21 December 2018



[Music] gizelle today she's gonna be doing makeup blindfolded just drop the baby so yeah let's get on with the video all right so the other was your I loved you for a second will you go oh why are you doing so good anyway yeah you're doing so good so good oh my gosh you should you should have a job like this think you should you should go on America's up oh you portray men too though you should go to Mecca I like this one [Music] where you at I'm out here [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] yeah oh you'll go home of the hair whoa but look at that amazing hey I'll try it what today's video and subscribe because you don't win with my videos and um if you like this video give me the thumbs up be good a big thumbs up cuz whoa like sort of close to a six no solid six okay it's a for good

the last time I did hers she said it was good but the thing is like what is anytime I would give it a 4 I'll give you the floor and then right here Oh make good that I did it I'd give it