26 November 2018

My Everyday Makeup Routine 2018

My updated everyday makeup routine. S O C I A L M E D I A I N S T A G R A M: https://www.instagram.com/saylaisabella/ M A K E U P A C C O U N T: ...

I have not done a makeup tutorial in a

really long time so that's what I'm gonna be doing today hence why I look like a naked turtle [Music] so I'm gonna start off with moisturizing my dry skin with the ultra Repair Cream from first aid beauty and I got this in my October epsy back I haven't done makeup in such a long time I've kind of been pretty lazy lately so now that I applied at the moisturizer I'm going to be taking my little Vaseline and applying it on my lips because I hate having dry lips moving on to primer I'm gonna be taking the wet and while to cover our primer if I even have any left I don't even think I do maybe just like it ooh I'll be doing my brows now and I'm really not even good at doing my eyebrows I don't even think I'm I do them correctly like I kind of just get this little billion-dollar brow pencil and I just kind of color them I guess I don't know I never really learned how to do them so and I never got like any good eyebrow products so this is just what I do every day I don't like it to look like I have like obvious drawn in eyebrow so I kind of just like to make

them look natural is one eyebrow this is my good eye bro this is my like really crappy eyebrow so I always hate doing this one like it doesn't even brush right like my other one brushes so much better I'm gonna take my brush again and then just brush them again I do use a toothbrush because it works so good like I don't know why I just works so much better than an eyebrow brush at least for me now that I finished filling in my brows I'm gonna be taking the Theia wet-and-wild photo focus foundation and then just carving them out I guess because I like to have them really like nice and clean and I don't like having any brow product on my forehead up here in case it's smeared from when I was cleaning it up down here and I don't have concealer at the moment so that's why I'm using this though I'm just gonna be using this morphe brush I don't know exactly what type it is because it doesn't stay in here and literally just as more if it's like a flat really flat like squared brush [Applause] [Music] so now that I'm finally done with the brows I'm going to be moving on to

Foundation and these are both drugstore foundations they're both Maybelline so I'm going to be taking the doing smooth Foundation which is my all-time favorite foundation for my skin because I have super dry skin so this just works perfectly on it and I got it in 210 sandy beige and then I have the maybelline superstay full coverage foundation in the shade 120 classic ivory so I just applied both of these on my face because it kind of gives me the perfect color and cover [Music] now I'm going to be taking the makeup revolution Pro HD amplified 35 palette and I'm gonna be using this format eyeshadow today I normally don't do like super dramatic eye shadow I just kind of keep it to my neutral colors so I just use Browns basically every day so I think I'm gonna be taking this one and then I'm gonna add it on the crease and then when I'm done with that one I'm gonna be taking that one and also blending it in the crease okay so I just finished blending out my crease and I'm gonna be taking these two shimmer shades right here and then I'm just gonna be putting it on the inner part of my lid

here sometimes I do get concealer and I cut the crease just to make it look more I mean just so it pops out more but today I didn't feel like doing that so we're just doing it the easy ways okay so now I'm gonna be taking the same rush I was using earlier to blend my crease and I'm gonna be going in with the same brown shades and then blending it out again because I don't like to have too harsh of a line I'm gonna be taking this morphe eyeshadow brush and just blending out my crease so I just finished my eye shadow and now I'm gonna be curling my lashes because I have the world's flattest eyelashes and it normally takes me like literally like five minutes just took her one eye that's just a never-ending cycle of me curling my lashes basically I'm gonna be taking the Maybelline fit me press foundation powder and matte and poreless and applying that to the areas where I get a little bit oily [Music] now I'm gonna start adding some color into my face I'm gonna start off with some bronzer and I'm gonna be going in with the balm cosmetics take home the bronzer bronzer and I just got this in

my Ipsy bag and I am literally obsessed with this bronzer [Music] I'm gonna be contouring my nose and I'm not that good at it but you know I'm learning and practicing so me taking the oppressed foundation powder again with my finger and just adding it to the top of my nose just so I can like cover up some of the bronzer and make it look more clean and I do not have any baking powder I ran out of it that's why I'm not using that right now and I'm using this I don't think it looks too bad like it doesn't look super like obvious that I contoured the heck out of my nose I'm going to be taking some of the lush now and I've recently got this blush from you November bag for epsy and I've been wanting to try it out it is the Tarte Amazonian clay 12-hour blush and I'm so excited to use this I've actually been wanting to try this for a really long time is in the shade quirky it's matte - like all the blushes I have or like super shimmery and I've been wanting a matte one that I haven't like had the time to do that one yet I hope this looks really good ooh I really like this blush so freakin

much oh my gosh it looks so good I love the color the colors like the spot-on this is like one of my favorite blushes I've ever had actually it is my favorite blush I've ever had I love Chad blush on my nose too a bit it looks really like sunkissed and I just I just like how it looks no I just finished adding the blush and I love it a lot definitely gonna have to get that again whenever I run out of that okay so now I'm gonna be moving on to my highlighter this is the makeup revolution palette and I don't know what specific name this one has because it doesn't say anywhere on here but I'm gonna be taking the shade right here and just using that as my highlighter for today I'm gonna be taking a smaller brush so I'm gonna use I can find it this morphe brush and it's like a super pointy brush I'm gonna be taking the highlighter and adding it to my brow bone and then my inner corner [Music] now I'm going to be highlighting at the tip of my nose and then the bridge of it as well moving on to my lips I'm going to be taking the smashbox always on liquid lipstick in the shade

stepping out and it's kind of like a nude mommy kind of color which is always my go-to shade so i'm just going to be applying this one all over my lips so now i'm taking my ELF setting spray and i'm just gonna be it setting in my makeup so it stays on all day so this is a V finished look I hope you all liked how this turned out and I've just been doing this recently and I really have been loving it so I kind of wanted to make a tutorial and show y'all how I've been doing my makeup recently because it has changed a lot so yeah I guess I'll just see y'all in my next video