29 June 2017

My Crochet Braids Routine - How to Maintain Your Crochet Hair + Tips & Maintenance

Hey Guys! So this morning I woke up with extra dry crochet hair and decided to wash it. I figured why not record and share with you all what I have been doing to ...

what is going on you guys it is your

girl marimba back with another video if you're new to my channel was up six months into 2017 and we haven't met yet so I'm doing a video on how to maintain your crochet hair how to wash your crochet here can you wash your crochet your hair can you swim with it how do I sleep with the maintenance tips how I take care of it how I sleep in it how I wash my hair today what I do with these scissors because these also help so let's just get into this video don't forget to subscribe let's just get this video I hope you guys enjoy and I will see you guys in a second I'm like where am I going not going anywhere yeah okay here is my hair fresh out the shower pieces hanging on right there one of my crochet braids came out in the shower I'm hair on the floor I want to show you guys what I used to wash and condition my hair and how I did it that my edges were really really dirty from product buildup from makeup getting in my edges so I knew that I needed to shampoo this this is a shampoo that I use to simply wash my edges just this part I've squeezed a small like dime sized amount of shampoo but my hands and I just went like this while I was in the shower and

kind of let the water rinse down and I just make sure that I got off all the gel all the edge control makeup because over about a course of a week or so I was seeing product build-up and dirt you guys know what I'm talking about and I just wanted to get all that out did some hair come out of my braids yes but at the same time I think that makes your crochet air like a little natural like you have some type of like hair coming out there so to me it kind of blends in with this hair so I'm okay with that next I took conditioner and I knew that I wanted to condition my scalp it's been about a week since I've had this in I'm gonna wash my hair like every week every week and a half for this I just used some cheap conditioner I would use I mean use condition that you want but I don't want to use my good products on the synthetic hair so that's what I knew so I had finesse already in my bathroom and so this is what I picked up and I just use this so I did not use it to wash the crochet braids I used it to wash my scalp so I was really particular in putting the shampoo I mean putting the conditioner in between my parts and kind of just rubbing it in and

letting the water hit that lemony scent that's what I did to wash it I use this shampoo I use this conditioner and my hair came out so nice like girl my crochet braids are revitalized they they they just look nice they don't look dry anymore so I'm really glad that I washed my hair and to answer your question can you wash crochet hair can you wash your crochet braids absolutely freaking yes you can I'm really glad that I woke up into this cuz girl your girl was looking a hot mess like I was looking dry crusty okay got the shower look down I had a crochet braids on the tub it doesn't matter my hair is really full I looked in the mirror and saw that a couple of my hair pieces or hanging this is where you take your scissors I didn't want to cut that before I turned on my camera so we gonna cut it right now the first couple of days when I put in my hair you know I didn't need to cut anything by the fourth or fifth day I had those long pieces so I just took scissors like I'm doing now and cut some of the ends so as you can see here that's what was doing what happened in throughout the week but all you have to do is just cut that off I literally just got the shower and so

I'm getting ready to head out something want to do my hair on camera like how I normally would for you guys do you guys can really see but like there's for instance top of my hair so what I was doing during the week what I thought would work was this coconut oil hair hair milk smoothie once I do this it turns into like water and the first ingredient on this I believe is water let's see where's Ingrid yeah water so this is what I was using on my natural hair before my crochet braids so I thought that this was going to be good for my crochet braids I thought wrong once I put this over my hair it started I can't explain it it started to get really dry and so that's why over the last two days I've been using this that's why I woke up today and I was like I gotta wash my hair I think it's because of this product what you can use is a spoon setting spray or some type of mousse or whatever so then that's when I grab this this is basically a styling foam so mousse or styling foam your crochet hair reacts really well to it it was not reacting well to this stuff at all although I don't understand because

