13 March 2019

My Current Go To Makeup!! Quick and Easy!! Mature +54

Hi ladies, I wanted to share with you what makeup I reach for the most lately and why. Products mentioned TATCHA The Silk Canvas Protective Primer ...


I'm a DS I want to go ahead and sit down and share with you my pretty much every single day go to look that I have been doing for well over a month now and it's real quick real simple a lot of the products that I'm going to share with you or just some of the products that I really do love but I'm just trying to go ahead and use them up and go ahead and get them put into my empties so let's go ahead and get started the first thing that I'm gonna pick up is the touch I think this is called the silk canvas or something like that comes in that pretty little container and you can see I have hit pan on this I'm so super excited I mean you know as far as like primers and things like that because I don't I mean I use primers but I don't use them a whole lot this one I definitely committed myself to and it is a really really nice one all I do is I go ahead and just kind of you know scoop my fingers in here I know it comes of that little disk thing or whatever but I just go ahead and get just a little bit on my on my fingers again I'm gonna work with my three middle fingers here just kind of warm the product up a little bit and then I just kind of just take it and

press it and smooth it out here on my skin so just the areas that you know like I have mines or you know my pores are a little bit enlarged which is mostly here in the middle of my skin also the lines around my mouth that I've got going on right I have got a little bit of the asawa sue and this is called I think this one is like a it almost is like the same concept of the Charlotte Tilbury the Hollywood flawless flawless filter thing here that everybody really loves kind of like on the same concept but this one I'm just you know trying to use up and work out work up here work get rid of comes in a pretty little container now I've got just a little brush here that I got from it cosmetics all I do is just kind of tap into the tap on the sponge here of it and I'm just gonna go ahead and just place a little bit here on my forehead and then I go ahead and hit the high points of my cheeks dad back in and go ahead and hit the high point of this cheek over here and just a tiny little bit on my nose so you can see there's just a little bit of a highlighter going on this is the Salwa sue i love this foundation is wonderful one thing that I'm trying to use up it

did come with a refill so this is my original one that came in this one so I do have a refill for this um so you're gonna see I mean I'm at the point right now where I like really having to push my brush down in there you know to get that product to come up onto my brush I mean because I'm almost done with this and then I go ahead and start up here on my forehead it does have a really nice finish to it this is one of those foundations that gives you like that skin like a finish to your skin so whenever you apply this this is buildable however you know just on a normal day to day which you know is what I've been doing um I don't need like you know a whole lot of product on my skin I don't need like a whole lot of coverage so I'm really just kind of happy with just you know putting it on just I want to say just a light application with this but I mean this is definitely something that you can build up now I'm gonna go ahead and we're gonna do just a little bronzing not on my day to day um I don't really focus too much on powders to be honest with you so a lot of the products you know are our cream type based products this

one is the benefit hoola I really do like this one it's really nice just it gives just a really pretty pretty finish to the skin and what I do is I go ahead and just draw me a line over and uh what was that movie on TV it had what was his name Sean Connery and they were in a jungle what's the name in that movie and the the medicine man when they give me I look like the medicine what the the guy did to the girl while she was sleeping and tripping out on those drugs that that was in the tea or something that she drank I've got a little makeup sponge here now this is not wet I'm not like really like dragging it but it's kind of like kind of like a pounce in a in a little flick I guess this is the best way that I can put it just a little pounce in a little flick so there it is there on the top of my forehead it looks like it's all you know even out pretty good same thing here on the side is just a little pouncing a little a little flick now as far as like a highlighter I've been using this one from clay to pose I just kind of take it right there it isn't this is a nice concealer a little pricey but a little

bit goes a long way and it's got some really good ingredients in it so I don't you know I can kind of justify spending that money on on that product so and I'm using just a little Real Techniques brush here to just kind of blend that out something else I'm trying to use up this is the original the lemare powder and I've got my neat like love this little thing and I'm just gonna take the little lid in here I got a little bit of powder here on the tip of that all I do is just kind of work it around here in the cap and then I go ahead and just place that underneath my eye cup a little bit more I just kind of really work it in and take it over put it on the other eye the blush I'm going to use is by girl on and I have hit a huge pin in this oh my word I've done some damage on this but this is definitely not something I'm gonna be repurchasing and the reason is if you can see in there well what is happening now is that as I have hit pan on here and I go in and I start rubbing my brush around those little ball things will break up and they just start just I mean going everywhere yeahthere's okay see here's some that just fell out and I just

rubbed my brush see the little balls I just fall right out of there I'm just gonna go ahead and just put a little bit of blush here on my cheeks my Mac Paint Pot and I think yeah this is in soft ochre I think I think this is soft ochre and I'm using my little Real Techniques brush here I love that little of these little brushes they are just so wonderful all right now I'm gonna go ahead and pick up my osmosis press powder this is the osmosis and I bought this powder specifically for this reason I've got a big old brush here that I use and I just like to go ahead and just sit that any type of a primer my eyeshadow primer in this osmosis it just really does a really pretty job it just gives a really pretty finish okay I went ahead and did my brows because brows are just so boring and mine might need a lot of help you know how they say your brows are supposed to be your sister or your twins mine aren't even sisters minor even cousins mine mine mine don't even know each other they they don't okay so let's go ahead in I'm gonna oh boy this is a YSL eyeshadow palette that I

