06 June 2017

My Daily Makeup Routine! (I Forgot The Primer!)

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we just start off this video by saying I

by no means in a beauty channel I by no means want to make this any type of a beauty channel but I decided that I kind of want to do a daily makeup routine for you guys so that's what I'm gonna do so before we get started don't forget to give this video a big thumbs up like share and subscribe and yeah let's get into the video if you hear to get like actual good advice on how to do makeup like year you're on the wrong freakin channel go to nikkietutorials or someone who actually knows what they're doing okay like what is this I didn't even really think my skin is cursed with a double it is cursed by the devil you guys I swear to God okay so the first thing I do is I always use moisturizer on my face I just used like a really cheap CVS brand because moisturizers moisturizer liked to follow same and I just like rub it in I'm going to move on to some green concealer that ginormous for a dot right there yes getting rid of that I'm going to be using the Kat Von D lock and concealer this is in the lightest shade because I'm like the palest person in the whole world I just go over the areas that we put the green on and oh my god I forgot to prime my

face I forgot to prime oh my god it's okay we can prime after because that's okay right probably not who knows okay now we're just going to blend all this out okay great that red dot is still really visible awesome not even going to attempt to do primer at this point honestly because it's going to mess up everything but don't forget to prime mmm I don't know which to go with should I go with my Marc Jacobs remarkable or The Naked skin from Urban Decay I don't know as am I go with Marc Jacobs remark well because ins never let me down you know what this is it make a tutorial for YouTube so we're just going to take it on honestly just literally put it everywhere okay now that I look like Casper the Friendly Ghost we're going to go in with some concealer the concealer that I've been loving lately is in our radiant creamy concealer I use the light shade because like a I'm Casper go directly underneath the eyes you guys I always bake my undereyes every day because it always keeps them from creeping I take this powder and put it right underneath the eye a whole ton

of it now I'm just going to buff out my forehead and all the other area that can concealer on you should let that powder set underneath your eye for about five minutes so while you're waiting um just do whatever you want I'm gonna go on my phone because that's my life okay it's been only like three minutes but like I'm really impatient so I'm just going to wipe away the excess powder off my eyes my god I didn't even pluck my eyebrows oh my god I use really cheap powder to set my face which is the true blend from covergirl go into the bronzer not bad then I'm just going to do a little bit of bronzer on my forehead areas really going to blend out this contour because I used way too much bronzer good job Kelly do a little bit extra highlighting because we want to glow brighter than the Sun so just going to do a little bit of a tap I don't like to overdo the block just on one cheek film oh that wasn't like that's great so the next thing I usually like to do as I like to contour my nose down a little my nose can I go on the other end and we're just going to take these lines and like blend them up and underneath our eyebrow and I just like to go in and highlight

the tip of my nose after everything is all blended they don't do much for my eyebrows since my brows are really second visible I just like to use gimme brow from benefit and just gloss over them basically I just do a little bit of eyeliner some mascara and love it this is like the scariest part my makeup routine because I always mess up my eyeliner so wish me luck oh my god talk about deciding come out that bad you guys oh my god there's a god thank you Jesus what's that a medieval torture device no it's an eyelash curler Vidia all right mascaras on and then just what I just recently got the Kim kardashian-west lipstick collection so I think I'm just going to use the shake because it looks cool and then the last step is let your hair down and be flawless okay I really hope you guys enjoyed my video this week and if you like to jump forget to give it a big thumbs up share it and subscribe to my channel because I make new videos every Tuesday and also if you have any ideas for videos you'd like to see in the future go ahead and leave it down in the comments I would love to

hear your guys and suggestions and yeah I'll see you guys next week bye guys hey guys also before I go I just really wanted to say thank you for everything you guys have done this week as of the filming of this video my subscribers had gone up to almost 300 and my latest video has almost passed 6,000 views and that's honestly I'm saying and it means the world to me and I just really want to say thank you because I I love making content and I love sharing my videos with the world and just knowing that you guys are there just it it means the world to me so just thank you all right bye guys I'll see you next week