09 July 2019


Jawbreaker Palette Makeup Tutorial: https://youtu.be/iJSbvJV6nCY MY EYESHADOW PALETTE COLLECTION 2019 https://youtu.be/uyYpws0Br5Q ...

abb hey everyone today I'm gonna be

showing you my updated eyeshadow palette collection I've recently gotten a few new palettes and I've also gotten rid of some ballots so I thought I would do an updated collection and then I will also be doing a declutter video very soon as that you guys seem to love those so as you guys can see here we have like this little section where I have like smaller palettes my 9-pound color pot palettes and then I have some jeffree star palettes first I have the mini breaker palette I got this in the bundle where you got the jawbreaker pot and the mini breaker palette for seventy five US dollars this is such a beautiful palette it does come with a mirror which is great this is what the palette looks like and it is honestly gorgeous I haven't used this on my eyes yet but I'm definitely going to ice washed it which I will insert swatches now just such a a beautiful palette and I love that it's small I do wish that he would have had all new colors rather than using bubblegum and bite me which is already in the jawbreaker palette but whatever over here I most of my color pop and 9 pan palette it's my pleasure is one of my favorites because it's

purple this is what it looks like earth shine is probably my favorite shade from this palette it is such a beautiful shade that's what oh wow so I'll swatch or shine for you guys whoa that is look at how reflective that is so yeah as you guys can see this is like a pretty amazing palette next we have the UH la la palette which is a pink tone palette opulent is my favorite shade this is just such a beautiful pink toned variety and I like that it does have a few neutral shades at one of my most recent color pop purchase is the main squeeze palette which is just a red toned palette of course all the 9 pan palettes come with a mirror this is just a beautiful red palette I got this because I don't have any shades like this plus the shade juicy-fruit is just stunning after that we have just my luck and if I'm being honest I was very disappointed in this palette the shades don't blend as well as I think they should they are very um hard to blend but I mainly keep this because of the eye shadow mary-jane because it's just such a beautiful metallic green color like like oh look at that ignore my nails please but like

like how gorgeous that is such a pretty color next we have the blue moon palette and I haven't even touched this yet like I haven't swatched it or anything but it is so beautiful I'm really excited to try it I'm most excited for lumi dhaba d fine china and Billie Jean those are just such beautiful shadows next for eyeshadow palettes I have the two NYX ultimate palettes the reason why I got these is because they were on sale and I don't have like I didn't have a ton of bright palettes and I wanted to try these out I've never used NYX before so I still don't ride these and then of course we have the dose of colors fornication palette this is one of the most beautiful palettes that I um the metallics are just amazing and make the entire palette worth at the price next for eyeshadow pouts we have the UH Nomad at palette this is their pastel palette it is absolutely stunning I still haven't used it yet which is like the story of my life because of my chronic pain it makes it hard to do anything but I'm so excited to try this and I hope the quality is great so next pots we have are my other jeffree star palettes this is the alien

palette I absolutely adore this palette it's just such a unique and pretty color I love the shades pluto alien-abduction gravity phone home moon rock interstellar like I love most of these shadows I just wish it wasn't I wish it was a little less bulky with the eyes but besides that I do love it and we have the blue blood palette which of course is very bulky this is one of my main complaints about this palette is just how bulky it is because I can't fit it in any of my organizers but it is beautiful when you open it up you get a big mirror and then you get the palette this is the most beautiful blue palette I have ever seen personally I really like it I've only used it once but the look I did do I did like and I've seen some some very beautiful looks that I'm definitely gonna try to recreate at some point but yeah I just really love the jeffree star shadow formula as you guys can probably tell but my favorite shade is definitely Blue Monday and I also loved flourishing just too a very beautiful shades plus the beers a nice size too so and then finally for over here we have the jawbreaker palette which is the most

