14 October 2018


Hi lovelies, This is my everyday go to makeup but i thought today I would just use Charlotte Tilbury products as she is one of my favourite beauty brands!

Wow how are you I'm good I'm still

recovering from a cold I am still a bit an easily but not too bad you know so today super exciting I'm doing Charlotte Tilbury and charts Hillary is like my favorite beauty brands of all time my husband went to lunch yesterday and got back some samples I already own a few of her chakra products alert lip products lip glosses I've got magic cream Beauty light one thing and I've also just bought it stars and eyes palette which i think is absolutely gorgeous kind of packaging this is like burgundy and it's like glittery and then all these amazing beautiful shades everything from like the new chose to the pear calls or right up my street something I love so when this came out I was like oh that's what I'm gonna be doing so yeah let's get into this video okay shall we get started here is my little bag of goodies so I've got some samples in here I've like the primer foundations and creams okay so the first one I'm gonna try it it's the magic cream apply cream elixir to face and neck using light tap facial technique technique is well slap it on that's my technique and I slapped it on I do not have tapping technique is I'm

just gonna tap it in then now I'm going to use her magic eye rescue eye cream to turn back the clock Charlotte Tilbury packaging is just everything to me you know at night Pat once you're I know you did nighttime okay maybe I'll meet you Dan eye cream for dinner I've got two samples of primers I've got her brightening youth glow and tea aging color correcting glow booster and a lock of her Wonder globe instant soft focus Beauty glow Fatma gonna go with this one so this is one I've been hearing about I haven't heard much about this one so I'm just gonna slap some Islam don't know if you can see that it comes off like a gold new color apply under foundation over foundation or if I'm act Charlotte magic cream quite a nice soft texture that's a little bit more glowy a Spears lovely youth boosting perfect skin foundation so I think I'm gonna try this one I've got it in shade for fair I think it might be a bit too light for me but we'll keep it overall just gonna apply it with my spectrum and brushes it feels really light it just feels like you're blind cream on your skin the coverage is quite light medium maybe see if I can build up in a minute

okay now I've got me based on I got her buttery touch shirt from Ceylon perfect concealer going in shade one whereas when you get my Beauty Blender for this I like it concealer it's really nice form it's really creamy really moisturizing oh my god camera right now I'm gonna go wearing I put my brows on apply lots of bronzer so just kind of situation matches I get it up back for a minute and now got my brows on I put some blush and bronzer on so I've got a liquid highlighter that waaaiiit it is her beauty light warrant easy highlighter so give that a whirl it is much like a rose gold comeback do packaging do disks Mina oh this packaging is just like twist open gently squeeze to release product [Music] yeah I'm really happy with that okay I'm going to now attack my eyes but her new amazing neat gorgeous palette I am literally obsessed it's so beautiful I'm going to prime my eyes I'm going to use Mac soft ochre okay and then I'm gonna put some this eye tape on my eyes I'm gonna take a spectrum a fluffy brush so I need to decide which hides in the gap where love eyes power eyes happy

eyes and Compton eyes I really want to get a confident eyes but I'm not going to do that today I'm going to try something a bit more neutral so I'm going to go with our eyes and it's like that's true here so it's like a mixture of gold and shimmery shimmy gorgeousness basically fair shade is to prime eyes I'm just gonna apply this all over my lid as my transition color it's buildable it's not like the pigmentation is something like your bow you know it's like it's solid and I'm gonna take the end she was like a bronzy kind of color I'm gonna use a defined crease brush from morphe I'm gonna pop that in my crease when I saw this palette came out I was like oh I have to have it loving this color right my streets like a really nice warm bronze say nice I love the texture they blend really well there's quite a fall out my pan by their mics and pigmentations there and then I'm gonna apply that middle color it's like a she may go yeah I think if I plant my fingers I might get from pigmentation yeah that comes off very nicely with finger which Charlotte show up attends doozer fingers a lot anyways and that's

probably why okay I'm gonna go with that first prime color and I blend all these pitches in we don't want any harsh lines okay lovely okay I'm not gonna go and put on my mascara maybe is the benefit Mago bang I'm gonna put some lash line use the Ardell wispies so here I'll be right back okay so I've got my lashes on and I'm just perfect eyeliner on and yeah I'm now gonna do my lower lash I'm gonna take that dark coppery shade and I pop that and I'm living for these colors like seriously I love them so much they're really easy shadows to work with they just blend lovely first prime shade under as well just get like your brush and blend them all in okay and then I'm gonna pop the NYX bless the hype okay so I'm not gonna pop some makeup fixing missed from pixie and you spray this all over my face No oh yeah rosewater eNOS ah not keen on the send lipstick I've got those different lip samples which I'm curious to see how these work because yeah I mean I think this one is pillow top nude Kate very Victoria red carpet red which I won't be wearing that one am i red my

tried new coat a peachy nude kissing falling from the lipstick tree weird you know let me wipe my lips cuz I've got like foundation on my lips so I meant to kiss this orange I think girls might defend it I'm meant to bend yeah sure hmm is a nude nude peachy nude I like it well like it cuz you know I'm gonna go do in a minute Nate yeah I'm gonna go upstairs gonna keep here and then order it it's a very nice basic nude nude Kate yes pretty nude for me hey um what's off I don't wanna go with Barry Victoria I've actually got very Victoria it's one of the favorite lipsticks yeah how's mommy yeah it's like a rosy brown nude which are you like Hannah color yeah really like and on I have to apply gloss because if you know me I have to have gloss do have to Charlotte Tilbury lip glosses I've got wine sweets letter which like a pink color and I've got seduction which is like a peachy nude kind of color I know Michael just not pop up my Center my lips like in it yeah so I'm absolutely in love with this eyeshadow palette everything from the packaging for the shadows to the former's they were so buttery and

creamy and easy to blend so I'm super happy with this I can't wait to try all the different eye looks and my next one definitely the confident ice because I love pebbles but yeah I think there was just so many different colors in here for a lot you know different looks and can depend on your personality as well so yeah so you've got neutrals you've got some like minute the softer contains if you're not too confident you know wearing bright colors but if you like me in just like yes and I gave up anything and yeah you can love this palette so it's very popular that I like the foundation it was okay it's not like my favorite there's nothing bad about it it's not a WoW for that Jeanette so I really like I can see it I think I could see there's a really nice that's that's so creamy I love it the pendant products shot cherries are like one of my favorite lip products of the time and I really like my new highlights their gallery blue one and you like that blow anyway so I really hoped you enjoyed this video if you did then please give it a big thumbs up and as usual please subscribe below if you haven't already can hit that

notification bell see you get notified when I upload a video thank you guys for watching as usual and our koshkin where the crown