31 October 2018

My Empties#12! Household and body care

Hi I wanted to share my thoughts on products we use at home. I hope you enjoy!


hi everyone welcome back it's Jasmine so I thought it'd come on today and film another empties video mm-hmm this has got to be probably my twelfth empties video I think but um like I mentioned once it gets full I like to get this stuff out of my house so I wanted to share this video with you these are just products we use on everyday at my home and I like to share if I think that they're good products bad products if I would buy them again or not and hopefully this is useful to some of you who might be interested in some of these products and aren't sure if you want to try them so this is just my opinions so I thought I'd share with you alright so as always you've got tidies cat teddy cat cat litter it's the one that we buy in my house I think that it works the best for our one cat my daughter changes to litter daily and it keeps my house fresh so I definitely wouldn't repurchase that here we go again some more disinfecting wipes so these are generic to the Clorox wipes I think they work fine um I would probably repurchase them another repeat is disinfectant spray that I buy in the Dollar Tree so I recently got for my

birthday gift card to Dollar Tree so I guess that shows that my family is aware that I loved all the trees so hey it works for me I like to buy these um and I think they do a good job how would we purchase all right here's just a packaging actually to a new tweezer I purchased from tweezerman I don't know if you've ever been out shopping for a tweezer man tweezer but they can run you about 25 bucks so I try to keep mine for a few years but it was time to replace it so that's just a pudgy I recommend tweezerman over all the brands that I've tried already here's a Wallflower I love these I always repurchase them and I will continue I actually need some more so here's a body lotion that I usually I recently used up purchased at the one time it's from soap and glory and it's the righteous butter I will say that I did enjoy it it was rich and smelled really good so I probably wouldn't repurchase it I would wait for it to be on say although here's something that I've had for a while in my cabinet this is a Johnson head-to-toe extra moisturizing baby baby cream and I wasn't a fan I don't think it did much

so I probably wouldn't repurchase that all right so I mentioned previously that I was doing Kido and I saw a lot of people were checking to see if they were in ketosis so I have purchased his brand of keto strips it came with 50 they're called rely on it doesn't take much to know if you're in ketosis you pee on a stick and it tells you if you are not I don't know if I would repurchase them I don't think it's that major for me to know if I'm in ketosis but like when I first started I really wanted to know you know if it was really happening or not so um I maybe purchase that but I don't know all right here's a nail polish that I'm gonna throw in my empties because it's pretty much dried up it's the polish that I have on my nails now the color is called Reilly I think it's really pretty but it's time to chuck it I actually have a really big nail polish collection this is my third really big one so every time it gets too big I weed it out but it seems to grow all the time so I'm gonna start going through them like this one I felt it just was kind of thick and not really nice anymore I need to start getting rid of them alright there's

another empties the little critters gummy vitamins these are my kids vitamins I do like him why would we purchase here's a sleeve to some cotton rounds I got at the Dollar Tree and yes I would repurchase those are you supposed to take off my eye makeup here's my favorite Colgate optic white and there's a empty inside of it and yes I would be purchased so here's a empty that King I'm sorry a sample that came that I really do enjoy is the Olay cleaning infusion micro-polishing wash I mentioned that full-size of this is about $28 so I haven't bit the bullet and bought it in full size but I did like it here's another old a product these were wet cleansing cloths and there's for sensitive skin and I use these to take off my makeup I wouldn't repurchase um I thought they were okay here's a hand soap in pumpkin cupcake this was from last year I had a little bit left over so how you set up one fall came around this time and yeah I do like the fragrance all right here's a Glade clean linen air freshener I would be purchased here we are mrs. Meyer always this was a limited edition pumpkin scent dish so I

also have it in the multi-purpose spring now I love pumpkin everything but this just was not my favorite after a while I got kind of tired of using it up and like for my dishes I liked like that fresh smell and this kind of didn't have what I was looking for so I I probably wouldn't purchase it just coz it's pumpkin but honestly it's not my favorite excuse me all right I used up another cleaner with bleach I like to clean my house with this and I have repurchased essence I would continue here's a sample of the walidah wild rose body wash I'm glad I had a sample cuz I know for a fact that I wasn't crazy about this it snowed okay smells like roses but just wasn't something that I would want to bathe with daily so here's a food favorite along with the low carb diet or the way we were eating or are eating in the household candy bars and protein bars and stuff like that just have way too many carbs for us to even consider on a daily basis but sometimes you have a sweet tooth and you want something you know chocolaty so we found these elev carb-conscious bars over at Aldi they cost about five dollars a box and they