beautiful palette of 2019 like and I wish I was kidding I'm not this is like the most beautiful palette in my opinion so you open it and bada-bing you got the beautiful palette I love this I've done a look using this which I will link in the cards right now but but oh my god you guys this is my favorite palette of the year so far it is so beautiful so pigmented and blends like a dream I haven't done swatches yet because 28 sheets is a hell of a lot to swatch but I will definitely get around to doing it sometime soon but yeah I really love it and I do love that it comes with a palette and it's also slim it's not bulky like blueblood next I have these three wet-and-wild palettes they're just from the rose collection and then I have the a melt radioactive stack melt stacks are beautiful but these have so much fallout my one one big complaint matter how you shut these you're gonna get eyeshadow everywhere it's over here as you can see this is where I keep my mini breaker palette I then have the proceed with caution Shayla and colour-pop palette I haven't used this one either of course but it is very very beautiful and I picked it up

because I thought the shades looked really really pretty I have two of the neon hoody biele palettes I have the neon pink sand neon oranges I got rid of the neon greens but this palette is absolutely gorgeous this is the pinks and this is the orange which I still haven't used yet but it's so pretty I ended up decluttering the green one to my friends and she liked it I formed the other hyouta Beauty palette I have electric obsessions which just looks like that have amethyst obsessions this is my favorite one out of the bunch I love it so so much of course because it's purple my next favorite is the emerald green which has these beautiful green tones of course and then we have the topaz obsessions which looks like this this may end up being decluttered eventually because I don't really reach for it but for now it's in my collection and I do really like it then here we have the color pop sweet-talk palette which is absolutely gorgeous but I'm still not sure if I'm gonna keep this I use this once I use this once and I don't know how I feel about it it's beautiful but I'm gonna have to try it out more I'm mainly keeping it for the

glitters honestly hopefully they come out with individuals but yeah this just wasn't my favorite palette so I'll have to try it more next we have the color pop a good sport palette which you guys know is my absolute favorite color pop palette I think because abb is my favorite eyeshadow in a palette ever as you can see the little messy even though I haven't used it in like ages but I really do love this palette which I said about basically every single one which is wider in my collection we have the huda beauty new nude which is okay and one of my favorites I love the glitters I love the other shades I basically love everything in this palette it's such a versatile palette in my opinion I just think this concealer is useless though I would have rather had a shadow than a pointless concealer when we have the elf MJ kiss about I haven't even touched this yet I really should I mainly got this because I love J kissa and I really loved these shades I ended up decluttering my backup to a friend just because I didn't think I need about so I have this color pop empty palette and I have it filled with all of their

individual glitter shades the reason we came up with a palette that had off the glitter shades and since I already had majority of them my friend decided to buy the other ones off of me so yeah yes everything that I have talked about I got with my own money if I didn't then I will state so in the description but yes I basically pay for everything myself these glitters are beautiful I'm seriously so stoked to try all these behind that we have the misunderstood palette I'm mainly keeping this because it's a vivillon clap i don't really touch this like ever but the packaging is cute the names are cute and I mean Disney Villains I love Disney and I love the villains alright now let's get into abh territory now funny enough I only have three abh palettes I've decluttered all my other ones so round of applause to me first of all we have the Riviera palette beautiful beautiful beautiful I do really love this the mats are beautiful the metallic shades are beautiful I think this is such a perfect palette for the summer in spring next I recently picked up the Alyssa Edwards

Nastasia palette when it hits the forest since I wasn't about to go pay $50 in customs from a beaches website and this palette looks so pretty but as you guys can see I haven't touched it yet I haven't watched it I'm doing anything with it yet again just been way too sick but I really really really enjoy these colors and I'm excited to use these two purple and blue shades I love them plus a level Asst Edwards next for a BH we have the norvania palette which is I mean it's purple you guys know I had to get this it's so pretty again haven't used it much but I'm going to see if I will use it more before deciding if I might clutter this or not I have the gemini palette by melt cosmetics beautiful palette not much I can say about it formulas beautiful it's beautiful then we have the 27 palette by mount cosmetics because I am a palette whore eyelet whore I don't know if you guys can see that but this shade is like cracking which is like not good but alright so yeah I mainly got this palette for the maps but I do really like this I think this is more of a fall palette for me the next palette we have is the morphe 39s which is this big-ass

