20 December 2018

My christmas story . . . Daily makeup products

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hey guys what's up welcome back to my channel so oh my gosh I can't even stand looking at myself right now I look really stupid because my hair isn't a hat because you guys can't see it yet I promised by tomorrow this video you'll be able to see it and I want to look stupid anymore but I think I look even more stupider than I did yesterday but today as you can tell by the title I will be showing you my let's just get right in the video so I don't wear a lot of makeup every day I just want mascara but on the day says I do decide to wear makeup these are the products that we use so the foundation I use is covergirl clean oil control anti loosens and the shade 505 which I believe is the second lightest shade you can buy I don't know for sure the powder I use is Maybelline New York in the shade light and it's just loose powder looks like this you know I got it from like Walmart I know I got my foundation from Target so I'm gonna put this on before I do my makeup it's this media vanilla bean chapstick which I got from Target then I use this the color workshop strobe bronze thingy so half is it's like half highlight half bronzer it probably cost about two cents

this is how big it is compared to my hand it's really small but it works and I use it so yeah I used three different eyeshadow palettes I tend to jump from each one I used to never really wear eyeshadow but now what am i Kate well this is one of the palettes it's this wet and wild palette it probably costs like a dollar I don't remember I got this one from this actually did cost a dollar from Big Lots the Newton pellet la colors and then this cost like $25 which is the little black beauty book warm edition and my brother gave it to me but I actually looked at the price because I wonder what his but this is an amazing pop palette and I live by it um so currently my favorite look is using this wet and wild palette let's see if I can get it open okay and I use this and the outer crease and this and the inner crease it looks so good and then I I just use like some I use obviously just the base shades in this I don't really use this half but yeah love that palette girls I love Browns Grey's [Music] Gold's and stuff but this is the beauty

book obviously can't even see it's very use I like to use these shades right in here like these base shades those are like my favorites so yeah that's pretty much it for eyes I do not use eyeliner because I don't know how and if I did it would be a frickin wreck so I just get I use mascara obviously I have three different ones that I tend to grab for I have this covergirl professional one which woo it's probably my second favorite well yeah probably my second favorite mascara ever okay and then we have this you can't even see it but it's the lash sensational by Maybelline this is my third favorite but it's always good it's just like really thick and like you like it to be like sick but like medium thick so then you can like still layer it and this one's like thin it's not thick at all so you have to later it a lot this one is medium thick it's perfect it's amazing it takes like four swipes and no washes are perfect long spread everything whatever want and it is Maybelline New York the falsies volume Express and it's really dirty but that's my favorite era ever and my mom introduced me to it so thanks but yeah so I used

they're limited brushes and I'm really embarrassed to show on camera okay so we'll stir okay so there's kind of backstory to this brush so I bought this brush for like $8 at rue 21 and it broke the very first day and the bottom fell off I kept redoing yet but it just kept breaking so I just kind of gave up but now I just yeah that's I use that for my loose powder and use this brush that costs about two cents it says cheeks on it and it came from the let's see some am I kidding it came from Big Lots in a set but I don't have the rest of the set and I use that to do my bronzer and highlight and then I have two eyeshadow brushes I have this essence of beauty um crease brush I don't know where the heck it's from it essence of beauty I'm pretty sure is like a Sephora brand but I definitely did not buy it from there I think my aunt gave this to me I really don't remember and then I have this this is actually from the shear cover just where did it go do you know what it oh there's I like drop knee and I couldn't find it okay it's from the shear cover set from Sephora I didn't buy it from Sephora my

friend gave it to me with another brush but it's the bro sheer cover scent oh my gosh and then I so I use this to put on my base shadow and then I use this to blend the gold and the bronze in on the lid and then last but not least I have this Beauty Blender it's really disgusting used to be blue I do not wash it I'm just kidding I do but it's very limited okay guys I look so disgusting okay very limited do I wash this it was a dollar at Target so yeah anyways that's my video thank you so much for watching please I can subscribe let me know what you want me to do next like Amazon below stay tuned for videos Monday through Friday well yeah two more videos this week and then next week is all Christmas videos it's going to be Christmas Eve Christmas Day then I'm doing two videos after Christmas too and my Christmas story and so pretty much the next week is like my favorite week of videos because this could be like so freaking bomb okay but anyways um peace out guys bye