19 March 2019


MY CURRENT FAVOURITE BEAUTY PRODUCTS These are all the beauty products that I'm currently obsessed with. I've been loving a lot of new makeup and ...

hi guys went back to my channel so today

I'm going to be sharing with you my favorites so I've got a bunch of makeup products here that I've been loving over the past month and a bit and it's a bit wait to call this my family favorites and it's about yeah that's called my March favorites so I thought I would just call it my current favorites so before I jump at it with it you'll make sure your Suede's my channel and give the video a big thumbs up if you liked it also coming follow me over on Instagram I will just leave my hand up they are I would love if he came before we'll be over there because it's super hard to grow so everyone see all my cutting favorites there let's go ahead and get started okay so I'm gonna start off with two brushes that I've been loving and don't mind the noise is really raining right now and it's also really really one day and yeah my window is just right above my camera so that's why he'd probably hear the rain like barn often yeah so please don't mind that and the first brush up in laughing is this one here from revolution Pro this is there to exert a brush now I've been obsessed with us for buffing and my foundation

like this applies foundation so for so the bristles on that are so soft as well it's a very condensed and compact brush and you can see I used it today me for my face I've used that for weeks and I'm so picky the brushes that I use to blend and the foundation because I feel like you need to get the right brush to get that flawless finish really and there's all a couple brushes that I really like like this one here which is the to that if I devotion pool also the morphe by 7 is incredible like that is so good as well and also the Sigma and f/8 if they are the only three brushes that I used hoobland and my foundation and each of them gave me such befores finish so yeah that's what I've been really loving lately and I thought we shared it with you because it's available the drugstore it's cheaper then of course the morphe one and the secular one yeah you really should check this out if you want that flawless finish so yeah we loving that okay so the next brush I've been loving is this one here from morphe this is the Jaclyn how g heat is you to brush now I had been loving this before applying bronzer like it just applies bronzer so smoothly

and can such a flawless finish and no I don't know if this brush is actually still available like and sure that these are all in La Mesa - no - Jacqueline how are these Brussels or not are quite and you know they're quite tapered like that so get such it kind of flawless finish you know and it's quite if then even though it's like I'll wait a wait brush it's actually quite salon made you can see it on the side there which is good so it can really get into the holes of your cheeks you can use it for slightly contour and processing at the same time so yeah I love this brush so much okay so my next favorite is this foundation here from a lot of air this is the true match now this is such a great foundation like it is quite an old foundation but it is so so so good it's super lightweight on the skin like when you're playing it it's quite like we did so it's very very lightweight when your planes in the end and if you use this brush here you get such a flawless financially oh my god and it feels very hydrated on the skin and it looks great on the skin all day like it lasts such a long time I apply this in the morning and by eleven twelve o'clock at night

it's all look so good as it's just such a great foundation I highly recommend giving this a try and you probably have maybe already tried it because it is an older foundation I've been using that shade I just recently got this sheet here which is M six point five golden toffee it's easy of a golden caramel caramel door and golden trophy so basically it's golden cannabis looking for online and so yeah that she ate I used when I am itself time and then when I'm not self time I use this shade right here and this is 3w and this one here is 6.5 W real of that foundation is one of my favorites from the drugstore oh yes the next thing I've been loving is this eyeliner pen here from Kat Von D this is her tattoo liner this is such an amazing finish to it you know it's not a matte finish and it's not like a shiny finish it's sort of like in between em it's quite like a silk finish I would say and this is what I have one ised and it's the idea that I've been using for all my latest tutorials and I use all the time really like it's my favorite eyeliner pen now the reason why I love this is because it's waterproof it looks amazing all day and it's super

super jet black so can see it like this really jet like they are you know some Island uh page you get kinkou not even I on a page just island general can wait wait and agree on the ice and I don't like that you know so I like something to be super super jet black and jet black all day this one does and it has this little and forbidden thing and if you can you get that there so it keeps like the liquid you know flowing and it really because a lot of I line up heads you get don't have those little kind out falls and them there and they dry up super super quickly and so this is like the only island not paid I love okay so next thing I've been really loving lately is that's a new polish here from OPI so I got this and the mothers D was the Mother's Day yeah the Mother's Day GlossyBox Beauty books and I am really really really loving this I love this shade like look how amazing this is it's kind of like in laughs and dirty purpley shade gives your nails there's well manicured look and I am just really obsessed with I actually have to reapply this I applied this and over a week ago I think I need to reapply it now because

there's just like a lot of chaps happening you know on it but that's been over a week which is great and this year - I forgot to mention is friend she's like to kiss so yeah I think this is such a gorgeous gorgeous nail polish and obsessed that right now so yeah okay so the next thing that I've been loving is that's a bronzer here from morphe this is a new glam of bronze face and body bronzer and this one here is in the shade megastar that's the such a great printer it looks so flaws on the skin and gives such a warm sun kissed look and I have on my cheeks today and and as you can see it is super super bronzy super gorgeous looking super flawless and I love at playing with this brush rates here and it's good as well because this is a body process you can apply it all over your body we get our chickens and prawns and some kids look really loving invest right now okay so I've got a bunch of wet products to share with you I have a couple lip liners and sticks let's start off with let laners I have three here this one's my favorite 4m note lips right now and it's also my favorite one because and I can

actually outlay my lips with this and be done I don't even have to fellow men really because it's quite close to my natural lip shade so I can sort of like overlaying my lips to make my lips look a lot better for him to play any lip lipstick and what you think it's great and this is a she'd be Janu from audio the other one that I'm loving from the drugstore is the best one from gosh this is called a Velvet Touch la plana which is waterproof and it's in the shade nugget on the car I'm gonna swatch that vision ooh on the back of my hand they are so that one is beige anoon from l'oreal this one here is new girl or not get from gosh I love to use this to overlay my lips and fill it in because it's more of a creamy formula and then the other one that I've been real life in which is more high-end is the winter Beauty black contour and the shade floor and this one here is if there's a darker brown shade if you can see that they are okay so I've got a couple of lipsticks no effect is one lipstick one gloss and one matte liquid lipstick to share with you so the lipstick that the real loving lately is this one here from Becca and this is the Cupid's kiss the lip and

that's what it looks like it's such a gorgeous warm brownish shade anti swatch it right here this is super comfortable in the lips very canny creamy on the lips you know it feels super hydrating lips very moisturizing and that's not your last quite a long time if you apply a lip and Lena underneath because it is quite creamy formula and it's not going to last as long is a matte one I'm really loving this and it's one of my favorite packages actually like I love this there's kind of like a metal packaging which C is Becca here and it has a magnetic led so yeah we all love in there same as Cupid's kiss the other work that I've been loving is the hood of beauty liquid matte she's girlfriends that's a great video actually seems a bit more if he can have deep rope really this is a warm can appreciate this one is more deeper and if you can see that it's such a gorgeous gorgeous shade it's the one that I have on my lips today and again it's perfect to wear every single day if it's a very comfortable matter formula it doesn't people train at all and it lasts such a long time on the lips as well they it really does and the other lip product

and 11 is the Pentecost balm and this one is an antique law no this is also incredible big but it took me long time to actually get this because it's only really available in Harvey nettles and Harvey Nichols is not near when iced tea really so had to order online Amiata online like there's a better place to deleverage Hodge really regardless of how much you order this and but any of it I decided to get it along with the profile or a collection from painting and I am obsessed with this shade is so nice like that's a great the your first up for this video a real hope you liked and enjoyed it if you did then give it a big thumbs up and also had this way button down below if you're brand new to my channel and the other speak to better soon and minutes video bye [Music]