come with five and I will say that the bars were reasonably sized I thought they were decent size and it did the trick and they only had three carps three net carbs per bar so you know it helps you with that sugar fix and it keeps you still on track so I would say yes definitely I would repurchase these my husband really liked those two Glade air fresheners yes I would repurchase and I need to actually all right so here's a shim it's deodorant in the tea tree fragrance this was a sensitive skin it's not my favorite scent but I do like Schmitz so I probably wouldn't get it in this scent we're getting close to the end now all right allergy and congestion relief tea so this is the generic claritin-d I will say yes definitely when I started to feel that cold feeling coming on I pop of one of these in the last 24 hours and like within a day or two I start feeling better so I have repurchased it and I recommend it all right here's a wrapper to some sponges scotch-brite these had this grub dots on them non-scratch how would we purchase i buy

sponges is like very regularly because I don't like keeping old sponges in my house so I don't spend big bucks but those are good here was a body washer I used up from Bott Bath & Body Works this was a sample three this was in a thousand wishes it smelled nice how would I would get it so here's the blueberry blueberry blitz curls reparative leave-in conditioner sample I use this up and I ran out and bought a full-size I really enjoyed this as a leave-in and I noticed that it's working well as I leave in even when I do my hair straight so I really like that here's a sample of the dove exfoliating body polish I have bought several containers of this mmm and I will continue I do think it smells really nice I recently sampled I think another fragrance and it's not really good as well so I definitely recommend this if you're looking for like a nice polish that is fine but leaves your skin soft and it's smelling good stuff exfoliating polishes are really nice alright I used up sorry it's all dirty it's uh L'Oreal BB cream in the color green that's what I'm wearing today I think it does a good job of just kind of

evening on my skin it doesn't give you a lot of coverage but it gives you like even skin and it takes away the redness I would repurchase that alright so here was a sample of Sagna Sonia Kashuk quick dry makeup brush I tried to steal the day on my blush brush and I couldn't believe how much makeup I had on there so I think this did a good job of cleaning it I don't know if I would go out and buy full-size of this but I wouldn't mind a few more samples I enjoyed it I used up my favorite foundation this is from Tarte it's called the Amazonian clay full coverage airbrush foundation and I used mine in the color medium neutral I do have another one of these that's almost gone so I'm gonna have to repurchase but this is my go-to foundation for like when I'm going out I really like the coverage on that right here is a lip liner that I'm just gonna toss it's from the brand essence and the color setting mob every time you sharpen it it just kind of scratches your lips so I'll say no to this I recently have bought the one from Clinique and I do enjoy that one all right here's another empty this is from lorac this isn't the color

secret-agent it's a pretty lip gloss how would we purchase that alright here's a empty two my my Billy razor you probably see these in all my empties but it's my favorite razor and I will continue to subscribe and then the last thing in here is not um makeup related but it is something that um I did use up so this is a spool to the brand it's called metallic gallery and this is six yards of chain so at and it comes wrapped around here and you just cut it with some jewelry cutter so I buy this at Hobby Lobby this cost 1199 I wait so they have I'm half off and I usually purchase some so for like six dollars I get six yards of chain that's how I make my jewelry so I mentioned that I make jewellery in the past I'll show you this chain that I recently bought so this is one that I've been using a lot and this is the chain to it and they don't really tarnish they last really long it's really good quality and I may come with a jump the jump the jump pieces and jump ring don't freak yeah that's what it's called and I think this stone I purchased over at Michaels on sale select for a few bucks you could make a really pretty

necklace and that's why I have such a good collection because um I buy the chain in bulk so I definitely wanna repurchase that because I think that's a good deal so yeah I just want to share this video with you I know a lot of the items are repetitive but like I said there are things that I enjoy and hopefully you will too if you give them a try and if you have any questions or comments feel free to leave them below thanks for watching bye [Music]