14 January 2019

My Favorite MAKEUP PRODUCTS for the year of 2018 | monica2020cute

Hi Guys! This is Monica hope you guys like it. My Favorite MAKEUP PRODUCTS for the year of 2018 | monica2020cute Hope you guys like it :) Hope you guys ...

hi guys welcome back to my channel and

today's is 2019 and welcome for 2019 but now today's video is my favorite makeup product for 2018 so there's a lot of products here and you know how many will be let's get started our video but now first thing that I'm gonna show to you guys is the one that I finish it already is the setting spray of the Milani make make it last so this is the one the like finish is almost gone and probably gonna throw it already this because I already opened a new one so I have to but the other one is empty so it means because the product is empty already it means I really like it so I really really like this one and I use this so this is the new one it's still the same product see still the same packaging so I really like this one because it's like lightweight when you spray it just when you spray it's like a water but it's really really nice in your skin so if you guys if you guys want this just buy mostly in here the products is in drug stores so don't SPECT in high product so now next one is the setting spray to but this is from Korea I like this one because it smells like baby powder so when you spray this make sure before you spray this you need to shake it so the

powdery on the bottom will mix the water so this is the micro-fine all control fix mix so this is from Korea my sister bought this for me yeah I like the smell too because it's much baby powder next one foundation that I really like and the new foundation that I'm currently using first one foundation is the Maybelline fit me more matte and poreless so this is the first foundation that I use I think not very very first but I think this is the very first product not really short but I feel like this one I'm still have few more here and new foundation that I really like is Easter first a full coverage foundation so this is the maybelline superstay foundation the very new one so this is the one the shade of this one is not the same shade as my Maybelline fit me this the shade of my Maybelline fit me is 230 natural love so I bought a wrong shade but I still like it I thought the shade that I have in fit me even fit me is saying that I got here but no the shade of this one is 220 natural beige natural beige so it's still good and the share of this one is my the shade of the power may be louder the powder Maybelline fit me so

still good though it's not waste of my money when I bought this so I like the shade of this one too so the primer they are like it's a lot first thing first is the elf mineral infused face primer primer I like this one it's like silicone if you guys can see like silicon just only white thing see you and I do this it's so soft I like that one it's like the same as this primer and that's the very first one that I use but I don't have it anymore because it's all kind maybe I'll put it next time but I want to finish other primer that I have so next primer that I usually use Rimmel stay matte if you guys watch my other videos I already do a video for this one oh I'm not sure what title is that but it's like when I'm doing makeup so this is it is the one the colors this is white but it's really really nice too so this is it looks like when you spread it yeah it's smooth - but it's motor than this but I still like it even though it's not smooth like this but it's still smooth guys so if you guys want this by knees - so my very favorite primer lately I already finished now I have already finished a very example of it so

I really like it this is this is the one that I finished this is the Smashbox photo-finish I still have one more free that I got so I can use this first before this before this one the real packaging of the Smashbox primer next one is my concealer only consider that I'm using because I really like it this is the Maybelline fit me concealer this is my second one already so this is a new one now already so I already throw the other one I think I forgot to save it for you guys to show to you guys so I already throw the old one so this is a new maybe fit me concealer so I like this one too I usually I usually if I don't like foundation to put in my face I usually use this maybe fit me concealer and I really like this one my shade here is 25 meet you so yeah now you guys already saw this the lip and cheek tint that I want lately I bought this in two months ago I think I'm not really sure but I like this three three shades of the dear darling tint so this one this one in the shade of pko old for no no this is a lightest one like this one next one is the Rd 307 so

this is the medium one medium one the one I really usually use for my cheeks this is the first thing that I use in my lips and cheeks so I do like this color too and this one is the Rd 306 this is the darkest one so this is the darkest one I guess when you just use it email lips and not sometimes I mix this one as a dark and this one is a light but this is a light one guys and this is the dark one and one more thing that I like is the this is mostly I use useful even when I went in here in st. Paul this is the one I use when you use for my lips so this is the darling dear darling tint in the shade of O R 204 usually I use in my lips so I really like the consistency I don't have any something in my lips so I'm gonna try it from you guys I usually just put it inside [Music] we seen a color I like the color it's popping out so for my blush I have two kinds here this the first one that I'm gonna show it to you is the Disney tart that I really like it when you use the tight just tip once and then you put in your cheeks then spread your cheeks so this start in

the shade of or point a I have a new tart but I do not use it yet but this is the one I'm using I like the colors this one the new one that I have something in there it's a bit lighter I'm gonna use that one next time and the next blush that I want that I just currently using is this blush to go from Sephora it's a stick blush stick one miss bc bc when you apply this like this but i don't twist it because I don't like to so when I use this I just do this I think one one or two line and then you spread it like this then this one to two lines spread the powder I'm using is the Rimmel superspies inside still okay nothing break so I'm glad only the cover next one is the gooftroop brow pencil this in the shade of number three but this one is already empty but you know guys when I use this one don't take a lots of product when you apply just a little bit product here because you put too high it will break when you apply it so be careful guys so now I bought a new one this is the benefit goof proof brown pencil in the shade of treat so same thing but it is a large one because I bought I bought the with the thing a

brush so this is the shape the real shape of the eyebrow pencil so here is the spoolie I'm gonna say it's fully the brush and it's on instant go so guys when you use this one make sure the amount of the product you're gonna put it on is a little bit like this or maybe a little bit more because when you apply it can break sometimes so guys be careful when you use this one okay so this is what it looks like it's brown it's look like this guy so hi guys one more for Hubble but I've just forgot this one so this is the Maybelline tattoo studio protein fans so I'll they like this one too when I don't use my bro Benefield brow pencil I use this one alternate but I mostly use this one guys I like this one because the spoolie is like this look at this like you have you can make line grow your eyebrows you can make right so I'm gonna I think this color is smidgeon Brown so 360 medium brown this is the shade this is the of it the two here is the shade of the the two Maybelline tattoo bro so yeah there's a line turn so you can make a fake hair in your eyebrow so this is the benefit I brought this is the

Maybelline the two eyebrows so this is the first one that I'm using before the broken seal so I think that's it for today and hope you guys like it and have a wonderful year it's already 2019 so be happy guys and hope you like it and don't forget to Like subscribe and comment down below from you guys and see you on my next I'll go bye [Music]