07 May 2019

My boyfriend voice overs my make up tutorial

alright guys huh people been asking

about it so here it goes alright minimize your pores you put a little bit on your eyes and you rub it all in over your face on your phone under the eyes Oh get the towel wipe it off it's a little sticky mmm foundation Lance what is code you know okay squirt squirt squirt a little bit more and I'm just gonna dab it only in there have that babe do you like well 137 dips and then you should have your whole face covered yeah even your lips under the eyes Oh hair long make sure you get that what goes I know and I'm just gonna keep dabbing in Davin and tapping that's what we're doing Evan and tapping Davin it happen but still Devin attack oh my god hurry up yep still okay even the ears alright then the neck the ears under the eyes forehead nose lips mouth and yeah well go that's it thank God not just forever okay tartar sauce you put it under eyes put down there there you nose you can corners of your lips and this right here there's another you just cover that up with that stuff and before head this time in the chin and we're just gonna tap and dab till you can't test it out

no more tap it or never davin in tapping game yeah under that I make sure you don't get it in your eye because it does burn okay you just just tap it and everything oh my god like you I really do this here just tap down the over time so pretty much 90% of y'all putting up y'all's makeup is tapped in Devin Oh break a move oh what's that nothing I I don't put your lips stuff on and you wipe it in no okay wipe it in you rub it in and you wipe it off okay that make no sense oh well they look a little rater normal oh what's this I can't read that I saw what it is put it on your lips and take a tip from your lips - and wipe that off and a little Davin cuz you can't just get enough for Davin and tapping I just gotta keep milk does a face good yeah and you just gonna heavy dab on that one I'm just gonna kind of rub it around your eyes your nose you want to leave the middle underneath your nose empty because that's where you had the most probably go see how did they just brushed it right on in and you just brush just like a canvas your faces of canvas and your

bob ross pretty little faces Anastasia Anastasia Anastasia you know whatever all right I'm just gonna brush that on your cheekbones you can brush your brush brush a little bit and I'll notice on to forehead hairline check okay it's brush brush brush started fire for all this brush okay all right Ariel on keep that nice and found dated and got it low get going next so a little box a little brush and some stuff in it little Russian smell so good I'll let smell it smells like coconut and draw soaked clear Smashbox you don't want to actually smash the box because it has your main stuff you need in there all right but yeah we'll go with the paint one all right I'll rub that above the eyelids get it nice and even a little more other side on the other side and I'll know this up and go cheekbone action I'm gonna whip that up that out get nice and clean spray this stuff on there walk again paint the towel now that's what we're gonna do I said screw my face I want to work on the towel okay we'll do it lighter darker shade of pink oh I see what you're doing there okay alright okay

okay you're just gonna you're just gonna burst that in yeah oh man it's really tired just gonna brush it brush I don't know how to describe it you just brush it that's right that's right right the lip you can blend it in you're playing brush I have like two of those and another brush we'll go back to the Smashbox and we get in in the corners of the abbot's this you're just gonna even everything out kind of I'd like to win through the trees no dig no dig about do step Oh shoulders you know with shoulders okay man this okay one black I'll get old black I'm gonna go under the eyes get that nice punk rock look makes your eyes darker and keeps robber away because they already think you're up and I'm living in tell the breath oh we got next bring it home where's chick all right you look good babe you look really good all right I could piss too fast oh this is our last of oh I last plumper just gonna flick those up looking both up you gotta get in there make sure you get all the eyelashes all the I think you have 58 eyelashes any job and then you're just gonna keep dipping and flicking

different applicants no good old eyelash twist I'm gonna use it until then things point up to the sky let Jesus knows how much you love letting your eyelashes point up to the sky so okay babe in paradise okay you are my baby impaired enough all right I don't know the brush let me guess when I'm playing stuff yes dang I'm good you know just brush that blend it all in nice even tone little nose chin middle between the nose and lips gotta get that nice and even Kimmy gave me showing this - you know if your nose and lady's mouth oh Christ for the last video it did alright that's all that's cool oh that is nice and the middle the middle one okay yes and get some Wyatt I'm just gonna blend all that right there and just another blend another blend brush it's hard to say Blaine brush Oh Blaine brush and then you get the bigger brush and you just rub your face and then are you done are we done nope oh look we're not done okay I don't know what that is but at some point all the lips yeah I get the lips gotta make

them a little plump you know I like the plump lips oh yeah yeah tres salons and then color inside Oh yep you gotta do that thing with your lips okay it's a lot of lipsticks so that's where our money's going oh now I see getting tip with this you have literally okay and you picked that one could you tell better but hey you're beautiful I love you but you got I think you got a problem but look at all them lipsticks that's all I could see right now it's just lipsticks I counted at least 30 okay oh you hadn't from me that's what you do okay I get it now all right anyways are you done we're done yes we're done Oh beautiful be a you TIFF Oh