app I love this one I mean obviously obviously I love this little eyeshadow palette there's just something about the YSL's if you've been with me for a long time you will have known that I went through another YSL it was in shades of pinks more pinks but this one right here is more of the the peachy and a little bit of that bronzy copper and a little bit of that deep chocolate brown in there so I don't know there's something about the YSL's that you know I just I gravitate to them I use them they're just like that they're laid out the way that they are laid out in the pan it's just in the colors that they put in them you can just kind of mix them match them use all of them use a couple of them use one of them and it just works it just works I mean you know anyway so yeah you can see the damage I've done on this okay I've got a little fluffy brush here and all I've been doing here lightly with this one because I've ran out of a couple colors most or that one that I did no I'm serious I was out in this one right here in some days I mean I'll dig a little bit out with some tweezers I do I'll dig out with tweezers and you know just kind

of put my brush in there let's go ahead and start in this crease area here I'm stumping all these little things that I do but when you find something you know that you really like I mean that's just you know it's it's all about finding you know those products that just then make you happy you know and you can definitely go she loves that eyeshadow palette because let me tell you something there is not many not many shadows that are probably a type alit's I've ever done damage on like this I mean there's just there's very few very very few okay so let me go ahead here and work on this crease as well and I mean there's not a lot you know that goes into my everyday little looks that I do to be honest with you I mean it's just you know a little bit of placing some color here a little color there that's about all that it is to be honest with you now another thing that I've been trying to use up and just and I do like this one this is by Tom Ford and it's the one that has the little cream in the bottom of it and then you pop this little top and it's got your little shimmer up here in the top of this I will share something here with this one

as soon as I get the cream on so go ahead and just take a little flat brush here and just get a little bit a product on I do like this one it is really a pretty shade on on your skin in it just I mean it glides on just really effortlessly now as far as the little shimmer top here that that you put on I don't know what has happened did this has just gotten a little weird um I don't know it's it's almost like in his oxidized I want to say it it looks like it's just kind of oxidized because when I first got this I mean it was a much lighter shade in here it was really really pretty bad yeah it's like its oxidizing now so anyway I'll go ahead and take that same little fluffy brush and I just kind of you know dab my brush in there and this does have just a little bit of that little teeny tiny little micro glitters teeny teeny tiny little particles just you know this just it doesn't add like a lot of glitter and to my eyes it just adds just a little bit of that pretty shimmer that I really like right I'm taking a wine glass little fluffy brush here and I'm going to dip into this middle shade here just a little bit of

that dark dark color right there just go ahead and just put that on the outside crease not much at all okay I'm gonna go ahead and do my bottom lashes and it's always the mac gigablack lash white and the world do companies have to name this stuff you know we're us older gals have already have a hard time remembering things because I do all right and not because I mean I really feel like I need to do this but again I'm just wanting to use products up this is just one of those little it's like a flesh tone little eyeliner here and you know I I have been using this just kind of putting it in my bottom waterline and it does kind of give you a little bit of that brightening to your eye a little bit see how it just kind of brightens up that that is just a tiny little bit alright and we're gonna do a little tight lining this is a little eye pencil that is from Malley I thought it was actually Clinique because it's got that green on there so yeah I had to look here and it is called the ever color starlight water waterproof liner it is good ooh kind of it's gonna need to be sharpened soon so I'm gonna go ahead and do a little tight

lining here this is the Lancome sales excel CIL's booster primer I'm gonna go ahead and use this is one of those deluxe sample sizes this is nice I've had quite a few of the deluxe sample sizes that I've gotten so I'm going to go ahead and just try and use this up I do have a full two but this go ahead and dry this really quick I love these little fans if you ever come across them in Walmart right now they should be coming out and Walmart really soon I love these little fans and these are so wonderful to just kind of slip in your purse especially if you get those little hot flashes you know it makes such a world of difference it really does all right so on to mascara I'm still been using this one is by Estee Lauder and this one is called the sumptuous extreme this is a nice mascara a lot of times I don't really like the big fat you know brushes on on some mascaras but this one is just really really nice I like this one a lot now as far as lips I've just been using I'm trying to use this up this is the Mac bombshell I love this one Gus in here he's waking up watching his ears that is mi like

every day go to just grab pull stuff yeah so that's what I've been doing and it's just it's just real easy real simple you know it doesn't look like you know I've got a lot of makeup on you know just a light application of some foundation a little blush a little bronzer a little eye shadow and I just I've just kind of been really liking it alright this is the final look that I came up with and you know just if I wasn't filming I mean I would have just kind of breezed through this because I have been doing this for you know day in and day out for quite some time now you know just trying to go through a lot of the products that I do have you know um you know when I as soon as I kind of use them up then I'll kind of you know bring something else into into the mix not every day you know I do this particular look but nine times out of ten this is my husband my go-to there's a lot of products obviously you know that I'm trying to work through and use up you know and sometimes you know they're the eyeshadow you know that I might kind of vary just a little bit but not not very much at all that that the YSL I shadow oh I love that thing and I don't know if

I'm gonna be you know sad when it's gone or if I'll replace it because I have so many but the YSL eyeshadows I mean they're just they're just so so good so good so anyway I wanted to go ahead and share what I had been doing basically every single day now for I would say well over a month I dunno it's been well over a month so anyway thank you so very much for stopping by and hanging out with me I certainly do appreciate each and every one of you and as always I wish you all a safe and a wonderful day bye you