06 June 2019

My Everyday Summer Makeup -- ALL DRUGSTORE PRODUCTS!!

You asked, so I delivered! I've been getting a lot of questions about my makeup lately, so I figured it was best to film the routine to show you myself. I've ditched ...

what's up you guys welcome back to my

channel it has been a hot minute I think it's been since February since I have filmed a video and it is definitely been on my radar it's something that I've been dying to do and I was so glad that I got to film this video for you guys today I know everyone says it but I've been getting a lot of questions about this makeup look and I actually have so many of you guys have asked what I've been wearing lately and I think I've mentioned it on my stories that I have pretty much stopped wearing foundation for the most part right now unless I need a more full coverage look but it's the summer my freckles are out I'm in this hot Georgia heat that is like 9 to 5 degrees so it feels like 237 and I just do not have the willpower to wear a full face of makeup most days because I feel like I'm suffocating so if I can get away with it I'm going to go without foundation so this entire video is all using affordable drugstore makeup products for an easy quick look it can be done in under 10 minutes you get the effect of like the Instagram filter very smooth look your face feels like you can breathe it's not gonna crease on you it's super light I'm not gonna lie I've

slept in it a few nights because I've just been so tired that I fell asleep and I've just seen great skin results overall not wearing foundation recently so if you're looking for something to wear this summer to completely ditch the foundation with days that it is just not necessary this is the look for you I'm so excited to share it with you guys all of these products I've been using for a while now I absolutely love them everything only be linked in the description box below for you to shop it they are affiliate links it doesn't change anything for you I just make a small Commission on that there will also be a blog post linked here where you can go and you can read more about the products links there all that jazz but if you have any questions feel free to leave them in the description box below or slide into my DMS on Instagram and a beautiful and budget with an underscore at the end that will also be in the description box below but without further ado let's just get right into this video all right ignore the crazy look with the hair pins and possibly the background being cooking crooked I'm convinced that this floor in my new

office is unlevel which has made hanging things in here nearly impossible I started out with the L'Oreal True Match Lumi gle ocean in the shade 901 Fair glow and I basically just use this as a primer and as my base for my everyday summer makeup and I'll just put a good amount on my finger and then put it all over my face [Music] oh I love that all over like glow and shine that it gives me but sometimes there's spots where I just want it to be a little bit more mattified sometimes whenever I want the look to be just a little bit more modified I will use the Maybelline master blur stick in the shade 120 light medium I just picked this up at Target not too long ago on clearance and I am obsessed with it so I'll just put it kind of a long like sheets a little bit here and a little bit on my forehead and then I'll blend it in with my hands or a Beauty Blender just to kind of take away the all-over glow and not really take it away but just make it a little bit more subtle so [Music] I'll just take it and kind of rub it in with my fingers a little bit super

simple so ignore the fact that my body is super soft and in my face is not I know it looks crazy see now I have highlight and a lot of the best places on my face where you want it and then it's a little bit more modified in other places so now I go in with concealer the one that I've been loving and using lately is the Revlon Photoready candid concealer in the shade well 0:05 so I guess five it's an antioxidant concealer and I love this foundation too but I've kind of been foregoing foundation lately so I tried out this concealer and I love it [Music] so I'll put it in the middle of my forehead down the bridge of my nose a little bit on my chin and in a v-formation underneath my eyes it is very light compared to my skin and compared to my tan but I have dark circles and these are areas that I'd like to highlight a little bit and I'm going to bronze my face up a lot so it doesn't really matter and this is usually the color concealer that I use when I'm wearing foundation so there's no point in you going and buying other colors so now we

blend [Music] [Music] once that's done it's time to move on to powder usually I would set my under eyes though because I'm doing a very light layer of concealer and I'm blending it out really well setting it isn't really necessary which is great it leaves your face looking dewy and fresh and hydrated so next up I will contour my face you can totally skip this step if you just want more of a bronze to look but if you're trying to elevate it just a little bit I'm gonna go in with the NYX matte bronzer in the shade light and this is what it looks like it's more of an orange ito but I bronze it up with a more natural one and then I am using a design brush from the collection that I did with them or the collaboration I did with their collection for my Valentine's Day video which I'll link down below if you want to see a more full coverage look using all a design brushes this is the redefined powder brush and I will just put my brush in that tap off the excess and then contour it away [Music]

now that I'm contouring I'm gonna go in with the Maybelline City bronzer in the shade 100 which I believe is just their light version I have been loving this recently I picked this up and I just can't stop using it such a great bronzer I use it every single day and I have not hit pan and they're not that I look at it I used a good bit but it's still hanging on it's very affordable and I'm using the a design all over powder brush just to really bronze up my face to match this tan so I used quite a bit takes a little bit depending on how soft and I am but I would rather do this and put self tanner on my face or lay out in the Sun [Music] [Music] now that basically the foundation of the face is done you can either leave it like this if you want a more natural look just kind of bronzed up it's not too powdery it's not too kinky because I don't have a foundation on it lays so smoothly on that L'Oreal lotion and on top of that blur stick it just is really kind of like that Instagram smoothing filter all of your face I absolutely love those two products as a foundation

on my face now I'm going to do a little bit of blush just to give my face some color I'm using the wet and wild color icon blush in apricot in the middle and as you can tell I am obsessed with it I've been using this for a very long time and I'm going to apply it with the a design blush brush just as the apples of my cheeks [Music] and last for the face I'm going to go in with some highlighter this is completely optional you can put as much or as little as you want I'm using the Maybelline master curl metallic highlighter in shade one hundred molten gold and I'm using the a design and detailed highlighter brush so I'll just do a little bit if you can always build this up and I'll do the tops of my cheekbones down the bridge of my nose my Cupid's bow and then I also put it all over my eyelids for like a bronze glowy look [Music] well you can see it but the glow is pretty dang good for this drugstore highlighter now before I do my brows off-camera and my mascara I'm gonna set my face with the NYX matte finish

setting spray this is something that I absolutely swear by I will never buy any expensive setting spray ever again [Music] now I'm gonna do my eyebrows off camera just because it's a tedious process and there's not really much to show I'm just gonna fill them in and it's not a drugstore product but I'll still link it in the description box below as well I just did my brows and my brows are micro blended but it is been a year since I've had them done I could probably use a touch-up in my hair so much darker so I just have to darken my eyebrows anyways but one thing I didn't do off camera because I think everyone should do this with their brows when they're putting on makeup is set them with a brow gel so I'm using the benefit 24-hour brow Center because I lost my essence brow gel and all the other ones I don't know where they're at either other than my benefit one so I'm just going to set my brows I think it helps to really make them look a little bit more dewy and they keep them in place all day rather than like the powdery look you might have gotten when filling them in once I'm done with my brows I will curl my

lashes and then put on an eyelash primer and then do my mascara after the primer dries for a minute [Music] [Music] [Music] all right now I finished the mascara and I'm going to do a lip now I'm going to use the Maybelline Color sensational shaping lip liner in the shade 105 nude whisper and top it with the NYX NYX butter gloss in the shade creme brulee you can buy 3 packs of these and they come in color [Music] [Music] thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it please give it a thumbs up leave a comment down below make sure you subscribe to my channel if you want to keep up with me more regularly you can follow me on Instagram and a beautiful on a budget with an underscore I will leave everything down below in the description box if you have something you'd like to see next or any video ideas please leave it in the comments I'm always looking for something new to film for you guys I'm sorry it's been so long since I've been

on YouTube life has been a little bit crazy but everyone's life is crazy and this is just been on the back burner but I'm so glad that I really will film this video for you guys today I really hope you enjoyed it and I'll see you next time [Music]