying mascara you can go to her online store at wild ginger apothecary calm I will link that down below and she has made a discount code for me since I made a youtube channel she was like look you know your followers want to buy some things like just give them this discount code it's Kate flowers lower case or I don't even think the case matters one word Kate flowers I will also leave that down below for a 10% discount if you guys are interested in getting that this mascara or if you know somebody

who's interested in switching over to some vegan or all-natural makeup I have some other vegan makeup products that I'm out of right now so I'm waiting to get those back in and if you guys want me to do a like vegan makeup review or let you know all of the vegan makeup products that I use please let me know down below and I will absolutely make that happen for you as for now you now know what kind of mascara I use and that my eyelashes are not fake or extensions or any of that these are my real eyelashes and this mascara is amazing you guys I absolutely love it so go get yourself some let me know what you think and that's about it leave me any comments and questions if you guys have another favorite brand that I might not have heard of that's all-natural and vegan at this point because this gets checked off in both of those categories I'm not gonna look elsewhere like I'll probably always use this mascara it's that good I love it that much but still if you guys want me to take a look at something else let me know and I will down below any other comments and questions leave them there give me a thumbs up if you liked this video I like

why can't I get it to be clear when I do that I don't understand there we go I'm still playing this new camera anyway guys so don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already and I hope you're having an awesome day or night and I will talk to you soon