05 August 2018

My 10 Year Old Niece Does My Makeup

My niece Liliana came in town to visit and we decided to make this fun video together! She didn't know a thing before this, so check out her makeup knowledge ...


[Music] hey everyone it's me Brittany if you're new here if not well thanks so today my niece is in town and she wanted to do my makeup Lilliana do you want to come join us hi do you want some how old you are 10 she is ten and going into fifth grade so um I have a cold so I look disgusting but that's okay and she is going to be doing my makeup I didn't really help her pick it out she just asked like where does your bronzer where's this or that so I just let her be get all herself you want to go ahead and start look you have to say what you're doing that preacher this is concealer foundation I can't pronounce it fancy beauty oh boy straight to my shirt oh yeah here we go girl ooh I got that drip going on that dragon oh is it my $29 just rubbing away P yeah yeah so this is a primer primer primer swimming it out so listen natural bronzer natural bronzer which I do know what it is I don't know I think you did a good job covering up to tan line that I had for my sunglass that love my nose I know Brothers was like she should have

here some open questions yeah I might have to pull the cat hair off my brushes cuz they like to rub on it but act that oh yes good placement well oh no what do you mean my own now yes the SPD's so I'm using a rooster pointer which is red dynamite and it's removing Rimmel London red dot right is right is right I'm using this whoa and see intense lip color but what color this right [Music] okay okay you check out these brown yes girl I know girl you've given powdery over together don't they smell your shirt I wear shoulder sorry I'm a cheat Lily said she wanted to keep him neutral on my eyes and I had it and you read the lip and I didn't even teach her that she just knew that oh I gotta sneeze new Lord Jesus circuit that's so rude just make me cry she do it so good what are you laughing that's a very good side of your laughing you look ugly I woke up looking like Miranda Cosgrove I better not go to bed looking like beans from Even Stevens beauty queen up Oh the 18 she add some trouble with her soup oh look at that winged a little out that you did for eating it what do you Foundation oh you don't want to do i

shadow anymore the back of your head look ridiculous obviously all right try not to use any more of it because you're breaking my heart inside maca my it's been the wrong brush it's a nice shadow brush oh okay now you let me do my opening glamour shots aren't everybody this is the final look don't I look fabulous yeah get it girl get it yeah ah ah Liliana thank you for joining me today she's gotta go back home uh have a blessed and beautiful day if you want to say anything bye you don't have any like message or positivity to send out it's copyrighted but Lily unincorporated little incorp this video is copyrighted it's copyrighted um technically YouTube owns it but we'll get into that a different kind okay love you [Music] you