purple palette so big it's so purple I love it now I sound like a broken record but I haven't tried this on my eyes yet I did swatch the shade and that is beautiful you have the infamous James Charles palette now regardless of if you like or hate dreams this is a bomb palette i'm gonna use items because i like them I'm not gonna like not because of a shitty person whether or not he is this is soap out that I'm trying to declutter though because I don't need it but it is pretty and for now stuck next we have the morphe at 35 B palette this has been discontinued but I got this because they still had it on spore and that's for on morphe canada so i decided why not swatched a few shades it's pretty and i'm excited to use this for colorful looks speaking of colorful looks i have the 25 l live and color palette by morphe which is their pride palette comes with a mirror which i can appreciate and it is beautiful i heard that if you have this you don't really need the 35 b or whatever so take that what you will but i do really enjoy this that purple is

the most beautiful purple i've ever seen in my life next we have the venus XL - I love this I thought that since it was more muted I wouldn't really like the shades but I honestly really do love it the lips that I've done I think just looks so pretty I personally wasn't a fan of the original XL because I don't need those bright pink shades so this was more up my alley we have the Daisy Marquis palette which needs to be cleaned off but this is what it looks like it is absolutely stunning I love it I have used this the green the green shade slime is my favorite another empty palette for my single eyeshadows is this Tarte one which it's one of the mermaid ones where like you can do that I love these these help with my anxiety so much then yeah so I have some I have love luxe Beauty shadows I have some color pop I have some menagerie cosmetics I have some strobe cosmetics it's just kind of a whole jungle gym of shades in here and I love that this has a big mirror and it actually feels pretty sturdy then I saw my smoke sessions pallet I am trying to sell this or declutter it but as you guys can see it is like it's so

crumbly that I'm probably just gonna end up keeping it because like there is like it's just a mess that's the whole reason why I wanted to declutter it because I don't reach for it because it's literally a mess but it is beautiful Asli we have the color drain Safari reign palette which just looks like this it's pretty it's more of a fall palette for me and then we have the zodiac Taurus palette it's pretty not much to say about it just feet before dawn pretty too new pilots to my collection are the Adelaide morin Tarte palette and the Tarte icy bitch palette the brand sent me both of these so I thought that was cool so I thought I would show you guys my single shadows as well I have this colour-pop small pan palette that holds some shades I have like some 88 shades and color pop shades same with this color drain empty organizer I have some Natasha - Nonna some love lux beauty some me makeup geek all that sort of stuff my big single shadow palette is filled with color pop every shade in here is color pop and I absolutely adore it this is the dubious place i shadow pout holder and it is amazing it holds

so many shadows I also love the layout I did here I like how purple tones are at the top and then blues are at the bottom oranges in the middle I love it next I have three pinky rose cosmetics palettes which again I haven't used sometimes it's really hard when you have chronic pain to actually do anything first we have the 80 baby's palette which is this beauty right here I absolutely adore it although looking at it I may end up decluttering this I don't know so we will see next is the obsessed palette which is beautiful and bright and fun lastly we have the exotic peacock palette which is like this blue toned palette it's really pretty I just haven't used these because I've been in too much pain but hopefully I get around to it eventually I do want to say that I did order another color pop palette I ordered the color pop yellow palette the UH honey palette so I'm Sur a photo of it here I do that on my way to me but of course it's not here so I can't show you guys but I did get that so that is my entire I shadow palette collection thank you guys so much for watching if you enjoyed this video please make sure to thumbs it

up subscribe and comment down below anybody you'd like to see me too would you like to see some declutter videos other than eyes shadow paths like do you want to see lipsticks single eyeshadows etc let me know lastly for a BH we have the Nirvana palette mainly because Nirvana just hey