it's pretty much like water and it's two dollars and that's another reason why I chose this it's because it was like two dollars I just don't want to use expensive products on this hair but anyway all I'll do is take like a water bottle this is just water and I'm just going to wet my braids gonna go like this to take a little bit more of the frizz and if any hair comes out on the bottom I'm gonna cut it too so yeah you see this hair coming out on the bottom now from me running my hands through it but I really like how the hair reacts when you wet it and you kind of make your curls uniform but take this alley phone it kind of helps tame the frizz this is what I do that's what works water and mousse this video is all over the place apologize I pretty much didn't really have an idea like a rundown on how I wanted to talk about the stuff but I knew that I wanted to do a maintenance and like can you wash it how to maintain your hair so I'm sorry if it's a little bit like all over the place but you guys are getting the picture this is a protective style and you want to make

sure that your hair underneath is doing you know it's thriving it is not dry and crispy when you take out your crochet braids I'll try to lay my scalp every night I don't know how people sit here and say like I only my scalp every night a massage muscat like no no girl like let's keep it real IOL my scalp every other night okay this is them what is this it's just olive oil and also here's the color applicator that I switch off to that also had olive oil in it but these work so you can get these from Sally's Beauty Supply at the dollar store put some type of oil in it and squirt it in between my braids that's all I do this feels so good I'll make sure it's extra virgin olive oil yo kitchen and oil yo scab this is a main in choice growth oil it's not my product but I love it it's my sister's product she's not gonna watch this and be like you stole last oh she actually gets upset when I take this because it's kind of expensive so it says stimulate slow and inactive hair follicles unclog blocked pores soothes and conditions to scalp for most longer thicker and healthier hair now she

swears that this has made her edges grow so girl I cookie I'll part my hair now just squeeze them out so like I said I am going to do this all on camera for you guys because this is what I do and I do this especially where my scalp is itching I think I just finished the bottle actually I should put this back now just like this last thing that I do is my edges so here's the product I have it right in front of me this is what I use to do my edges equal style jail y'all know how to do that I don't need to do it on camera but you know what am I told y'all that I was gonna do my hair on camera plus I am leaving to get some coffee and go to Best Buy I plan on keeping this hair in for probably 5 more days I feel like I can get away with like another week and a half like two weeks but I'm done should I do a hair stylist video cuz that's kind of cute like some upside down if you guys want to see a hairstyle video comment below can I can make one of those too so don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss out on these videos but yeah I need to take it out unfortunately to do

another review I want my channel to actually be me answering you guys it's questions reviewing the hair we're actually reviewing the hair and finding out what can you do to crochet hair can you swim with it can you wash it I don't want to just put on these wigs and put on the hair and say okay here it is the first day boom and you like it by like not actually want to wear the hair see how it turns out see how it lasts so with that being said oh I didn't tell you guys what I do at night at nighttime I grab my scarf I put up into a pineapple like so I'm not it and you can imagine like my hair is up in a pineapple like that right and that's how I go to sleep and in the morning I wake up drop this down plop out my hair put on a mousse I think my edges that's it before I go to bed oil my scalp every other day and that's pretty much it you can see the hair is about 90% dried it's still a little damp like it's wet like if I if I hugged you you know you'd be like little girl you just got my face with but you know it's not soaking dripping wet this hair doesn't really retain water that's why I think you can

swim in this hair to answer the question can you swim in crochet here the answer is yes I have a crochet braid come out or two like if your hair is loose but I mean you know nobody saw it didn't happen just pick up the hair you know suit and keep it moving just make sure your braids are tight okay make sure those braids are tight make sure your hair is loop three photons so it doesn't come out I will be so mad you know you just come out of the ocean and here's your one hair crochet hair hanging down here crochet hair on the sand like no just make sure your hair is tight you'll be like washing my hair brought my crochet braids back to life I wish I could show you I wish I had got one the camera and showed you guys what my hair felt like and looked like before I got in the shower you know you get to that state where you're just like not feeling your hair wash it girl but if you do check out my Instagram page and you want to follow me there I do post pictures so that you guys can stay up to date with how long I've been waiting hair and stuff like that cuz I'm gonna be lying to you that's it thank you guys so much for watching I really

appreciate every single one of you guys I subscribe to my channel I want my channel to be me actually answering your questions like so when asked can't you wet it can you swim with it in that those of these are my answers a lot of people just skip over this survive and I'm like everything is there for you to find out now we'll see you guys on my next [Music]