06 June 2019

My Fave Face Tutorial | My Most-Loved Brushes & #TeamProjectPan Makeup Products

Hi friends! Today we're talking face products. This tutorial features my go-to process for my base makeup, some very well loved #TeamProjectPan face products ...

hi friends strangers and net I am here

today to do a face tutorial of my go to base products so I'm gonna get started and I'll kind of talk through how I approach my base makeup as I've been doing it so I have my skincare on I usually do the serums and eye moisturizer eye cream on a day-to-day basis I don't wear traditional foundation so I'm starting with a SPF with some color in it this was something I got in like a skincare gift set color science face shield it has SPF 50 and I don't think it adds much coverage wouldn't be a video without something klutzy happening like foundation of my dress okay I'm back in a different dress and that's why I normally go in with my fingers rather than that drip drop technique and basically you can just use your hands if you don't like using your hands you could use a sponge with this product but the reality is that the sponge absorbs so much of this and this is such a sheer product that I don't want it to go to waste you probably also use a dense foundation brush but it really is here just a little bit of SPF to start the day I'm pretty lucky to have pretty good skin and I don't love the feeling of

foundation on my skin I usually use a Shearer BB cream or SPF style base and then I let concealer do the heavy lifting for me my current favorite concealer is the Too Faced boar this way multi-use sculpting concealer the part of the face that I'm most self-conscious about but I want coverage for on my under eyes and a little bit of the redness on my nose if I'm doing a day to day and I'm not on camera I would probably put on like about this much going to blend this out and then see if I want more coverage my favorite sponge is the shot miss a Papa soft sponge it's less than two dollars I bought like six or seven at one time once I fell in love with it because it's just it's really nice it's soft and squishy it has a good shape it gets threatened here really well and then it's good for all over I really love this much I typically wait to blend out under-eye concealer is the very last step because that's one of those tricks that I think most people are aware of now but basically if you let that concealer dry a little bit it won't shear out as badly with the

sponge for a day-to-day look this is probably all the concealer that I would put on I'm feeling a little extra today though so now I usually put a little my chin up so I'm putting a little bit more right here where I see the darkest part of my circles I could also color correct first with like a peachy corrector I used to do it up do that all the time and then I got lazy and I stopped doing that sometimes I feel like this two-faced color is perfect for me and sometimes it feels too dark so one thing that I do I set my full face I love the way this looks right now without any powder but I know myself especially because I wear glasses if I don't set everything it just becomes a smeary mess I'm not extremely oily by any means I'm more of a normal combo skin type but I just cannot do the no powder face so speaking of powder I use two powders for this next step I use the Too Faced peach perfect setting powder underneath my eyes and then I use our CMA no color powder which I've decanted into a little cover effects powder container I use this powder on the rest of my

because I'm trying to use it up and I don't like the way it looks underneath my eyes but it's perfectly fine for like the the outer portions of my face so the peach perfect powder I do have the sifter taken out and I go in with this sponge and I get a pretty small amount and then I just focus it right in here you might be able to pick up on camera this powder will turn me a little bit peachy colored if I go into heavy the brush that I like for my under eyes which it would used for this side is something with this kind of shape so this is a morphe brush I own two or three morphe brushes I got on clearance at Ricky's I don't love that the brand and you know all the drama and stuff so I also just have a small amount of powder on there I actually think he brush it might be a better choice for me because it applies the powder a little less intensely I do love my sponge but this is actually a really nice tool I also use the peach perfect powder right here and in my nose the peach perfect powder sets this area and kind of locks things in very nicely it is a more expensive powder that's why I use it more selectively right here

I'll get a lessons I get transfer from my glasses and same with my nose I tend to lose coverage on my nose right very quickly and then the rest of my face can just get this one my favorite powder brush for all over the face is the big boy from Sonia Kashuk this is a great brush it's about twenty dollars so it's not the same as a wet and wild or Real Techniques brush but it's also not with the cost of a Tom Ford or Sonny G brush so I go in on the outsides of my face with the rst of main you know color powder I'm pretty willy-nilly with this powder you get so much powder for the cost by the time I'm done with my makeup I'm usually covered with powder once we have the face all set I will go into the more color products blush bronzer I have the Physicians Formula butter bronzer it's depotted because I can't stay in that packaging I believe I bought it when they only had one color but I think now it's the white one so I focused that on my cheekbones kind of as a blush bath blush placement is how I think about it and this is the wet and wild duo fiber brush I always do my forehead my nose [Music]

I'm pretty messy with this placement that's kind of my go-to Oh a bonus of this whole face is that these are all products I have in my year-long rollin project pan I'm doing team project pan that was started by the women behind Beauty news Kat and Hayley well I've been doing that for the whole year just a way to get me to consistently use products that I've neglected I have two blushes in my product pan and they both happen to be two-faced you would think from this video that I'm like a die-hard two-faced fanatic I'm kind of neutral on the brand and I'm not super happy with the owner Jared he is problematic as they're their face products though I obviously have a thing for blushes from them I bought all at like Marshalls or TJ Maxx these are both of their their love blush blushes a mini and a full-size they may have discontinued these which is unfortunate because I do like them and we have Baby Love and justify my love I think today I'm feeling more of a pinky pink the next brush I'm going to use is from Ecotools it's like a big sister to the eye setting brush I find this is a really nice shape and size for blush placement

I usually start them the apples of my cheeks and just go all the way up I had a bit to the tip of my nose and sometimes I even throw it up there where the bronzer is yeah pretty much all over next step in my routine is the most impactful and that's highlight now my highlighter collection is over-the-top it's ridiculous I struggle with finding highlighters though that are light enough for me one highlighter that I just love is Oprah pillow-talk this is a mini size and it's pretty beat-up it's been refreshed and then I've also hit pan on it it's in my project pan but I love this highlighter my favorite highlighter brush is chopped miss a a Oh a studio brush visit a dollar I think it's just fantastic it's supposed to be a dupe of a sigma brush that's super popular I don't own that one it's somewhat similar to this Real Techniques brush although this brush is bigger and fluffier the denseness of this brush helps you get that highlighter that makes you go [Music] this brush paired with this highlighter it's not a joke so I always start my

highlighter right here but somebody in my comments I have to find them too it was a while back mentioned that I should bring my highlighter down further and I have to thank that person because that has made all of the difference in the world so I bring it down pretty far I also bring it up so that you get this whole C shape and glow the other thing that I do not everybody's gonna be into once the product has mostly been deposited I actually bring the brush down and basically create a slightly glowy blush the reason why I do that I have a hard time knowing where to stop my highlighter and how to have it blend together nicely so this motion just brings the blow down and the the majority of the glow is here is right here and here but then it doesn't have like a harsh stop line down here Pat it up here and I haven't dipped back in yet I'm still just using whatever happens to be left over I'm going to highlight the chin I do a fairly light highlight the buffing motion really helps most highlighters get into the skin and I think it's actually like the pearls that are in the pigment that buffing motion

helps the pearl shine more it's like shining them up and to this side and doing this creating this C shape is also automatically highlighting my brow bone for my nose I prefer sticking to the bridge of the nose for the glorious part but sometimes I will go down a little bit on so that Bowl I'll do a little bit this highlight so right now I'm three damn glowy but if you're feeling over at the top I dip back in and I go back for layer two again this is just me being excessive at this point but the reflective shine that that pillow-talk highlighter gives me makes it hard to step away layer two is just in these cheekbone areas so I think that is officially glowy enough so you're thinking okay you're done right the glow is done oh no there's one more step buffing my face has become my new favorite technique for buffing I use a glowy powder this is the wet and wild reserve your Cabana bronzer that's how it's marketed it's also depotted because I hate bulky packaging it's a gorgeous powder for the face I heard about it for so long I think Tara baby loves it Laci from

Luque lips and fat hips loves it and I have one in my collection for a long time and I wasn't using it and then a few months back and I threw it into my project camp and now I'm really sad it's discontinued and I'm also really sad that wet and wild is kind of problematic right now but their whole cruelty-free status there's way better resources out there that have more information on that but I'm aware of it and I'm I'm unsure how I'm moving forward with with wet and wild as a frame the other point of buffing a couple of things buffing will help meld together products so for perhaps it will blend together this a little bit more it also dials down some of product so like this is a little strong for me the bronzer a little strong this buffing motion the actual motion and the powder will help dial back if you don't want to dial something back you would skip that area when you're buffing and I also am not shy about how much powder I pick up maybe this so for me this powder and this motion helps give my skin and all-over glow there's obviously a decent amount of highlighter there that's doing the trick

as well but this helps me create a glow that looks like I'm glowing from within in some ways but I have a set transfer proof face everyone out there that's doing all cream products and looking beautiful and gorgeous and glowy go for it but I need to powder my face and have like a a match generally transfer proof face that powder being discontinued is super annoying you could definitely use a more bougie product like the hourglass loose or pressed and yet light powders these are really nice for that technique but another drugstore option that that is also cruelty free is the Milani prep set and globe powder I don't see it in every display but if they have it it's next so they're like they're compact white pressed translucent powder it only comes in one color which is also annoying but it's a very very nice glowy finishing powder that is a great option if you want to try this technique and you don't want to you throw down ridiculous amounts of money to do so we're almost done and I have two more products because I'm over the top I have two different sprays that I use I first go in with just a water style sprays what I call these so this could be Mario

Badescu this could be fix plus I will go in with this first and then I will set it with an all nighter or other style setting spray my thoughts with two sprays is that this will go in and help with the the dryness that it initially feels right now and then this will actually set the face do you need these two sprays not at all but if I'm feeling extra extra I use the two and I'm not shy about how much I put on have a fan because I'm impatient and this is my face done is I'm not talking through this this is a precooked process for me I can add brow gel and mascara and in under 10 minutes I'm basically out the door I have done enough talking about my face based situation I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial if you liked it feel free to give me a like leave me a comment if you have any questions subscribe if you feel like staying around and seeing what's next on my channel and have a wonderful day everybody I will see you again real soon bye friends